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Associated Plastic Surgeons KC is a Kansas City based Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center Specializing in Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Tummy Tucks, Breast Reconstruction and Medical Spa Treatments. Call us today at 913.451.3722 for more information.

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Facelift Kansas city

  1. 1. Facial Cosmetic Surgery By Associated Plastic Surgeons Face lift surgery Kansas city * All views on Slim lipo are the personalized views ofAPSKC
  2. 2. Facial Cosmetic Surgery-Many Options to Consider Quite often, looking good is feeling good. If you’re not satisfied with the way you look, it is likely that you will not feel good on an emotional level either. Call it what you will: droopy eyes saggy skin crooked nose sagging eyebrows The bottom line is sheer disappointment. Facial Cosmetic procedures typically help patients appear around 10 years younger and results can be expected to last for approximately eight to 10 years. It is reported that many women and men are turning to cosmetic surgery to appear younger and more beautiful.
  3. 3. Few procedures that are availablewithin this facelift and cosmetic surgeryoffering: Below are samples of some of these procedures that can be performed individually or can be grouped together for a total alteration.  Face Lift  Eye Lid Surgery  Brow lift Procedure  Rhinoplasty
  4. 4. Face LiftA basic Face Lift can take away wrinklesand saggy skin. A Face Lift is a greatsolution for men and women, of any age,who are looking for a way to look youngerand obtain dramatic results with a one-timeprocedure that promises long-lastingresults. Figure. – Improvement after Facelift surgery
  5. 5. Eye Lid SurgeryFor those patients specifically seekingeyelid rejuvenation, an eyelift can beperformed. Eyelifts, or Blepharoplasty,can help remove that tired look that isso often caused by drooping eyelids. Figure. – Improvement after Eyelid surgery
  6. 6. Brow lift ProcedureHeavy or sagging eyebrows can oftencontribute to the appearance ofdrooping upper eyelids and tiredness.This can be treated by a brow lift,either alone or in combination with theupper lid blepharoplasty.
  7. 7. Rhinoplasty The goal of Rhinoplasty is to createnatural-looking results so that thenose fits harmoniously with otherfacial features and still functionsnormally. Rhinoplasty can reduce orincrease the size of your nose, changethe shape of the tip or the bridge,narrow the span of the nostrils, orchange the angle between your noseand your upper lip.
  8. 8. For More Details AndPersonalized Information,Contact Us Here:Associated Plastic Surgeons Kansas City http://apskc.com apskc@sbcglobal.net 11501 GRANADA LANE LEAWOOD , KANSAS , 66211 United States 913.451.3722