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Innovation Portfolio Jack van Dooren


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Innovation Portfolio of Jack van Dooren 2016 - 2006

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Innovation Portfolio Jack van Dooren

  1. 1. Portfolio Innovation Initiatives Jack van Dooren 2016-2006
  2. 2. Inventor and developer (2016) Access to more then 6000 hospitals worldwide visited by customers of SOS International
  3. 3. Initiator and launch manager WhatsApp help channel (2015) SOS International first Emergency Center worldwide supporting WhatsApp
  4. 4. By lack of phone connections, approx. 700 Dutch travelers could also provided information like GPS coordinates to the emergency center SOS International Inventor and wordpress developer “Request for help” online platform during the Nepal earthquake (2015)Eenvandaag
  5. 5. The finder of a lost valuable can easily contact the owner via the SOS International RETURN Tag Inventor and product developer SOS International RETURN Tag (2014)
  6. 6. Inventor and product developer SOS International INFO Tag / Card (2013) By scanning the Tag/Card emergency workers have direct access to your medical & ICE info Innovation award
  7. 7. Immediate digital / phone access to the emergency center of every Dutch insurance company in case of car or health issues. Inventor and product developer SOS op Reis app 300.000 downloads (2010)
  8. 8. Native apps build for major Dutch insurers based on SOS op reis App Inventor and product developer white label business model (2011-2013)
  9. 9. Online SOS International request for help tool. Easily to embed into insurers websites / native apps and customer service centers. Inventor and Wordpress developer (2014-2015)
  10. 10. Volkskrant More than 100.000 Dutch skaters visit during strong winters to share the ice conditions on channels and lakes. With a maximum of 10,000 a day. (2010-2016) Inventor and owner of the ice skaters community
  11. 11. This service can upfront verify if mobile phone numbers are actively used to optimize Tele- sales activity’s Inventor Experian Mobile Check (2009)
  12. 12. Before the availability of SMARTphone’s, the Travel Locator was able to track/trace employees with a simple GSM abroad. Inventor and product developer Travel Locator (2007)
  13. 13. Before SMARTphone’s, Facebook and Twitter, travelers could share their daily experience including location on this online platform by posting via SMS. Inventor and owner of (2007)
  14. 14. The first live interpreter service for consumers to make yourself understanding abroad via the speaker of your mobile phone Initiator and product developer Tele-Interpreter (2006)
  15. 15. Jack van Dooren