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Evaluation question 3


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Evaluation question 3

  2. 2. discussion of your production company name and logo and the role of such companies  The production company's role in a media production is to actually make the production. It is there job to find the funds for the production, get together the actors and setting and props involved in the production.  In terms of are production company we thought that ‘ dark side productions ‘ was a good name due to the production being a horror. We also thought that seems as though the film was about the danger of something you can’t see and that the only light in the production was the torches in which the actors were holding, the dark side would be quite a good idea.  The idea for the purple moon overlooking the derelict house stems from the fact that are production is set in an abandoned house. And the purple moon is because the conventional colour for witches is purple and that what were trying to hint at is that there is witches within the production itself.
  3. 3. The idea of a distributor and who that might be and why.  A distributor Is the company that is responsible for the releasing of the production and the advertising to get the audience interested. It is the distributers role to get the deals with the cinemas or art houses to play the films and then it is there responsibility to get the deals with the stores to sell the dvd’s and Blu-ray.  I think that the distributer for are production would be the bfi in that they are the main distributer of productions created by first time groups. We also chose the bfi because we think that the bigger distributors such as universal, paramount and lions gate wouldn’t look twice at are production as we are an unheared of group that have never made a successful video.
  4. 4. where the money might have come from for a film such as yours  I think that the funds for are production would generally come from donations from people that were interested in the film e.g. friends and family. I think that this will be due to the act that no bank will give a loan to such a small production. I also don’t think that we could get investments from any other source due to the fact that it is are first production and there is nothing to say that it will be a success.  Another way in which are production could get funding is through the website kick starter in which people put projects up and then members of the public if they decied they like the project can give any amount of money from £1 upwards. Although with this method it is often done so that if you give anything over £10 you get something in return like a wallpaper for your phone or something of the calibre.