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Pinterest in an academic setting


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Pinterest in an academic setting

  1. 1. First, do audio set up TOOLS – AUDIO –AUDIO SET UP WIZARDSometime Pinterest Workshops video is here Click button on to Talk, then click again off. Text chat & ask questions Respond to polls in this drop down
  2. 2. * Armondo Collins Emily MannUniversity LibrariesUniversity of North Carolina at GreensboroNovember 6, 2012
  3. 3. ** How have you used Pinterest before?* A. I have never used it* B. I use it in my personal life* C. I use it in my professional life* D. I use it in my personal and professional life
  4. 4. * What Is Pinterest? * What does it look like? * How do I use it?* How do I use Pinterest in Academia? * Sharing * Collaborating
  5. 5. ** “a virtual pinboard”* Works as a visual way to share links and ideas* Can organize by boards* Do not have to be a member to look at pins, do need to be member to pin item * Membership is now open to all (no longer need invitation)* Most “pins” will link back to original source * Can be good way to increase traffic to your site*
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  9. 9. Anatomy of a pin Image you have pinned Board you pinned it toMembers who haverepinned your pin
  10. 10. * Very effective for a visual learner* A good place for you to collect your ideas or inspirations* Students can look at boards and click links without becoming members* You can present a great deal of resources and information without sending user into information overload* element of assessment and feedback built in, as people can leave comments or like items
  11. 11. * Marketing* Showcasing collections, people and places* Share and learn new methods from fellow pinners * Can follow certain people or boards or use education category *
  12. 12. ** Can share pinning permissions* Can pin activities and readings* Can do activities in class that revolve around pins* Students can create boards to show collection or theme
  13. 13. * * A. Educational * B. Personal * C. Entrepreneurial * D. Professional * E. Other
  14. 14. *