The Rise of Electric Cigarettes


Published on This presentation details the negatives of cigarette smoking and outlines reasons why many are switching to electric cigarettes

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The Rise of Electric Cigarettes

  1. 1. Freedom CigarettesFreedom Cigarettes
  2. 2. Cigarettes smoking The electric cigarette market is actually a reasonably new market that focuses on long term tobacco users who would love a healthier option to tobacco smoking. While there are important medical factors for quitting tobacco smoking, there are also a lot of other, really vital reasons for giving up tobacco smoking, for example the price of tobacco smoking plus the peer pressure from good friends and relatives.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 2
  3. 3. Cigarettes smoking In spite of lots of disadvantages to cigarette smoking, large numbers carry on smoking mainly as a result of the cravings along with the enjoyment of smoking. Many individuals whove tried to quit smoking will tell you that these cravings dont disappear quickly when trying to quit smoking and sadly stop many individuals from quitting. For numerous, smoking cigarettes is comforting and relaxing as well as serving a feeling of confidence. When you are getting a drink with pals, what do you do with your smoking arm if you arent smoking with it!Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 3
  4. 4. Electric Cigarettes Electric Cigarettes occupy this space within the market. They present a healthy option to smoking but also give the satisfaction at a small percentage of the price. Electronic cigarettes dont contain any tobacco and therefore do not place the same risks on your health as normal cigarettes. They do nevertheless include nicotine to ensure that they satisfy smokers cravings. This nonetheless is nevertheless an addictive drug and thus the risks of an electric cigarette tend to be compared to a cup of tea.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 4
  5. 5. Smoking bars reappearing Smoking bars have started appearing in villages and towns. The smoking pubs provide electric cigarettes to their clients. As electric cigarettes dont contain tobacco, theyre not incorporated in the tobacco ban and as a result is usually legally smoked in public areas.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 5
  6. 6. How electric cigarettes work Ecigs work by converting a glycerine based liquid solution referred to as e-liquid or e- juice to an aerosol mist by means of heat or ultrasonics in some cases, similar to how a nebulizer or humidifier work. The vapour is then consumed. E-cigs have been made to imitate normal cigarettes but because of the limitations of batteries, were much bigger than cigarettes. As battery technology improved, electronic cigarettes begun to replicate the look and feel of cigarettes and now look very similar. They even vaporise like a normal cigarette.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 6
  7. 7. Electric cigarettes are 70% cheaper Electric cigarettes are considerably less costly than usual cigarettes. A typical smoker will save 70% if they switch to smoking electric cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. One electric cigarette cartridge is equivalent to fifteen tobacco cigarettes. 1 of the main reasons why electric cigarettes are substantially cheaper is that they dont have the massive tobacco tax that standard cigarettes have.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 7
  8. 8. People are changing to electric cigarettes Lots of people have found that as soon as they changed to electric cigarettes, they had the ability to keep their cravings fulfilled and stay healthy. It really is for these factors that electric cigarettes are preferred and why numerous are changing to e-cigs. The electric cigarette movement is gathering numbers and is certain to alter the smoking sector in the future. Electric cigarettes were in fact a brilliant invention that should be here to stay and might maybe replace tobacco smoking fully in the near future.Freedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 8
  9. 9. Have you tried an electronic cigarette? Try Freedom Cigarettes http://www.freedomcigarettes.comFreedom Cigarettes Commercial in Confidence 9