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using unimobile                                                         unimobile installation and support
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RAVAS UniMobile PDA software


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Stand alone PDA software for data capture with RAVAS weighing systems - bluetooth connection to the scale

Published in: Technology
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RAVAS UniMobile PDA software

  1. 1. ravas UniMobile PDa software for offline Data caPtUre RegisteRs weights on PDA, with ADDitionAl in- foRmAtion, such As customeR RefeRences, oRDeR numbeRs, ARticle coDes, bARcoDe scAns oR Digi- tAl PhotogRAPhs tuRns youR hAnDhelD teRminAl into A mobile DAtA centRe stAnDARD PRogRAms AvAilAble foR RegisteRing incoming AnD outgoing gooDs, cRoss Docking, cARgo hAnDling, oRDeR Picking, bAtching, etc. stAnDARDizeD vARiAbles, such As tARe weights of contAineRs, oR PRoDuct AnD customeR RefeRen- ces cAn be selecteD fRom ARticle DAtAbAses in the softwARe the cAPtuReD DAtA is RegisteReD on the teRmi- nAl in csv-foRmAt; the DAtA file is PeRioDicAlly tRAnsfeRReD to A Pc viA usb cAble unimobile is eAsily exPAnDeD to the moRe ADvAn- ceD uniwin PRogRAm foR online DAtA cAPtuRe specifications: AnD tRAnsfeR • Runs on windows mobile and windows ce, version 5.0 and higher • communicates with RAvAs mobile scale via serial Rs232 port or bluetooth connection • several predefined programs available, customer specific software development against quotation • multiple language menus. standard languages: english, german, french, italian and Dutch
  2. 2. using unimobile unimobile installation and support unimobile is used in combination with a RAvAs mobile scale to unimobile software is configured for the application in dialogue register weights together with additional information. the software with the user. if the complete package of weighing system, hand- on the terminal continuously shows the weight. An easily configu- held terminal and unimobile software is supplied by RAvAs, then rable unimobile-dialogue requests entry of the desired data from the systems are delivered fully functional. if the user chooses to the user. As a final step, the weight is registered with the entered install unimobile software on a terminal not supplied by RAvAs, information and saved on the terminal in a csv-file. this file is then installation is the responsibility of the user. periodically transferred to a Pc via usb cable. the combination of a RAvAs weighing system and a windows ter- minal offers many possibilities for capturing information on material flows during order picking, production processes, goods reception, waste monitoring or loading freight trucks. Availability: unimobile is available with the following RAvAs systems ordered with a serial Rs232 port for data communication or bluetooth connection: • RAvAs systems with indicator 2100, except Rcs and Rcs PLUS • iforks systems • RAvAs systems with indicator 6100n with alibi memory, for legal for trade applications synchronizing data via wlAn: standard options: RAvAs unisync software is optionally available with unimobile. Advice about and supply of PDA or handheld terminal unisync is used to transfer an updated copy of the csv data file installation of unimobile by RAvAs, on a terminal not supplied on the terminal to a network Pc via wireless. unisync is installed by RAvAs on the network Pc and allows wlAn contact with the unimobile terminal. the terminal of course needs to be equipped with a wifi customer specific software development, e.g. article lists with antenna to be within reach of the wlAn area. via unisync data can standard data be copied from the active terminal, or updated article lists can be thermal printer, linked to the terminal via bluetooth to print sent to the terminal, allowing the terminal user to work with the unimobile data locally most recent data. unisync software for synchronizing of csv-files between uni- mobile and a network Pc via wlAn TS-RAVAS-UniMobile-EN rev.08.06.10 changes reserved RAvAs europe b.v. tel. +31 (0)418 515220 Postbus 2023 fax +31 (0)418 515320 nl-5300 cA zaltbommel the netherlands ordering : spare parts :