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Jacky leung 2nd assign 20121030 v1.1


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Jacky leung 2nd assign 20121030 v1.1

  1. 1. Venture Lab@Stanford U “Paying Attention”2nd Assignment submitted by Jacky Leung of Team 13414 Date: 30 Oct., 2012 A Crash Course in Creativity
  2. 2. Legends of Observations
  3. 3. Observations for ManningsOutside Environment Personnel Products Customers Others White, green & No actual sales Notice the cosmos Most customers are Too noise due to PA orange… like green contact before I asked. products 1st in central alone promotion messages field display Ground floor only. Not really to have a Cosmos products are Main female aged 3x Staff are not well fit Good s are closely sales script. But just for sale and located in to 4x with energized packed want to know what central. They trend to walk in appearance. you want. different directionsCalibrai Sign Room head > 20’ Only 2 sales person Products are arranged Most customer stay Customer interactionPharm Store Feeling free aged 2x to 3x. by functions less than 15mins on can be done most average. effectively.No security guard Very … No ideas if they are No free samples Products can be Very good supply of Feel using store products. Sweets, cosmos & touched. Most of various type of Pharm, Good health foods are at customers are on Cosmos & Healthcare eye level mission to buy. products in a small area Loud sound due to PA Uniform in orange Facial tissues are in Up to 6 out of 10 broadcast on offering Not fit with the store the least accessible customers purchased items image. locations in the store Music – yes but just Most expensive like radio DJ. Not well products are located fit. at central table Store temp is OK Easy found price tag Impulse items found nears cash register
  4. 4. Observations for ManningsOutside Environment Personnel Products Customers Others No distinctive smell & not crowed Cashier at right side close to main door Not visible security I would like to stay 15mins. The shop is bright & very clean and no sales person would bother you.
  5. 5. Observations for ManningsAlone customer Most expensive cosmos Least expensive facial products in central table tissues in the corner area.
  6. 6. Observations for Nikko Alone customer Tidy arranged Staff not notice by products me and noOpen door, closely Salesman turned when saw me…. Can touch types greeting to me.packed items Experience is bad with this Nikko shop whichCopies of mainly showing hiking & camping equipmentsmagazines to bcos I was left unattended for my whole tourshow off their in the shop.products 2nd Open door, closely packed items
  7. 7. Observation for AA Aquarium Hot item was shownOpen door, @entrance Tidy & clean Tiny video Sweets for display toclosely packed product customers!!! showitems. Smart inventory showcasesales lady products Experience is pretty good with this AA Aquaruim shop which mainly selling office type mini aquarium sets which are quiet impressive on the all-in-one design. The sales lady was very friendly and very smart enough to spot me within seconds.
  8. 8. Observations for Eddy’s MagicStraight tothe point! Mini magic Not only the games products of available magic but the main stream is the magic school training Eye catching… course for both adults & Video shows children such that differentThe magic show stage design kinds of magicentrance which makes to attract products wereeye balls but there was no Sitting place for customers show.customer @lunch time and thesales lady was not alert enough Open door design with stageto sense me to come to their like
  9. 9. Observation for Fitness & Wellness Show no interest… No customer…. Far away…..Open door, very Can you find the salesclosely packed items lady?Experience is bad with this F&W shop which mainlyselling gym foods bcos I was left unattended for mywhole tour in the shop and the sales lady even don’tbother to look at me!
  10. 10. Observation for Popular Book Store Hot itemsEye catching Open door, With Securitypromotion on MS customer flow isstuff good .
  11. 11. Observation for Popular Book Store Easy understand discount banners stick on book shelfsDid he enjoy the Clean & tidy, soft lightingmusic? & quiet.
  12. 12. Observation for Popular Book Store Children cornerDid they enjoy the books? Quick access CD inventoryExperience is excellent with this book store The sales personwere very friendly & helpful to any kind of customers rangedfrom 5 to 6x aged. The background music was classical &soft and it was lovely to spend the whole afternoon in thisbook shop. Sales hit rate was high > 60% on average inabout 15 mins.
  13. 13. New OpportunitiesRetail customer experience enhancementToday’s retailer can no longer compete on price alone. In order to sustain and improve profitability in this highly competitive environment, retailers need to differentiate themselves from other stores and strengthen customer loyalty to increase overall sales. To survive in today’s highly competitive environment, retailers must:• Deliver a unique retail experience that provides customers with the tools and services required to ultimately drive greater customer loyalty• Streamline everyday processes to maximize the productivity of retail associates, providing better control over labor costs while freeing up time to provide more personalized customer service• Achieve a new level of service excellence, eliminating long lines at the checkout counter and long waits for price and inventory checks Customer loyalty starts with satisfied customers & Customer Experiences are the key success to build satisfaction & loyalty!References:,,
  14. 14. New Opportunities• Tomorrow’s customers will demand a customer experience that is uniquely relevant to them. They will expect retailers to deliver on their brand promise, regardless of channel. They will be drawn to value, not to a particular retailer; and as demands on personal time keep increasing, customers will only spend time (and money!) where they find value. Each shopping experience will matter more. – What if the customers can fully web access the store items information from their mobile smartdevice? – What if the customers can be told by special personal promotion items from the web CRM when they just entered the store? – What if the staff proactively ready to serve customers that needed special care ? – What if the customers can locate any items virtually from the mobile “compress”? – What if the customers can entered luck draw & promotion programs automatically when about to check out or leave the store?References:, Deloitte Store 3.0™,