2012 08 31 uk ravas volume weight id solution


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2012 08 31 uk ravas volume weight id solution

  1. 1. RAVAS CubeCentral registration of volume, weight, pictures andidentification data
  2. 2. Principle
  3. 3. PrincipleRAVAS manufactures and distributes mobile weighing systemswhich are integrated in hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks andforklift trucks.iForksiForks are the first completely wireless scale forks for forklifttrucks, reach trucks and narrow aisle trucks. Each load which islifted will be weighed immediately and very accurately, thanks tothe RAVAS iForks.ConnectivityThe RAVAS indicator communicates in real-time via Bluetoothwith the PDA, which is populated with UniMobile software topresent the weight in its display. The PDA will also be used toscan barcode information using its integrated bar code scanner.
  4. 4. PrincipleCentral control and registrationThe PDA uploads the weight and barcode data using WLAN tothe central PC/server running UniWin software. And all data willbe stored in one central database. Aluminum frame equipped with 3 infra red camera’s for volume measurements NB Several volume-measurements-principles can be used in combination with the RAVAS weighing systems and the RAVAS UniWin data- acquisition system!
  5. 5. Dimensional weight in daily use
  6. 6. Dimensional weight in daily useWeighing of pallets using iForksThe pallet will be picked up using the iForks and theweighing system measures directly the weight. Theindicator shows the weight and sends it in real time viaBluetooth to the PDA. All sorts of internal transport means can be equipped with a RAVAS weighing systemScanning of barcode label of the palletThe forklift driver scans the barcode label and the IDinformation will be registered by the UniWin system.
  7. 7. Dimensional weight in daily useThe pallet will be placed under the volume scanner.The scanner is a triangle aluminum frame hanging 4meters high with on each corner an IP camera and aninfra red camera.Central storage of volume, pictures, weight + IDThree infra red camera’s will scan and measure thepallet and with clever software the total volume of thepallet will be calculated in just 5 seconds.Dimensional weightThe dimensional weight will be calculated andcompared with the data given by the shipping company.
  8. 8. UniWin on the PCCentral data processingAll data is processed in ‘real time’ on a PC for central storage of:The bar-coded ID of the shipment containing the track and trace information of the pallet, theweight, three pictures and the gross volume ( LxWxH of a virtual box)On the PC all is visualized and recorded in a database and if needed also transferred to otherERP systems like: SAP, JD Edward, Oracle, Red Prairie etc.
  9. 9. UniMobile AppsData presentationThe data can also be presented using tablets using the ‘UniMobile’ App* (Apple or Android) or itcan be send to other locations using FTP/Internet and the internet.*- see Apple App-Store and Google-Play
  10. 10. Dimensional weight how to use itRegistrationsExample of a printed report
  11. 11. RAVAS Volume & Weight