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Choosing a conference venue in london


Published on This short PowerPoint presentation talks about choosing a conference venue in London and addresses the points that should be covered.

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Choosing a conference venue in london

  1. 1. Merchant Taylors’
  2. 2. LondonLondon is a wonderful city as well asfinancial capital of Europe. The vastmajority of global firms have offices inLondon which include businesses like:Google, Saachi and Saachi, Aviva and O2.London boasts very good transport links foroverseas visitors. London is really the bestcity to run a convention and with plenty ofawesome venues, youre certain to find aamazing conference venue in London tohold your convention.Merchant Taylors’ 2
  3. 3. Be close to your delegates You will find a direct connection between attendance levels and the event location. Your seminar should be hosted at a conference venue in London which is next to the majority of your visitors and that is accessible. Whilst London has good transport routes, the simpler you make it for associates, the more associates will turn up. Without a doubt, you do not want to run a poorly attended seminar.Merchant Taylors’ 3
  4. 4. Image Branding is extremely important and ought to remain consistent throughout your company. Having built a superb reputation, you wouldn’t wish it to be tainted by holding a convention at a venue that is not up to standard. For many visitors, your conference may be the very first time they may have met you and your colleagues and you should ensure that you create the perfect impression you can.Merchant Taylors’ 4
  5. 5. Size and layout It is recommended to select a conference venue in London with a room which can accommodate your delegates. Despite the fact that this probably seems totally obvious, when thinking about conference venues you can easily opt for an impressive conference venue over a practical venue. Ideally it is best to aim for a conference venue in London that has got several rooms so that it can accommodate for alterations in attendance levels. A conference venue that is too big will make your convention appear unpopular at the same time a conference venue thats too small will probably be not comfortable at best and potentially unsafe.Merchant Taylors’ 5
  6. 6. Great AV Equipment Very good AV equipment is not necessarily the most impressive equipment; it is good quality equipment which is reliable. Part of this is the venue teaching the presenter how to use the AV equipment. You definitely dont want any embarrassing scenarios where there is a technical fault with the AV equipment!Merchant Taylors’ 6
  7. 7. Excellent service The service a venue provides should be the very best since this is what makes sure that your conference really is a success. If a convention venue gives poor service, can you really trust them to ensure that the seminar has been setup properly? The service the venue provides also adds the finishing touches to every event and helps to make sure your delegates enjoy the seminar.Merchant Taylors’ 7
  8. 8. Canapés It will always be expected to be given a tea or coffee when waiting for the conference to begin and food normally goes down well. Visitors will no doubt talk about the quality of the food and drinks supplied therefore it is important that you pick a conference venue in London which features great catering facilities.Merchant Taylors’ 8
  9. 9. Are you looking for a conference venue in London? Give Merchant Taylors’ a call 020 7450 4459 Taylors’ 9