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The Cross


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Published in: Spiritual

The Cross

  1. 1. The Cross <br>The Bad News and the Good News<br>
  2. 2. Disobedient <br>just call that sin<br>
  3. 3. Forgiven! <br>jesus can erase the record<br>
  4. 4. Guilty <br>you have disobeyed his laws<br>
  5. 5. Innocent! <br>jesus declares you not guilty<br>
  6. 6. Dead <br>empty, void, without purpose<br>
  7. 7. Alive! <br>jesus gives you a spiritual ressurection<br>
  8. 8. Unclean <br>in thoughts and actions<br>
  9. 9. Cleansed! <br>jesus washes all your sin away<br>
  10. 10. Enslaved <br>you have no power to change yourself<br>
  11. 11. Free! <br>jesus buys you and sets you free<br>
  12. 12. Enemy of God <br>you do things your way, not his<br>
  13. 13. Friends! <br>jesus reconciles you to his father<br>
  14. 14. Under Wrath <br>it doesn't get much worse than this...<br>
  15. 15. Loved! <br>it doesn't get any better than that...<br>
  16. 16. What Must I Do To Receive The Good News?<br>
  17. 17. TURN AROUND!<br>and run to the only one<br>who can transform...<br>
  18. 18. Bad News<br>into<br>Good News<br>
  19. 19. JESUS<br>