Zotero in 30: You can take it with you!


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presented 2/29/12 by UNCG Libraries, by two amazing LIS grad students

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Zotero in 30: You can take it with you!

  1. 1. Zotero in 30: You can take it with you! Tim Williams, Mimi Smith- DeCoster, Beth Filar-Williams (no relation)
  2. 2. Poll: where do you stand with Zotero?• A: It sounds cool, tell me more about it.• B: I know what it does, but I don’t use it.• C: I use it occasionally.• D: I use it all the time, but want to know more.
  3. 3. The Disclaimer• UNCG does not support Zotero.• While there are no official UNCG sources for troubleshooting, there are good online resources.• Since the service does not need to be tied to a UNCG account, you can use it after graduation.
  4. 4. Basics: What is Zotero?• A "personal research assistant" (zotero.org)• Captures bibliographic information, abstracts, PDF and HTML attachments• Works with thousands of style guides to cite- while-you-write & create reference pages
  5. 5. An Overview of Zotero• Familiar iTunes-esque interface
  6. 6. More basics: how do I get started?• Download at Zotero.org (for Mac, Windows, or Linux)• Find in-depth tutorials: Documentation > Screencast Downloads
  7. 7. Capturing Bibliographic Information
  8. 8. Creating a References Page (I)• Zotero simplifies works cited pages, annotated bibliographies, and reference pages.
  9. 9. Creating a References Page (II)
  10. 10. Syncing• If you edit your collections on multiple devices (e.g. work laptop, home PC, phone), Zotero will automatically update your changes.
  11. 11. Explanation of cool stuff• The Zotero community is busy doing some rad stuff: mobile apps, major software updates, and more!• http://www.zotero.org/blog/zotero-apps-go- mobile/
  12. 12. Zotero & Endnote• EndNote webinar coming soon: stay tuned!• If you are an EndNote user who wants to try Zotero, you can export your EndNote collections!• Format tab > Export References > Save as RIS format• File (or the Settings wheel icon) > Import (select the RIS document you just saved in EndNote)
  13. 13. Quick Recap
  14. 14. Quick Recap (II)
  15. 15. Quick Recap (III)
  16. 16. Live Q & A• What else would you like to know?• Anything in particular you would like to see in action?• Want further clarification about something we mentioned?• Let us know in the chat box!