London conference venues. How to choose the right one for you


Published on This short article discusses the popular London conference venues and talks about what you should look for when choosing one.

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London conference venues. How to choose the right one for you

  1. 1. What do I need to consider which choosing a London conference venue? The city of London is not only the capital of Great Britain but also the European banking capital and a worldwide business centre. It really is one of the greatest cities on the planet additionally, the best city to hold national and International conferences. It is no surprise thenthat there are several excellent London conference venues. Picking one though is usually adaunting task.You can find a huge selection of London conference venues that provide small to large sizedconvention spaces, amazing locations, caterers as well as most important - good customerservice. With the quality of London conference venues, London truly is the best place to holda conference.London conference venues offer knowledge, and professional understanding, nevertheless,arranging a conference in Central London can still be an incredibly hard task for eventplanners. Venues referred to as the best corporate events venues make the job of pickingconference space easier while they give comfort since their option is generally easilyjustified. So exactly where are the best London conference venues?The most known London conference venues are often the largest ones with Earls Court,Olympia and the Exel among the best known with lots of the major events being held there.Earls Court one and two and Olympia combined have a over-all of 97,000 square metres ofevent space and may hold events between 600 to 60,000 delegates! This is certainly great ifyoure searching for a London seminar venue of this capacity, yet smaller seminar venues inLondon are not as well-known. There are lots of fantastic London conference venues which will hold events of around 500 people tucked away in the stunning Central London streets just like Merchant Taylors Hall on Threadneedle Street near Bank tube station offers seven rooms and accommodate conferences between 10 to 700 delegates. Merchant Taylors Hall boasts amazing customer satisfaction and mouth-watering food from their on-site kitchen. Well known London conference venues are: One Great George Street which is an award-winning conference venue that is located in close proximity to the many famous places in Merchant Taylors’, 30 Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8JB 020 7450 4459
  2. 2. being located in Westminster and provides world-class standard services. EarlsCourt and Olympia seminar venues are filled with history. Earls Court One and Twocollectively combined with Olympia have a total 97,000 sq. metres of event space. Theyreable to accommodate shows in need of 600 or 60,000 sq. metres of conference area. TheBrewery offers 9 unique rooms for conferences. It can accommodate 9 to 900 delegates. When choosing between the various London conference venues, you should consider the conference venues location. Even though London is a fairly small landmass, it will take a surprisingly long time to get from one side to the other due to how densely populated it is. For this reason you need to pick a venue that is near to the majority of your delegates. It is important not to ever book a conference venue which is too large. If the venue is simply too big it not just costs far more but in addition can make the seminar look unpopular. There is ahuge amount of London conference venues with several conference rooms letting them beadaptable to your own specifications.Customer service plus the standard of food tend to be the main factors which youll findtalked about by far the most at a conference and so make certain that they are first rate.When you decide on a venue from the long list of London conference venues readilyavailable, dont forget to take both of these factors into consideration.Choosing a seminar venue is an enjoyable but in addition a tough job with many Londonconference venues to choose from. The right venue depends on your own personalspecifications; make sure you choose the best venue for your requirements. Merchant Taylors’, 30 Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8JB 020 7450 4459