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Math October


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Math October

  1. 1. Math in October In October, we focused on graphing, counting, sequencing numbers and events, ordinal numbers (1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd ) and prepositions of place (on top, under, beside etc.)
  2. 2. We made class graphs together as a group and talked about what we found. Graphing
  3. 3. We interviewed each other about how many people we had in our families (data collection). We then recorded the answers and made our own graph which we talked about (Interpreted).
  4. 4. We sequenced numbers and events. We talked about the sequence of events in our days at school and at home. Sequencing
  5. 5. We played games and had fun doing different activities where we could use ordinal numbers. Ordinal Numbers
  6. 6. We played games where the children had to give directions using prepositions of place. “ Put the large blue bear in front.” “ Put the medium red bear behind the large purple bear.” “ Put the white Lego on top.” Prepositions of Place