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  1. 1. Getting Started on Your SEO ProgramWith all the recent news stories in the media today about how a few InternetMarketing firms used questionable tactics in promoting their clients website andthen the fall out that resulted, has left many people wondering what search engineoptimization is all about.So in this video we will dispel some common misconceptions about search engineoptimization and show you what SEO is all about.If you are trying to game the search engines, you are also going to be gaming yourusers.This tactic may have worked well in the early days of SEO, when someone wouldfigure out part of the algorithm and than use some automated program that wouldfool the search engines with a doorway page or some code on your website, but thesearch engines and your users have become wise to these tactics and they will shunyou.Today, SEO is about creating a long---term business strategy that involves ongoingcontent development, ongoing link building and making your website the very bestit can be for both the visitors and the search engines who are coming to yourwebsite. 1
  2. 2. Getting Started on Your SEO ProgramSounds all so easy right?Well it is, once you understand a few simple concepts that will help you understandwho your perfect audience is, what their needs are, what they are searching for andthen providing the content on your website that fulfills their needs.To understand this concept you need to understand who your audience is; they arereal people and not some search engine robot. 2
  3. 3. Getting Started on Your SEO ProgramThese people are searching for information or products you have on your websiteor maybe of a question they have, or a problem that they need solved or maybethey are even shopping for a particular product or service.Therefore you need to put yourself into their mindset to fully understand and toidentify the various keywords and keyword phrases that they will be typing intoGoogle.Then keep your perfect customer in your mind constantly as you create the variousforms while you develop your website. 3
  4. 4. Getting Started on Your SEO ProgramWhat you’re ultimately trying to achieve with your SEO program is to provide yourperfect customer with exactly what they are searching for and the way you do that isby making your content available to them and to the search engines as well asanswering their questions, solving their problems and/or fulfilling their needsWhen you look at Search Engine Optimization in this way you can see that there is noneed to either sell you or your customers short or game the search engines. In fact thesearch engines can change their algorithm all they want and it will not effect thetargeted traffic that you will get to your website, because you’re shooting forrelevancy, rather then a magic bag of tricks.In our following videos we will walk you through the process of Search EngineOptimization and Internet Marketing as we help you develop your own SEO Roadmapto success. 4
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