What I did not learn in library school webinar


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Presented by UNCG Libraries, March 26, 2013

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  • BETH
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/78128495@N00/233614252/
  • a quick way to take all the weight of the world on your head.
  • Ask what orgs UNCG Librarians (or others you know) are in  Find a group that does something you want to learn - sustainability, MOOCs, programming. Consider an NMRT - new members! Join one where you can share or collaborate with others -- LITA Instructional tech interest groupConsider a virtual committee if you can’t travel -- Library 2.012 Conference OctoberTry one that produces something like report or bibliography -- ULS Future of Libraries Committee OR DLS bibliography committee,etc
  • Good resources:http://oedb.org/blogs/ilibrarian/2013/a-library-conference-survival-guide-tips/http://uncg.libguides.com/LIS
  • Conable is for students or recent grads
  • Committee like ULS communications has blog and asks for submission; LEARNRT of ALA has a newsletter; IFLAs newsletters;
  • Jobs = what are people looking for? What are current trends?
  • What I did not learn in library school webinar

    1. 1. Things I Didn’t Learn in LibrarySchool A career-building webinar from the UNCG University Libraries. March 26, 2013. Anna Craft, Metadata Cataloger Nataly Blas, Diversity Resident Librarian Mary Krautter, Head of Reference and Instructional Services Beth Filar Williams, Coordinator of Library Services for Distance Learning 1
    2. 2. Before we jump in,Previous LIS career-buildingwebinars are available online.We’ve covered: Become the Successful Job Candidate: recording and slides, 4/10/12 Successful Interviews: recording and slides, 4/17/12 Resume Workshop: materials and recorded session, 10/1/10 Resume Workshop: materials and recorded session, 4/23/10 2
    3. 3. Our overview Practical skills ◦ Technology, budgeting, and other on-the-job skills Teaching skills ◦ Instruction and instructional design Interpersonal & Management skills ◦ Communication, collaboration, supervision, and more Professional involvement ◦ Networking, conferences, scholarship, continuing 3
    4. 4. Your overviewLet us know: whatdo you want us tocover today? 4
    5. 5. In my first library job, I realized Ineeded to know… 5
    6. 6. In my first library job, I realized I needed to know… Basic Management Skills ◦ Leading people ◦ Managing time ◦ Delegating responsibility ◦ Promoting myself Like herding cats… http://www.flickr.com/photos/78128495@N00/23361425 6
    7. 7. In my first library job, I realized Ineeded to know… 7
    8. 8. In my first library job, I realized Ineeded to know… 8
    9. 9. Practical skills Specific job skills General technology skills Budgeting Time management 9
    10. 10. Library-specific skills “…familiarity and expertise with SirsiDynix Symphony” ◦ http://www.slis.indiana.edu/careers/view_job_specific.php?job_id=13953 “Data management experience” ◦ https://jobs.lclark.edu/postings/3532 “…providing reader’s advisory and reference and circulation service” ◦ http://www.slis.indiana.edu/careers/view_job_specific.php?job_id=13885 “Develops and maintains online tutorials and LibGuides to promote library resources, services, and online learning.” ◦ http://publicboard.libgig.com/job/evening-reference-librarian-pensacola-fl-university-of- west-florida-b53369ea0c “Demonstrated ability to process manuscript and archival collections.” ◦ http://joblist.ala.org/modules/jobseeker/controller.cfm?rssjobid=22353 10
    11. 11. Library skills – how to get them? Practicums, internships, other work experience Conferences, webinars, workshops, other professional development And don’t forget to read current job postings to see what employers want! 11
    12. 12. Technology skills Created with http://www.wordle.net/create 12
    13. 13. Tech skills – how to get them? Library workshops: http://uncg.libguides.com/content.php?pid=280830&sid=2856 233 Digital Media Commons: http://library.uncg.edu/spaces/dmc/ Coursework through UNCG or other institutions Teach yourself! 13
    14. 14. Budgeting and time management Budget involvement is not just for administrators! Time management – in your work life but also in your job search! 14
    15. 15. How? Budgeting ◦ For grants – look for grant-writing workshops. Time management ◦ Webinars, other library-specific professional development ◦ HR workshops 15
    16. 16. “The buck stops here” Image via Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dovertownlibrary/4544092612/ 16
    17. 17. Teaching skillsLibrary instruction in… ◦ Academic Libraries ◦ Public Libraries ◦ School Libraries ◦ Special Libraries, Special Collections, and Information Centers 17
    18. 18. Teaching Skills Teaching Philosophy Learning Assessment Outcomes Student Faculty Engageme Library Connection nt Instruction s Online vs. Information F2F Literacy Tech Tools 18
    19. 19. Teaching SkillsLearn the Theory• Read relevant literature• Take a course, possibly in the School of EducationHelpful Websites• ALA Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) http://www.ala.org/lirt/• ACRL Instruction Section (IS) http://www.ala.org/acrl/aboutacrl/directoryofleadership/sections/is/acr-insec (AASL & PLA have similar resources for teaching)• NCLA – NC Bibliographic Instruction Group and NC Distance Learning Group http://www.nclaonline.org/ 19
    20. 20. Teaching SkillsFind a Teaching Buddy• Shadow instruction sessions (online vs. f2f)• Co-teach• Have your buddy evaluate your teaching• Ask for opportunity to design a lesson and in-class activity • Discuss assessment 20
    21. 21. Teaching Skills Technology ◦ Libguides, Tutorials, Website, Bb Collaborate, etc. Designing Media ◦ Handouts, posters, in-class activities, etc. blogs.forsyth.k12.ga.us 21
    22. 22. Teaching Skills agreenblatt.blogspot.com 22
    23. 23. Interpersonal & ManagementSkillsCollaborationTeamworkGroup Dynamics 23
    24. 24. Interpersonal skillsEmotional intelligence ◦ Sensitivity ◦ Empathy ◦ Listening skills ◦ Understanding others ◦ Influencing others 24
    25. 25. Interpersonal skillsConflict management 25
    26. 26. Management SkillsBeing the BOSS : how do you lead? 26
    27. 27. Management skillsDelegating responsibility ◦ But if I do it myself, I know it will be right! 27
    28. 28. Management skillsCommunication:Never enough and always too much 28
    29. 29. Professional involvement: organizations Start now - join! • Campus/Community • Local (triad) – NC-LITe, LISSA • State – NCLA, NCSLA, SNCA, • Regional – SEMLA, LOEX • National – ALA, SLA, PLA, AALL, AASL • International - IFLA • Non library orgs – EDUCAUSE, UNC-CAUSE 29
    30. 30. Professional involvement: TIPS • Ask what orgs UNCG Librarians are in • Consider an NMRT • Find a group that does something you want to learn • Join one where you can share or collaborate with others • Consider a virtual committee if you can’t travel • Try one that produces something like a report or bibliography 30
    31. 31. Professional involvement: Conferences &Workshops 31
    32. 32. Professional involvement: Conferences, workshops, webinars• Local/triad  UNCG libraries’ webinars• State  NCLA Conference Oct 2013• Regional  EDUCAUSE SE Regional Conference May 2013• National  ALA Chicago or SLA San Diego, June 2013,• International  IFLA conferences in August• Non-library orgs  Computers in Libraries April 2013• Webinars  http://neflin2.blogspot.com/ 32
    33. 33. Professional involvement: scholarships &awards Potential scholarships: ◦ www.ala.org/educationcareers/scholarships ◦ www.ala.org/nmrt/initiatives/applyforfunds/applyfunds ◦ www.ftrf.org/?Conable_Scholarship ◦ www.LISjobs.com/careers/conferencing-funding.asp ◦ statelibrary.ncdcr.libguides.com/trainstation (conferences) ALA student to staff program: http://www.ala.org/groups/affiliates/chapters/student/resources/studenttostaffprogram 33
    34. 34. Professional involvement: Scholarship (mainly for academics!)Presentations, writing & publishing ◦ Start small:  Blogs, newsletters, LIScareer.com  Un-Hushed, Launc-ch, iDEALS, ALA posters ◦ Collaborate w/ mentor, librarian, peer ◦ Write for ALA at conferences/reporter ◦ Grad assistantship/internship/practicum - projects can lead to more!Tenure! ◦ Keep your e-portfolio up-to-date ◦ Keep documents, examples 34
    35. 35. Professional involvement:Mentoring LIS Dept. official mentoring program http://lis.uncg.edu/current-students/ ALA mentoring http://connect.ala.org/mentorconnect-help Professional jobs mentoring programs Unofficial - reach out! Post questions on social media & connect Can be virtual! Volunteer/Connect 35
    36. 36. Professional involvement: Keeping Up! Professional listservs/google groups ◦ Join now! Don’t wait until you graduate. ◦ Look at your orgs & committees ◦ ALA (http://lists.ala.org/sympa) Etiquette! “reflect before you click” Other ways to keep up with current trends ◦ Twitter, RSS feeds, journal alerts ALA Student Blog: http://americanlibrariesmagazine.org/student-member-blog LIS Guide on Conferences & Funding http://uncg.libguides.com/lis 36
    37. 37. Any questions? Image credit: Flickr user Travelin’ Librarian 37