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Ravas order picking check pick by weight


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Order picking with no errors - using RAVAS mobile weighing systems - by weighing each pick at the pick location

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Ravas order picking check pick by weight

  1. 1. RAVAS Mobile Weighing eliminates Order Picking errors improving warehouse performance
  2. 2. Who is RAVAS ? RAVAS develops, produces, sells and maintain mobile weighing systems integrated in hand pallet trucks, fork lift trucks and warehouse trucks
  3. 3. • Warehouse trucks are becoming more and more a data handling device, being the centre point between material movement and data capture. • Goods are identified and weighed, and all of these values are sent to a WMS or ERP-System using Wi-Fi Access Points networks systems • Mobile Scale integrated in warehouse trucks enables the Logistics service provider to work more efficient and more cost effective. Better picking performance has a higher value for all parties involved • Mobile Scales are the tool to a better and cleverer warehouse operation giving our customer that extra edge. Order Picking
  4. 4. • The RAVAS scale weighs each pick individually so each pick is checked when finished. • The WMS has to have a correct database of all the SKU weights – this database will be the reference which will be used for Pick measurement • At the end of a pick action the operator gives a ‘ready’ signal to the WMS. This triggers the WMS to send a poll command to the RAVAS indicator – ‘send me the net weight’. The WMS checks the real weight with the nominal weight from it’s database. When not the same then the operator gets an error message to check this pick for correction. Check pick by weight .. How dos it work ? • Only when the actual pick weight is correct a next pick line will be showed in the display.
  5. 5. • Double scale: two separate scales integrated in one order picker with 2400 mm long forks • Two pick orders can be processed in parallel each scale communicates it’s own weight with the WMS using WLAN. This also guarantees that a pick is put on the correct pallet. • A true win-win situation - picking time per order is reduced and the number of errors will decrease substantially Double pallet system how does it works ?
  6. 6. • Picking errors are detected at the pick spot itself giving the picker the opportunity to correct this right away - this is a cost saver !!! • Inefficient full pallet checks after finishing a complete Pick Order is no longer needed – this saves space and man power • Information in real time available in DC or at the customer What are the benefits? • Detailed pick reports with real picked weight per pick line - this can be emailed to the customer at the time the pallet is finished
  7. 7. 15 Years of experience with order picking projects 16 STILL CS20 15 Jungheinrich ECE220 29 Jungheinrich ELE16 17 BT-Toyota Optio 34 STILL EGU 20 10 Linde N20 28 OM-Pimespo 10 Jungheinrich EJC112 20 Jungheinrich ECE220
  8. 8. Ca. 80 Jungheinrich 73 Jungheinrich + BT Ca. 65 Raymond 15 Years of experience with order picking projects 14 Jungheinrich + Atlet 15 Atlet Tempo
  9. 9. 15 Years of experience with order picking projects 10 Jungheinrich EJC112 32 Linde N20 75 Crown RC series + iForks -- Read MMH story -- 6 BT OSE250 13 Atlet Tempo 6 Linde N20
  10. 10. .......Questions?