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Wib 2 13 newsletter

  1. 1. Issue 8 | 1/31/13 February Newsletter President’s Message  Building  good  relationships  in  the  workplace  is  in  many  ways  similar  to  building  good  relationships  outside  of  work.    Similar  to  making  friends  in  your  neighborhood  or  at  church,  you  need  to  get  a  good  feel  for  the  culture,  and  then  rely  on  some  common  sense.    February  is  known  as  the  month  for  love  and  relationships.    I  recently  read  some  tips  for  building  quality  relationships  in  the  office,  with  the  neighbors,  or  in  your  family.       *Do   not   try   too   hard.     Anyone   who   comes   across   as   too   eager,   whether   at   work   or   in   another   type   of   relationship,   could   turn   people   off.     When   you   try   too   hard,   you   might   come  across  as  pushy.    Take  time  to  listen  to  others.   *Earn   people’s   respect.     One   way   to   build   your   connections   at   work   is   through   your   attitude,  quality  of  work  and  reliability.     *Do   not   rely   on   email   alone.     Email   is   so   popular   these   days,   but   it   is   somewhat   impersonal.     Make  an  extra  effort  to  actually  talk  to  a  person.     Pick  up  the  phone  or  stop   by  to  visit.    Face  to  face  interaction  is  key  for  solid  relationships.   *Seek   to   understand   others.     Try   to   be   patient   and   seek   to   understand  where  they  are  coming  from.     *Do  what  you  say  you  will  do.     One  of  the  best  ways  to  build  a   relationship   with   someone   is   to   do   the   things   you   say   you   will   do.    Commitment  and  reliability  will  foster  relationships.     *Do   not   whine.     Be   as   positive   and   friendly   as   you   can   and   people  will  naturally  be  drawn  to  you.           The  February  luncheon  topic  is  “Going  for  Goals”.    This  is  a   perfect  topic  to  rejuvenate  our  New  Year’s  resolutions.    I  hope   to  see  many  of  you  at  the  luncheon!    Tammy  Selley,  President  
  2. 2. John Boyd “Going For Goals” WIB Luncheon Tuesday, February 12 11:55 am Nullam ac ipsum gravida New Dawn Technologies sem placerat suscipit. 843 South 100 West Logan RSVP on the NEW WIB website! http://wib.usu.edu/“One of most universally applicable things I talk about, and the central theme to my book,relates to the key factors in achieving a goal, like business growth (or job search),etc. Specifically, every person on their way to a goal experiences the following:• Spark of inspiration• Formation an idea or hypothesis on a goal to achieve• Decision to act or not act• If we act, there will inevitably be obstacles• We sometimes get stuck - invalidated assumptions, real problems and hurdles• How do we get unstuck• Creative Problems Solving - how to use divergent and convergent thinking• Getting market feedback as we act and get unstuck• Synthesizing that information• Adjusting our hypothesis based on the new information• Continuing action
  3. 3. Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. Cache Valley Chefs will present their finest cuisine for your dining pleasure and in hopes of winning your vote. A live auction will The Eccles Ice Center’s administrative staff follow the chef awards would like to personally ceremonyinvite you to attend Spice on Ice 2013!It’s the place to be seen! Purchase tickets by calling 787-2288 www.ecclesice.com THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! The funds raised during this years Spice on Ice will be critical to the success and continuation of the Eccles Ice Center’s community programs!
  4. 4. !! I!am!ecstatic!to!announce!the!kickoff!of!the!first!ever!Women!in!Business!Association!within!the!Huntsman!School!of!Business!at!USU.!!The!purpose!of!this!group!is!to!inspire,!promote,!and!recruit!women!in!all!business!capacities.!!This!is!an!excellent!opportunity!to!network!with!fellow!business!students,!staff,!and!alumni!during!your!studies!and!to!promote!awareness!of!women!in!the!Huntsman!School!of!Business.!!The!demand!for!women!in!business!is!growing!tremendously,!and!we!want!to!make!sure!you!have!a!support!network!to!help!you!along!whatever!business!endeavor!you!wish!to!pursue.!!!!Naomi!Haigh!WIBA!CoEPresident!nshaigh@gmail.com!!!!!
  5. 5. In  Conjunction  with  our  IT  conference  the  student  organization  AIS  (Association  for  Information  Systems)  is  sponsoring  a  Women  in  Technology  Luncheon.  The  date  is  Feb  7th,  at  noon.    The  event  will  be  held  in  the  OC  Tanner  Lounge  in  the  Huntsman  School  of  Business.    I  was  wondering  if  anyone  from  our  WIB  would  like  to  be  involved  with  this  event?    The  AIS  club  is  looking  for  a  local  woman  who  is  in  the  Technology  field  to  participate  on  a  panel  discussion.  They  are  also  looking  for  a  company  or  organization  who  might  like  to  be  a  sponsor  for  this  event.Thank  you,JamieJamie  Andrus:  Associate  Director,  Partners  in  Business      Jon  M.  Huntsman  School  of  Business  at  Utah  State  University    e-­‐mail  jamie.andrus@usu.edu  office  435.797.82703520  Old  Main  Hill  Logan,  UT  84322-­‐3500
  6. 6. ! APPLY%NOW%FOR%THE% 2013%WOMEN%IN%BUSINESS% SCHOLARSHIP!% ! Women! in! Business! (WIB)! is! a! branch! of! the! Cache! Chamber! of! Commerce!and!has!two!main!purposes:!!1)!to!assist!business!and! professional! women! by! providing! networking! and! professional! development! opportunities,! and! 2)! to! raise! funds! to! provide! scholarships!for!women!who!otherwise!could!not!afford!to!get!an! education.! ! The! Women! in! Business! organization! offers! a! scholarship! to! Utah! State! University,! Bridgerland! Applied! Technology! College! and/or!StevensIHenager!College.!This!is!a!oneItime!scholarship! to!a!woman!who!meets!the!following!criteria:!!Age!18!or!older,! currently!residing!in!Cache!Valley!•!Enrolled,!or!plan!to!enroll!by! fall,! 2013! at! one! of! the! schools! listed! above! •! Majoring! in! a! business!related!field!•!Have!an!accumulative!GPA!of!3.0.! !Cache Chamber of Commerce ! !Women in Business ! ! ! !Scholarship ! ! ! ! ! APPLICATION!DEADLINE:! Monday,!March!18,!2013! % Applications%are%available%from%your%schools%% financial%aid%counselor,%or%onMline%at% http://wib.cachechamber.com%%! ! !
  7. 7. This is a thank you note we received from one of the Thankscholarship recipients from last year. youLadies,In November I completed my Law Enforcement Officercertification at BATC, thanks to a generous WIB scholarship. It wasquite a journey. The academy began in late May. On the first day itwas clear that I was a bit older than the other 21 males in the classwho had been attending the other sections since January. Being theonly female and the matron was interesting. I held my own duringthe miles and miles of running, endless pushups and sit-ups. I wasbeat up and bruised during the baton and defensive tacticstraining, but I survived. Defensive tactics was the most challengingas it is a personal weakness. I was often paired with the biggestguy in the class (a mere 250 lbs) to prove that even the smallestperson could fight their way out of a situation. And the classworkwas as challenging as any college class, but twice as interesting.The completion of my last law enforcement certificate allows me tomove anywhere in the Cache County Sheriffs Office, as SheriffNelson sees fit. It also provides me with a new knowledge basethat helps me understand the entire law enforcement picture moreclearly. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity that you haveprovided to me. It was a great experience, but I am glad I neverhave to do it again.Respectfully,Holly!-- Holly Dixon Sergeant, Cache County Jail
  8. 8. Logan Downtown Alliance 160 North Main Street Logan, Utah 84321 Ph: 435.752.2161 ext 104 Fax 435.753.5825 e-mail: logandowntown@gmail.com www.logandowntown.orgFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Gary Saxton29 January 2012 435.752.2161 ext 104 Logan Film Festival Announces 2013 Festival DatesLOGAN— Logan Downtown Alliance and Logan City will host the Logan Film Festival (LFF),scheduled to commence on Thursday, March 21, 2013 and close on Saturday, March 23, 2013presenting three (3) days of independent film screenings, community events and educationalworkshops. Currently, venues include the Caine-Lyric Theatre and the Dansante Theatre.LFF is a celebration of independent cinema from around the world and promotes a greaterappreciation of the art and commerce of filmmaking. LFF is dedicated exclusively to truly self-financed filmmakers and seeks to inspire young filmmakers and emerging filmmakers to helpthem succeed in the film industry.ABOUT THE FESTIVALLFF has the support of the Utah Film Commission, Northern Utah Film Commission, UtahGovernor’s  Office of Economic Development, Motion Picture Association of Utah, and localsupport from Logan City as the Festival Host City.This year the 3-day festival will screen 32 dramatic, animated, and documentary films covering awide variety of subjects and genres including Drama, Comedy, Social Justice, Health Awareness,Youth, Family, Arts and Culture. There will also be an Opening Night Gala, FilmmakerReception, Awards Ceremony, Lectures, and offers great opportunities to visit with talent andfilmmakers.The Festival HUB, located at the historic Caine-Lyric Theatre, built in 1913, located at 28 WestCenter Street, Logan, Utah, is open to VIP PASS and ALL ACCESS CINEMA PASS holders onlyFilm Line-up and ticketing will be available online beginning Friday, February 15, 2013 atloganfilmfestival.com.LFF is hosted by the City of Logan, Utah. Logan is one of the few cities in Utah with a NationalHistoric District with wonderful old buildings and mansions in a picturesque mountain valley(Cache Valley), surrounded by century old farms, incredible mountain and valley scenery, anddozens of small farming communities perfect for filming. Visit tourcachevalley.com for a closerlook!For More Information:Gary Saxton, Logan Film Festival 435.752.2161 ext 4 or visit loganfilmfestival.com ###
  9. 9. Did$you$know…$ Research published in the Journal of Pain & Symptom Management found that: terminally-ill patients who received hospice care lived on average 29 days longer than those who did not opt for hospice near the end of life.Our Hospice Team offers specialized knowledge & support at the end of life just asobstetricians & midwives lend support & expertise at the start of life.Hospice can reduce anxiety in both the terminally ill patient & their family by helping them make themost of the time remaining & achieve some level of acceptance.When terminally ill patients make the decision to receive hospice care instead of continued curative treatment,they avoid the dangers of over-treatment.In-home care from a hospice team often means the patient receives greater monitoring than he or she wouldin a hospital.In addition to focusing on the physical health & comfort of a patient, our hospice team also focuses on theemotional needs & spiritual well-being of the terminally ill & their loved ones.Since we offer substantial support & training for family caregivers, it also helps many patients feel less of aburden to their loved ones. Call$us$today$to$see$if$you$or$a$loved$one$qualify$for$Hospice$Benefits$$$$435=753=8220$Don’t forget to check out the new Women in Business website at http://wib.usu.edu/ Also, if you haven’t joined WIB on Facebook yet, now’s the time! Stay connected and stay informed.
  10. 10. The  Na onal  Children’s  Study  in  Cache  County  presents Celebra ng  Toddlerhood:   Understanding  and  Embracing  Toddler  Transi ons   Saturday,  February  9th,  10:00am  to  noon Logan  Regional  Hospital  Women’s  Center G AWIN EE DR A FR FOR ERTIBLE V CON SEAT * CAR FREE  SEMINAR! Have  you  heard  of  the  ‘Terrible  Twos’?  Is  your  baby  changing  too  fast?   Are  you  enjoying  the  new  challenges?  Join  us  as  we  learn  how  to  enjoy   the  amazing  toddlerhood  stage  by  focusing  on  the  posi ve  changes! Keynote: 10:00  –10:45        “The  Terrific  Twos  -  Posi ve  Transi ons”                  Vonda  Jump,  PhD  Co-Inves gator  of  the  Cache  County           Na onal  Childrens  Study     Presenta ons: 11:00-11:30     "Forging  Loving  Family  Ties"   Melanie  M.  Domenech  Rodríguez,  PhD USU  Department  of  Psychology 11:30-12:00              "Protec ng  Precious  Cargo:   The  Basics  of  Keeping  Kids  Safe  in  Cars."   Monica  Thunell  -  Cer fied  Car  Seat  Technician   Bear  River  Health  DepartmentCall  435-797-9000  to  preregister  or  register  at  the  door                Hosted  by  Logan  Regional  Hospital  Intermountain  Healthcare*Courtesy    of  the  Bear  River  Health  Department
  11. 11. CLICK HERE to view an online version of this email. Eccles Conference Center | Utah State University 29th Annual Information Technology Conference February 6, 2013 Three Things You Cant Afford to Miss: 1. Cutting Edge Cloud Research 2. Next Generation IT Stategies 3. Creating a Sound Mobile StrategyFeatured Speaker: Kimberley Jones CEO, Vérité "Mobile Friendly or Mobile Apps? Creating a Sound Mobile Strategy" Todays mobile strategies involve much more than an application on an array of smart devices. Your mobile strategy can have implications for everything from your primary web properties, existing and future databases and the mobile applications they support and serve. This presentation will cover three key things to consider: Mobile Friendly Web Database Considerations Application Platforms & Solutions For a complete schedule and list of speakers, visit our website at partners.usu.edu Thanks to our Conference Sponsor: