Nicotine levels in electric cigarettes


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http://www.freedomcigarettes This is a short PowerPoint presentation that goes through the different nicotine levels in electric cigarettes

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Nicotine levels in electric cigarettes

  1. 1. Freedom CigarettesFreedom Cigarettes
  2. 2. Most electric cigarettes contain nicotine Just about all electric cigarettes contain nicotine, even though it is entirely personal choice. Most cigarette smokers who have changed to e-cigs like smoking e cigarettes which contain nicotine because it fuels their nicotine addiction. Most people use electric cigarettes as opposed to cigarette smoking and therefore crave nicotine. The nicotine in e-cigarettes helps to make the move from tobacco cigarettes to ecigs much easier. There are however a good amount of e juice flavours out there which allow e-cigarette smokers to select the nicotine quantities in electronic cigarettes and youre able to choose nicotine free flavours.Freedom Cigarettes 2
  3. 3. Ecigs are a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes Electric cigarettes are getting increasingly popular as a substitute to smoking cigarettes. They are built to look similar to a tobacco cigarette but in fact function very differently. They are tiny devices which contain a liquid, known as e liquid. E-cigs have a tiny filament which heats the e-juice, similarly to how a kettle heats water. This liquid is then vaporised and inhaled by the smoker or user of the device for pleasure. Unlike traditional cigarettes, however, they do not necessarily contain nicotine. The user is able to select the e juice which is used in the electric cigarette and for that reason can control the amount of nicotine within the device.Freedom Cigarettes 3
  4. 4. E-juice The liquid in electric cigarettes is known as e juice. You can purchase a wide variety of different flavoured eliquids and often you are able to choose the level of nicotine of the e- juice. If youre intending to use an e cig as an alternative to normal cigarettes, it might be advisable to start with relatively high level of nicotine. This could then be slowly reduced over a period of time, dependent on the requirements and wants of the smoker. Eventually, the electric cigarette smoker can smoke e-cigs containing an ejuice with very low nicotine content, or preferably an ejuice with no nicotine.Freedom Cigarettes 4
  5. 5. Greater control Smokers switch to electric cigarettes have greater control over the amount of nicotine in an electric cigarette and also the flavour of the eliquid. You will find theres big range of different eliquids on the market and in theory the eliquid may be anything of your choosing. Certain e-liquid companies have a big variety of flavours and in addition to the flavour you are able to choose the nicotine levels.Freedom Cigarettes 5
  6. 6. No burning tar The main reason normal cigarettes are extremely bad for your health is because the cigarette smoker is inhaling burnt tobacco smoke. Tobacco certainly is bad for your health but the biggest health risk is the tar as well as the cancer causing carcinogens which are caused by burning tobacco. The key reason electric cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes are is because they only heat the e liquid inside and do not burn it. There are no harmful carcinogens or tar.Freedom Cigarettes 6
  7. 7. Have you tried electric cigarettes Try Freedom Cigarettes http://www.freedomcigarettes.comFreedom Cigarettes 7