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What is first aid and why is it necessary


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What is first aid and why is it necessary

  1. 1. ZIMBIO STYLEBISTRO LONNY REGISTER LOGINMain ArticlesHealth Care« PREV NEXT»What Is First Aid And Why Is It Necessary?By Jack Thomas on May 21, 2013First aid is generally used for treating small accidents as well as injuries. It cannot be used fortreating anything serious or matters concerning life or death. The art of this help can beadministered anywhere in case of any accident or injury. It is functional at home; office, street,school or other public places .It is referred to when the first and timely provision of the essentialand emergency care to any sick or injured person is needed.Many a time, first aid care alone is sufficient for people who have met with a minor accident orinjury. In some cases of illness too, if it is administered on time, no further medical treatment isrequired. For serious injuries or accidents, preliminary it can be administered till proper medicalassistance arrives. This timely manoeuvre can save a lot of lives and aid in a speedy recoveryof the patient.First aid training is essential for each and every person. This is because the main purpose ofadministering primary relieve is to save lives. By doing this, you can prevent a lot of injuriesfrom getting worse. It reduces the risk of infections and prevents other additional injuries fromtaking place. This also alleviates pain or discomfort. The first aider must know how to givereassurance to the injured person.One of the things that is taught in training of giving primary assistance is the way in which thetongue can be stopped and prevented from causing a blockage in the airway of a person if heis having a seizure. Controlling the respiratory system as well as properly regulating thecirculatory system is highly essential. These are basics about this and are thus very importantto know.If you face any emergency situation, you first have to pay attention to the airways for makingsure that they do not have any blockage. This can also be the case when a person chokes onfood. If the breathing of a person is not regular or normal, it is a matter of great concern as itcan cause the heart to stop functioning. You must therefore know what CPR is and how it canbe administered.Knowing how to provide relief is necessary not only for healthcare professionals but also forcommon people. Professionals such as teachers and policemen must know how to give first aid.|moreLike 0FEATURED STORIES10 Actors Who Are Surprisingly Fluentin Other LanguagesGreat Moments in Lip-Synching HistoryBest of Celebrities on YachtsPICTURES VIDEOS CELEBS MOVIES TV MUSIC CURRENT EVENTS MORE Searchconverted by
  2. 2. « PREV NEXT»Babysitters too need this knowledge. There are many organizations that provide this kind oftraining.In case of accidents, the victims or patients can avail of certain advantages such as the energyemployees’ compensation program. This is a program that provides benefits as well ascompensation to people who work under certain facilities of the department of energy. Thecompensation is provided since these workers work under harsh conditions and are exposed tovarious industrial substances that pose serious dangers to health.Related Articles:CommentsParis Hilton Is Still Partying it Upin CannesWatch: Zendaya Coleman &Kelly Pickler Both Got Double...Marion Cotillard Makes UpdosLook So ElegantThe Voice Season 4, Episode19 Recap: Team AdamsSarah...The Challenges of Providing Mental Health Care in IraqLabor Group fights for better pay for Home Care WorkersSelecting a Chiropractic ExpertLouisville GynecologistThe Shout-out for Valuable Healthcare Solutions TodayRock and Rolls Oddest CouplesJodie Foster and 23 Other StarsComing OutLIKE US ON FACEBOOKmore from Zimbio »more from StyleBistro »Facebook social pluginAdd a comment...converted by
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