Ve tail lights from holden


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Ve tail lights from holden

  1. 1. >>>View Link For More VE Tail Lights<<< >>>View Link For More VE Tail Lights<<<Up until the VY Holden Commodore, the shape, style and looks for the third GENCommodore looked relatively the same. The design team at Holden did well to redesignthe VE Tail Lights, with it given a smoother, more angular and aerodynamic look whenput next to to the first models.A key change to the design was the front lights, with a more edgier look. The standardmodels of the VE Tail Lights were still given the notable teardrop accessory but the topmodels did not.If you were lucky to grab yourself a luxurious model of the VE Tail Lights you wouldhave the projector lamps included in the headlights, something not seen earlier. Given thepopularity of European cars at the time, Holden styled the VE Tail Lights to be inlinewith the European look.The tail lamps design saw the centre trim removed from all models and the shape wasupgraded to a triangle look. Depending on what model VE Tail Lights you purchased, therear end was given a different look. The VZ Commodore was the last of the thirdgeneration Commodores and overall the version looked pretty much the same as the VE
  2. 2. Tail Lights Commodore but did receive a slightly updated front end and the teardrop wasremoved from all front-ends. However, projector lamps were still a feature of the top endmodels.The taillights were also updated with the Calais specifically designed with a much darkertint on the bottom half of the taillight.Holden has taken quite some time in enhancing the new Commodore after the VZ. From1997 until 2006, Holden fans had to expect until the VE was delivered. Holden devoted alarge amount of cash into the VE with rumored to be 1 Billion Dollars been spent on thebrand new look. There was another fresh news for Holden, with 100% of the blueprintworked in the country and not engineered outside of the country. The VE accentuated anew look that was not seen beforehand in the past designs. A broader stance, absolute50/50 weight allocation and blazed guards put in to the more belligerent style of thismodel.The VE Commodore headlights were of an angular design, similar to the earlier VZCommodore but were fuller general. Once more newer styles received a black reflectorand projector headlamps. The VE Commodore taillights also acquired new analysis withthe more extravagant styles getting European design taillight while the sportier stylesincluding the SSV announced the amazing looking black reflector tail lights with centrelamp and chrome surround. The SSV tail lights are becoming a very known easy-installimprovement for the VE with the improved fashion these provided.
  3. 3. With new effort for Holden the HSV styles of the VE Commodore had a completelydifferent rear part sheet metal and taillight style. Arguably this was a move towards amore Euro style model and was received greatly when it was introduced. A lot of thepeople will tell you that this was due to the popularity of the European style during thattime and the move going to a more European modeling.