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Women in Business, January newsletter


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Published in: Business
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Women in Business, January newsletter

  1. 1. January 2013 ISSUE #7 | 1/7/13 President’s MessageI  don’t  know  about  you,  but  I’ve  set  hundreds  of  goals  throughout  my  life.    Big  and  little.    Complex  and  simple.    Short  term  and  long  term.    From  an  early  age,  people  urged  us  to  have  goals.    Parents  and  teachers  “swore”  that  goals  get  us  where  we  want  to  go.    Later,  bosses  emphasized  that  goals  improve  productivity,  enhance  performance,  and  increase  accountability.    At  some  point,  we  ourselves  concluded  that  goals  are  good.    With  the  new  year  right  around  the  corner,  these  questions  might  come  in  handy  when  setting  your  new  goals.       The  right  goals  are  like  gold.    They   ·∙ Is  your  desire  aligned  with  your   make  you  happy  and  whole.    They   values?    Remember  your  personal   fill  you  up.    They  bring  you   “brand”!   peace.    At  the  beginning  of  this  new   ·∙ Is  your  desire  worth  your  focus?     year,  carve  out  some  quiet  hours  to   ·∙ Is  your  desire  worth  your  time?    Don’t   explore  your  aspirations.      Think   stretch  yourself  too  thin!   about  whether  they  are  worth   ·∙ Is  your  desire  worth  your   becoming  goals.        I  plan  to  dig  deep   energy?    Women  often  times  forget   and  pause  long  enough  to  pinpoint   that  we  do  not  have  an  unlimited   a  few  goals  this  year  to  strengthen   supply  of  this.   relationships  and  be  a  positive   ·∙ Is  your  desire  worth  your  monetary   example  to  those  around  me.   investment?       ·∙ Is  your  desire  worth  the  self  sacrifice    Tammy Selley, President involved?          
  2. 2. WIB January LuncheonTuesday, January 8 – 11:55 am“Run Your Race” by Yolaunda KeithWhat will you do with the year 2013? This is not a competition, you are running a race that onlyyou can run; everything you need to succeed is inside of you. Most of us need help at times touncover what is slowing us down. Lets help each other be all that we can be!Logan  Regional  Hospital,  Education  classrooms  5  and  6  (Enter  Intermountain  Budge  Clinic  on  south  end  of  hospital  campus;  proceed  to  second  floor  via  elevator  or  stairs.  Classrooms  5  and  6  are  in  the  hallway  to  the  left) RSVP  on  the  web SPOTLIGHT ON DENISE IRWIN Denise Irwin has had numerous work related opportunities in a number of locations and across varied businesses. She has spent time managing a furniture store in the Northern Utah area, working for hospital admissions in Washington State, and managing a photo studio in Colorado. Since moving to Cache Valley in 2006 she has found herself as the Business Manager for the University Inn and Conference Center at Utah State University. Denise’s love for problem solving and desire to work hard and see a job to completion has given her the opportunity to develop new programs and facilitate a more successful and stream-lined process for managing the financial systems in her department. She is well respected by her colleagues and peers and has been recognized as the employee of the month on three occasions. Denise has been a member of The Women In Business organization since 2009, and currently serves as the secretary for the organization. She appreciates the wonderful opportunity it is to promote women, specifically as it relates to future education and business opportunities. She considers this program to not only be significant but absolutely crucial for the future success of women in our community. Denise loves spending time with her five children and five grandchildren. Their family especially loves to boat together. Additionally, Denise has developed a love for motorcycle cruising and she and her husband rode back to the Illinois area this past spring over a ten day period of time. Aside from some wind and weather the trip was wonderful and memorable. One of Denise’s greatest loves is gardening and that is where she goes to relieve stress. She has joked frequently that you can gage the happiness or frustration of her day based on how much time she has spent in her garden.
  3. 3. DON’T FORGET TO USE THE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER TOANNOUNCE EVENTS, COMPANY NEWS, PROMOTIONS, SEMINARS…Our goal is to have your submissions by the last week of each month so thatthe newsletter can go out on the first Monday of each month. Please emailany submissions to Call 435-797-3215 if you have anyquestions.WHEN ARE THE LUNCH MEETINGS?Women in Business meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 11:55a.m. at various locations. We have planned a schedule of informativespeakers to enhance professional development. RSVP on the web or contact Nansi Blau 435-750-0300 ext.106“LIKE” US BECAUSE WE LIKE YOU!If you can’t make it to all of the lunch meetings, take time to check out thenew Facebook page!Women in Business - Cache Valley, UtahWHAT IS WOMEN IN BUSINESS?Make New Business Contacts—Networking at our second Tuesday lunchprovides opportunities to know other women in business and shareinformation as well as meet potential customers, clients, and vendors.Market Your Products and Services—Advertising and sponsorshipopportunities exist through scholarship fundraising, monthly newsletters,website, and monthly luncheons.Get Involved—Women in Business provides an opportunity for members tocultivate leadership skills within our community. Theres nothing morerewarding than volunteering your time and talents to make the community
  4. 4. where you live and work a better place. As a WIB member in good standing,you may serve in several capacities such as a member of the executive,nominations, scholarship, membership, or fundraising committees. Ourvolunteer leaders are critical to the success of WIB and contributesignificantly to building our business community for the next generation ofwomen.Learn New Skills for Business Success—WIB monthly luncheons providethe opportunity for women to share ideas and resources as they both searchfor and become mentors in their business fields. The WIB website will giveyou access to tools you need to succeed in business.Online Member Directory—The WIB directory helps members promotetheir businesses through a business profile and connects the entiremembership base for business development and networking opportunities. I Qualify For Home Health Care?Homebound StatusThe condition of home care patients should be such that there exists a normal inability to leave home. Leaving their homeswould require a considerable and taxing effort. The patient may leave the home for infrequent or short periods or as necessaryfor the patient to receive medical treatment. • Have you fallen recently? • Do you have a pending surgery? • Do you have a more difficulty time ambulating? • Are you significantly weaker and less independent? • Do you have blood pressure, blood sugars, or pain control issues? • Have you returned from a stay at a rehab facility, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility and require continued care? • Do you need further instruction on medications, diet, medical treatments?Rocky Home Care has been serving Northern Utah for over 20 years.We are here to provide compassionate care, by putting health, dignity, comfort, and well-being first. Call for a Complimentary in Home Assessment 435-753-8220
  5. 5. unite / yoo’nit / verb—come or bring together for a common purpose or action We unite talent with opportunity and believe there is a job that fits every person and a person that fits every job. SOS Locations Virtual Services