Ts Ravas Sir Mobile Uk Rev.03.07.08


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PDA software to interface RAVAS weighing systems to Warehouse Management Systems

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Ts Ravas Sir Mobile Uk Rev.03.07.08

  1. 1. SIR Mobile SOFTWARE INTERFACE RAVAS THE SOFTWARE INTERFACE THAT INTEGRATES RAVAS MOBILE WEIGHING SYSTEMS WITH ® ® WINDOWS CE AND WINDOWS MOBILE 5.0 HANDHELD TERMINALS, VEHICLE MOUNTED TERMINALS AND SMARTPHONES SIR MOBILE CAPTURES WEIGHING DATA ON THE ® WINDOWS DEVICE, COMMUNICATION VIA ® BLUETOOTH OR WIRED CONNECTION CREATES A PLATFORM THAT ENABLES THE OPERATOR TO: - OPERATE THE WEIGHING SYSTEM REMOTELY AND ADD INFORMATION TO THE WEIGHT BY MANUAL AND ELECTRONIC ALPHANUMERIC INPUT, I.E. BARCODE SCAN - USE A SINGLE TERMINAL, ANYWHERE IN A WAREHOUSE OR PRODUCTION FACILITY, TO REGISTER WEIGHT AND PRODUCT INFORMATION FROM DIFFERENT MOBILE SCALES - DOWNLOAD CAPTURED DATA TO A PC USING MICROSOFT ACTIVESYNC ALLOWS DATA CAPTURE DURING ORDER PICKING, PRODUCTION PROCESSES, GOODS RECEPTION, SHIPPING AND WASTE REGISTRATION FUNCTIONS Capture and storage of weighing data on the Windows terminal in .CSV or .TXT-file format Two preset code entry fields (8 characters alphanumeric) for input of additional information: o manual input by using the touch buttons on the terminal screen or the keypad o electronic input, e.g. barcode scan Remote operation of the weighing system by using the touch buttons on the terminal screen: o manual zero correction o automatic and manual tare o gross / net weighing Multi-lingual menus On screen kg/lbs toggle mode Download stored data to a PC by using Microsoft ActiveSync
  2. 2. CONNECTING A RAVAS WEIGHING SYSTEM WITH A USING SIR MOBILE WINDOWS CE OR WINDOWS MOBILE DEVICE The RAVAS weighing system is connected to the mobile Depending on the hardware specifications of the Windows terminal via Bluetooth or a wired connection. The RAVAS- device, the RAVAS weighing system can be connected to a software on the terminal enables the operator to read out the Windows CE 5.0 or Windows Mobile 5.0 device by the weight and to operate the weighing system remotely. following connection types: Together with the weight, product and order details or barcode data can be stored on the terminal as a single data set. Wireless Bluetooth connection Wired serial connection Combined with a mobile terminal the RAVAS weighing system offers numerous possibilities for the collection of Naturally the RAVAS scale must be ordered / equipped with information during, order picking, production processes, matching communication hardware. goods receptions or waste registration. SIR Mobile can also be a tool to create an online connection between RAVAS mobile scales and existing wireless THE SIR MOBILE SOFTWARE COMPLIES WITH THE networks, in order to process weight information in an ERP- FOLLOWING RAVAS SYSTEMS / INDICATORS: tool in real-time. Offline users can download the registered RAVAS systems with indicator 2100 information from the terminal onto a PC. o except for the RCS-range and RWV RF RAVAS systems with indicator 4100 RAVAS systems with indicator 6100n (legal for trade applications only possible with 6100 indicator) SIR MOBILE PRODUCT PACKAGE CD-rom with : SIR Mobile software for Windows CE or Windows Mobile (version 5.0 or higher) : Software registration licence : Software installation and registration manual : SIR Mobile user manual OPTIONS  SIR Mobile Toolkit for customised software configuration; for functionalities and pricing consult your RAVAS dealer RAVAS Europe B.V. P.O. Box 2023 NL-5300 CA Zaltbommel The Netherlands  +31 – (0) 418 - 51 52 20  +31 – (0) 418 - 51 53 20 info@ravas.com www.ravas.com Rev.03.07.08 Changes reserved