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Nigeria presentation


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Presentation about Nigeria

Published in: Education
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Nigeria presentation

  1. 1. NIGERIA By: Jacob Elutilo Date:4/30/2015 Period: 1st Period
  2. 2. Geography and Location  Nigeria is located inWest Africa, between the countries Benin and Cameroon, and South of Niger, it is North of the Gulf of Guinea  Capital: Abuja, Nigeria
  3. 3. People and Society  Language: Multiple Languages (Yoruba, Ibo, etc.)  Population: 177,155,754 (2014)  Most of which is located in Lagos and Abuja  Religion: 50%-Muslim, Christianity-40%
  4. 4. History/ Government  The current of government of Nigeria: A Federal Republic  The president or Chief of State: Goodluck Jonathan (Executive Branch)  Legislative: Bicameral National Assembly made of House of Representatives and Senate  Judicial:The Supreme Court "Information on Nigeria." QFINANCE RSS. N.p., n.d.Web. 30 Apr. 2015.
  5. 5. History/Govenrment cont…
  6. 6. Economy  Type: Mixed Economy  GDP: 1.058Trillion (2014) Agriculture:  Products- Cocoa, Peanuts, Cotton, Rice, etc  We , America, are their partners in exports and imports  Natural Resources: Gas, Petroleum,Tin, and Coal
  7. 7. 30- Second Video 