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Which is better; Seo or PPC?


Published on PowerPoint presentation comparing seo to ppc

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Which is better; Seo or PPC?

  1. 1. Which is better?
  2. 2. SEO & PPCSEO is short for search engine optimisation and is the method of optimising a website in order that it appears on the first page of Google for particular searchphrases. Your ad can be clicked an infinite number of times and youll not becharged per click. PPC is an acronym for paid search and is where an advertiserpays to be on page 1 of Google. Theyre charged every time a user clicks their ad. 2
  3. 3. Google AdWordsGoogle AdWords is by far most widely used pay per click platform with more than80% share of the market and is divided into two sections; the search network plusthe display network. To keep things straightforward, I am going to compare seowith the Google AdWords search network.It is a common assumption that Adwords is expensive and is often avoided forthat reason. This is normally due to campaigns not being run effectively andgenerating far too many wasted clicks. Run properly, a paid advertising campaignwill cost a comparable amount as a seo campaigns. The key difference is the levelof investment that is needed before you see a return. 3
  4. 4. ScalabilityGoogle AdWords is relatively scalable. You are able to set a daily spending budgetfor each campaign and the maximum bid for each and every keyword. You areable to start with a low budget and as your campaign begins to deliver returns,you are in a position to raise your spend. The important part is always to preventwasted clicks.You will find paid search campaigns are scalable; seo campaigns are much lessscalable and normally call for substantial investment before any returns areachieved. The primary reason for this is because you must be at the top of Bingbefore users will click on your ad. Although some users do click on websites whichare further down in the rankings, most click on the adverts near the top of page 1.It obviously takes a significant amount of work to get websites to the top of Bing.This doesn’t apply to paid advertising campaigns because with pay per clickcampaigns, you are paying to be at the top of Bing. 4
  5. 5. Incorporate both SEO & PPCThe most effective online campaigns incorporate both pay per click advertisingand seo. The pay per click campaign generates visitors in the short term anddemonstrates the potential of online marketing quickly and easily whilstdelivering reasonable returns. The seo campaign shows much larger returns inthe long term however demands a significant investment.A sensible technique to advertise your web site online is to begin with a pay perclick marketing campaign and add a seo campaign as soon as the ppc is deliveringan excellent return on your investment. As pay-per-click campaigns are scalable,you can start with a modest budget and be raised gradually. 5
  6. 6. If you are looking for an seo or a ppc campaign, consider Marketing Grin 6