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Aerobatic flights


Published on This PowerPoint document looks at aerobatic flights

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Aerobatic flights

  1. 1. You will never forgetA flight in an aerobatic airplane is onething you wont ever forget and its anexperience that recommended. Themajority of people think of an airlinerwhen they think about flying. Themajority of people do not think aboutflying the wrong way up and doing loopthe loop! Aerobatic flights really doopen our eyes to the joy of flying. 2
  2. 2. The limitsAerobatic flights push the limits. Travelling at over 200mph close to the groundand pulling 10g is really something great. An aerobatic flight will really get theadrenaline pumping.Aerobatic pilots test themselves against one another by flying a sequence ofmanoeuvres in front of judges. They are critiqued on precision and positioning. Itis a very physical with pilots pulling up to 10 g. 10g makes your body 10 timesyour normal weight and -10g pushes blood to your brain making it veryuncomfortable. This has to be managed whilst they fly absolutely preciseaerobatic figures. 3
  3. 3. Reasonably pricedAerobatic flights are available for a similar price to a hot air balloon ride, but theexperience is not even comparable and the memories last long after the actualflight. For a adrenaline junkie, an experience flight in an aerobatic airplane is adream come true. An aerobatic flight has got the wow factor, the adrenalinefactor along with the cool factor.Aerobatic competitions are a wonderful spectacle but nothing in comparison toan aerobatic flight. Aerobatic flights really put you into the hot seat where onecan enjoy aerobatics first hand and sample what aerobatic aircrafts are capable ofdoing. 4
  4. 4. There’s more than just adrenalineAerobatic flights dont only provide you with the best adrenaline rush; they evenallow you to look at the sights. There is no better view than from a light airplane.If you are searching for an air experience flight, why dont you do it in an stuntaircraft and take the opportunity to sample aerobatics.Air shows offer top aerobatic pilots the opportunity to showcase their capabilitiesas well as the planes ability. The majority of people are truly shocked by howmuch of an aerobatic plane can do should they see them at an air show. Theyremuch more surprised after they have an aerobatic experience flight. Aerobaticflights amaze not to mention gets the blood flowing. A lot of the time you willeven get a video to remember your experience too. 5
  5. 5. If you would like an aerobatic flight, contact Adastral Flying 6