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  1. 1. Understanding How Search Engines WorkYour journey into mastering Search Engine Optimization will be a lot easier tofollow once you understand how the search engines work.Search engines have two major components, the Spiders or Robots that go out onthe web to find webpages to index and the Search Engine Algorithm that comparesyour website or webpage to all the other billions of pages that are out there on theweb.The search engine spiders are computer programs that find and follow links to variouswebpages, which then puts them into a database so the search engine algorithms canindex them based on the relevancy of the content that is on that webpage. 1
  2. 2. Understanding How Search Engines WorkThere maybe technical issues on your website that can act, as what we refer to in theindustry, as spider traps such as having a poor website architecture, flash, or javanavigation. So it is important to design your websites so that it is search enginefriendly. 2
  3. 3. Understanding How Search Engines WorkAlgorithms are designed to select the pages that the search engines should displayin their search engine result pages, for the various keyword phrases that peopletype into the search engines every day.Even though the Algorithm is a mathematical formula, it is something you’re notgoing to be able to reverse engineer, as there are literally hundreds of differentranking factors, but they all focus on two major things, on page optimization and offpage optimization. On Site Optimization/ Off Site Optimization What you say about you/ What others say about you 3
  4. 4. Understanding How Search Engines WorkWhat you put on your website and webpages for the search engines to index iscalled content and one of the most common phrases you will hear in SEO is “Contentis King, and Context is Queen”The search engines can only understand and index one type of content and that iswritten content. 4
  5. 5. Understanding How Search Engines WorkTherefore the keywords you select in creating your story and the context of how youtell your story by using relevant keyword phrases is very important in the indexingof your website.Also important to the search engines are the keywords used as links, that are usedto link to other relevant articles or pages on your website for on site optimization.And the keyword links that others would use on their website to link to yourwebsite, called off site optimization. 5
  6. 6. Understanding How Search Engines WorkLearning SEO will help you:• Avoid issues in developing your website that could block the search engines from indexing your website• Enable you to create relevant content that the search engines and your customers will love• Increase the visibility of your website in the search engines that will ultimately get you more traffic and customers• Do proper Keyword Research• Develop your Website Architecture appropriately• Write Content for the Human Reader• Optimize Your Content for the Search Engines• Discover the Different methods to publish and syndicate your content• And How to benchmark and measure your successAs you watch, learn and master this simple, but yet powerful step---by---step process inyour SEO Roadmap for Success video training series, you will understand whykeyword research is the foundation of all SEO and Internet Marketing and how youcan use many of the free tools such as the Google Keyword Tool, Google WonderWheel, Insights for Search along with some of the other paid keyword researchtools. 6
  7. 7. Understanding How Search Engines WorkYou will understand why setting up the proper website architecture is so importantin SEO and how to build and optimize a website using Wordpress and the variousWordpress plug---insYou will also come up with ideas for content that your visitors read and recommendto their friends based upon the keyword research you have done and even how tooutsource and have these articles written.You will be able to then optimize your content for the search engines and also howto repurpose your content to be able to re---use it on other websites and then how tobenchmark and measure your online success. 7
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