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Teaching Music Librarianship Online


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Presented by Dr. Sonia Archer-Capuzzo, Jackson Library Catalog Department. This presentation is based on my experience teaching Music Librarianship online to graduate-level students at University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) and at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), two of the first universities to offer Music Librarianship online in the country. I presented my research at the Southeast Music Library Association (SEMLA) annual meeting in October 2013.

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Teaching Music Librarianship Online

  1. 1. Sonia Archer-Capuzzo University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  2. 2.      University of North Carolina at Greensboro Spring 2012 Students from UNCG and UNC-Charlotte Library and Music Majors 10 Students, 5 respondents to survey UNCG      University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Spring 2013 Students from many universities Library Majors 16 students (15 surveys), 7 respondents to survey UIUC
  3. 3.  Focus vs. variety ◦ Students tend to prefer practicality over theory.  “There was a fairly wide range of experience levels among the students, and finding the right level at which to pitch the material must have been challenging.” (UIUC student)
  4. 4.  Discussion boards ◦ “ was beneficial for students to take the lead for topics.” (UNCG student) ◦ “...some participants did not contribute to discussions in a timely manner.” (UNCG student) ◦ “...the fact that there was no regular posted discussion meant that there was actually less interaction amongst classmates...” (UIUC student)
  5. 5.  Weekly classes ◦ “I’m a big fan of regular collaborate sessions. Online classes are isolating.” (UNCG student) ◦ “ was good to have regular interaction with the teacher.” (UIUC student) ◦ “Making the online course (as weird as this can be) more discussion based and less chat based would be really helpful.... The added benefit is building interpersonal relationships (as much as one can) with the other student who may be potential colleagues or friends in the future.” (UIUC student)
  6. 6.   In person meetings & field trips Guest speakers ◦ “Guest lectures were informative and contributed a “from-the-field” perspective.” (UNCG student) ◦ “The online course made it easier to bring in guest speakers from across the country.” (UIUC student)
  7. 7.  Music Library Profiles (UNCG & UIUC) Information Literacy Lesson Plan (UIUC) Project Funding Plan (UIUC) Bibliography wiki (UNCG)  Open-ended project (UNCG, some UIUC)    ◦ “...I especially enjoyed being able to compile other readings we found as supplement materials in the bibliography assignment.) (UNCG student) ◦ “The final project was extremely helpful for me. Given the freedom to pursue an aspect of music librarianship I was extremely interested [in], I was able to develop a project that increased my knowledge exponentially in that area, which I believe helped me land an internship and then my current full-time job in this area of music librarianship.” (UNCG student)
  8. 8.     Utilize and emphasize a variety of types of interaction Bring in guest speakers Respect student diversity in backgrounds, learning styles, and career paths The standard suggestions: ◦ Be clear ◦ Be available ◦ Be flexible
  9. 9. Sonia Archer-Capuzzo UNCG