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Enjoy the Olympics in style and comfort by hiring one of the most popular event venues in London


Published on Watch the Olympic Games in comfort at one of the best event venues in London

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Enjoy the Olympics in style and comfort by hiring one of the most popular event venues in London

  1. 1. Advice and tips about running a business function for London 2012 London 2012 is the ideal chance for businesses to hold an event. It’s a way to get customers together to build and strengthen relationships. What are your current plans for London 2012 and have you thought about renting one of the event venues in London?There are several ways to celebrate London 2012 and whilst purchasing seats to theOlympic Games might seem the best way forward, it does not in fact lend itself to developingrelationships. While at the Olympic Games, hardly any business is going to be completed asmost peoples focus is going to be on the Olympics for obvious reasons. This is why bookinga room at one of the popular event venues in London; near your offices is an idealalternative.To get real value from an event, youll want the chance to speak to your clients. Usuallybusinesses will book sporting events, for instance rugby matches, purposely a long wayaway so that they can travel with their clients on the train for example. This gives them thechance to discuss possible contracts in a stress less environment. Experienced corporationsrealize that trying to talk possible contracts during the game is rarely successful and may inreality be counterproductive because so many people just want to watch the match. Hiringone of the well-known event venues in London for London 2012 gives you an excellentopportunity to discuss possible contracts in addition to watching one of the biggest sportingevents on the planet. A wonderful alternative to going to the Olympic park is to hire a events venue room close to your workplace at one of the many event venues in London, where one can watch London 2012 on a big screen. Event venues in London provide a perfect environment where you cannot just watch London 2012, but also go over business and close those crucial business deals! Booking a events venue to watch the Olympic games is an effective method of enjoyably seeing the Olympics at yourvery own pace, totally free of the hustle and bustle of the stadiums along with your very ownwaiting staff. Certainly, there is no better way to network during the Olympics, and with thechoice of event venues in London, you really should have a day to remember. Merchant Taylors’, 30 Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8JB 020 7450 4459
  2. 2. Event venues in London let you pick which sporting event you want to watch on a big screen. You may even watch a selection of sporting events if you choose. In reality, hiring one of the many event venues in London gives you total control as well as offering the perfect environment to speak with customers. Taking your customers to London 2012 could turn out to be somewhat stressful with all the overcrowdingexpected around the Olympic park. Opting to watch London 2012 at one of the event venuesin London is a fantastic way to treat customers comfort.If you have a large number of delegates, you can even hire one of the event venues inLondon that has several rooms allowing you to have a variety of Olympic events on at thesame time offering your delegates the choice of whatever they would like to watch. Naturallyhiring your own events venue enables you to choose what refreshments you would like to,making your day even more amazing.So if you are thinking about treating your customers or potential clients, there is no betterway when compared with booking a room at one of the many event venues in London. Whilewatching the Olympic Games live may appear impressive, its much less effective.That being said, how are you planning to spend your Olympic Games? Merchant Taylors’, 30 Threadneedle Street, London, EC2R 8JB 020 7450 4459