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Poster conventions


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Published in: Education
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Poster conventions

  1. 1. By Jack Suddaby
  2. 2.  The purpose of a poster is to advertise the film and to also create a ‘buzz’ (interest) for the film. It is also a good excuse to show of the stars of the production, for example the actors or the directors involved as this can help people establish a connection between the actors/directors and the style of film. When it is a horror poster, it needs to give fear to the audience to grab the attention of the viewer.
  3. 3. Here is the mainfocal image Here is the main titlewhich is of the of the poster, whichmain antagonist, is clearly shown as itthis is a common is the only text on theconvention of poster, which is in ahorror posters, to darker shade of blueshow the main to highlight it fromvictim or villain, the background, thisto make the is something I willaudience have an need to do in my ownimpression on poster, by makingthe film, i.e if the sure the typographyantagonist looks stands out from thescary, the film backgroundmight be
  4. 4. This says the release date, so people know when they can watch itHere is the starsystem, showing the This is thedirectors old films to main imagemake you to watch again, and itthis one takes up the entire poster, the bottom of the poster is Here is the title black which which is in gives a conventional simplistic red, it is also background to the largest text put the title on the poster, and the credit to certify that it block is the title
  5. 5. Here is the firstThis is the second section in asection where themain focal image is conventionalshown, this is the three part poster.largest section and it is This will haveused to lure the viewer the tag line,in, to make the poster which is willstand out. It often reveal somethingreflects the main about the film, itantagonist or the main is often doneprotagonist in distress through a famous quote or This is the third in horror posters section which features irony is often the title of the film, used and the credit block, it will also often feature the release date
  6. 6.  A poster should be: Artistic – It should get attention so the message is delivered. Focused – It should focus and communicate on a single message. Ordered – The sequence should be well-ordered and obvious. Must include film title, classification, leading cast, distributors, directors, producers etc. Because I have done some research into other poster designs I can base my own ideas on my researched items.
  7. 7.  I need to select major points from my trailer and integrate them into my ancillary tasks, this includes the typography and sections from the video it’s self, this is conventional as it builds up an image of the film as a package instead of different pieces of media having little correlation with each other.