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What is the energy employees occupational illness compensation program


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What is the energy employees occupational illness compensation program

  1. 1. ZIMBIO STYLEBISTRO LONNY REGISTER | LOGIN Search PICTURES VIDEOS CELEBS MOVIES TV MUSIC CURRENT EVENTS MORE Health Care Main Articles more « PREV NEXT » What is the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program? By Jack Thomas on March 14, 2013 Like 0 EEOICP or the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program was passed in the year 2000. It aims at providing compensation to people who have worked in nuclear weapons production and may have contracted hazardous illnesses or suffered some chronic health problem because of his overexposure to such an environment. The law was passed while President Bill Clinton was in office. EEOICP is taken care of and handled by the Department of Labor and the program has five sections – namely A, B, C, D and E. FEATURED STORIES 10 Actors Who Are Surprisingly Fluent in Other Languages The second part takes into consideration individuals or those who survive them. It is directed towards employees who have worked in enclosed setups and have acquired silicosis, beryllium disease or some cancer related health problem because of excessive exposure to powerful radiation. The fifth part is directed towards employees or those who survive them as well. These people will have to be suffering from any Great Moments in Lip-Synching History illness that was caused by over exposure to toxic material. While under Part B, the compensation amount is a hefty $150,000, the compensation amount under Part E is $50,000. The compensation now under Part E was earlier included under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (RECA). Apart from this financial compensation, EEOICP also provides the individual or his family with additional medical perks from the date that the candidate registers for the facilities. These perks include all sorts of advantages including home health care facilities. Also under Part E, the compensation amount stated at $50,000 is a variable amount and can go up to $250,000 if factors like wage loss, survivorship and impairment are proven. The facilities of the act have been listed jointly by Department of Energy and Department of Labor. The labor department sends across the registration of the candidate under Part B to Best of Celebrities on Yachts the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health so that the cancers that may have stemmed from overexposure to radiation under occupational circumstances can be analyzed and reconstructed. The agency then asks the energy department for converted by
  2. 2. records of the employee’s exposure to such situations and then interviews thecandidate or his family in order to complete the reconstruction. The agency alsogathers all necessary information about the worker’s station to be accurate about theirreport. After the report is prepared, the statement is sent back to the labor departmentand compensation amounts are decided thereafter.So if you have served your country in disastrous situations by putting your life at stake,you deserve the perks that EEOICP offer you. In your best health, you chose to be onthe site where nuclear weapons are prepared and tested so you deserve the benefitsto recuperate if the overexposure has impacted your body in sufferable ways. Hospitalexpenses are clearly very steep and treatments for such chronic problems require themost of your funds. Without the amenities offered to you by the state departments, Rock and Rolls Oddest Couplesmost patients would suffer and not know where to find help. Lucky for you, Americagives to you what you need if you have contracted a fatal illness from occupationallocations. In case the concerned person has passed away, his family could use theprivileges that he earned. Since the act was implemented, it claims to have helpedmillions of American employees who have worked with regard to nuclear weapons.For further information about EEOICP benefits, just click hereRelated Articles: Jodie Foster and 23 Other Stars Clutch Magazine: Gender and Your OB/GYN Coming Out Free trade agreement means NHS privatisation Quality Services by Home Care Assistance Providers LIKE US ON FACEBOOK => Where To Buy Philips Sonicare HX7022/66 Eseries Standard Replacement BrushHeads, 2 Pack – Decent Price Zimbio Certificate Courses in Health Care Quality Management Like 470,520 people like Zimbio. « PREV NEXT » F acebook social pluginComments Add a comment... F acebook social plugin more from Zimbio »Arrow Promotes Colton Rebecca Gayhearts Daughter Anna Kendrick and Director Britney Spears Out in L.A. withHaynes to Series Regular Billie Is Totally Adorable Boyfriend Split After Four... Her Boys more from StyleBistro »In Which We Analyze Every Health News Roundup: Eat Karl Lagerfeld Does His Cats Ho Hum, Heres Taylor Swift converted by
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