Tips on selecting an seo company in london


Published on This PowerPoint presentation goes through some helpful tips that will help you when choosing an SEO company in London

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Tips on selecting an seo company in london

  1. 1. Choosing an SEO company in London
  2. 2. The difficultiesFinding an SEO company in London may be a hard task given that the searchengine optimisation market is not always transparent. The majority of the searchengine optimisation companies demand either 12 month or 6 month agreementsso the potential loss could be considerable. 2
  3. 3. What are your goals?Step one in picking an SEO company in London is always to understand what yourgoals are since this will have an enormous influence on the search enginemarketing campaign and therefore the agency that you decide on. If you are aplumber for instance and work in East London, the search engine optimisationwork needed will be very different to an online store that sells nationwide or evenglobally and therefore the seo agency which you pick will change. 3
  4. 4. What SEO agencies offerWhen deciding on an SEO Company in London, you ought to understand whatexactly is being offered. Is the search engine optimisation company offeringonsite search engine marketing only or both onsite and offsite SEO? Can they giveyou rough timescales regarding how long it takes to get top search enginepositions for your key phrases and are they responsible for their work? Buying linkbundles is certainly the cheapest way of building backlinks however in doing so,you will be sacrificing control of the calibre of backlinks built. 4
  5. 5. Don’t buy link building packagesBuying link building packages from an SEO company in London can be hugelydamaging to your brand as they are buying on number of links instead of on thequality of the links. For instance: if you purchase 10,000 article links and discoveryour site has been black listed, there is nothing that you can do since the searchengine optimisation company has delivered what they said they were going to. 5
  6. 6. Local SEO is cheaper than a national campaignLocal search engine optimisation campaigns tend to be easier than competitive,countrywide campaigns. Very little inbound link building is required for local seocampaigns and sometimes just onsite seo will be all you need. Web designcompanies generally include onsite seo campaigns during the web site build. Aseo company in London that only has local seo testimonials; theyre not likely tobe able to achieve top search engine rankings for nationwide search enginemarketing campaigns. 6
  7. 7. National campaign demand on going link buildingNational campaigns in competitive markets demand considerably more seo workand typically call for a professional SEO company in London. For competitive keyphrases, onsite search engine optimisation isnt sufficient and a great deal ofbacklink building has to be carried out. Backlink building is very much like voting.The more quality backlinks the better. If youre able to picture, a thousandinbound links from one website isnt as good as one thousand backlinks fromdifferent domain names because it cannot be easily manipulated. Preferably youwant to build a huge, diverse amount of inbound links regularly. This requires ongoing seo work. 7
  8. 8. Choose a complete SEO agencyAn SEO Company in London which provides complete search engine optimisationcampaigns is responsible for their work so the quality is normally substantiallybetter. An agency that contracts out the inbound link building cant guarantee thequality of hyperlinks is good. 8