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LIS Career Building Basics: Become the Successful Job Candidate


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UNCG Libraries Webinar Series: LIS Career Building Basics - Part 1: Become the Successful Job Candidate

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LIS Career Building Basics: Become the Successful Job Candidate

  1. 1. Career Building Basics: Becoming the Successful Job Candidate April 10, 2012 Anna Craft, Metadata Cataloger, UNCG Mary Krautter, Head, Reference and Instructional Services, UNCG With Support from Nancy Ryckman, Assistant Head, Reference and Instructional Services, and Beth Filar Williams, Distance Education Librarian, UNCG
  2. 2. Webinar outline Locate job openings Job-finding resources on campus Interpret job ads Create a strong application Gain experience to build a stronger resume or CV How libraries evaluate candidates Timeline for filling jobs
  3. 3. Finding job openings Websites  ALA JobLIST  Combined Library Job Postings  HigherEd Jobs – Libraries  LibGig Jobs  Library Jobs in North Carolina  Library Job Postings  Library Journal JobZone Listservs  LISjobs-L  SILS-jobs  LibJobs
  4. 4. Job-finding resources on campus Career Services Center: /services/ LIS Career Day Library workshops  Resume workshop 1: recording and materials  Resume workshop 2: recording and materials
  5. 5. Interpreting job ads Examine the required and preferred qualifications Consider where there may be leeway with the qualifications Read between the lines Think about the “fit”
  6. 6. Creating a strong application Follow directions Proofread, proofread, proofread Tailor your materials to address the points of the job posting Resources  Hiring Librarians  Open Cover Letters  LIScareer News
  7. 7. Getting relevant experience Relevant work experience is critical. Experience can come in many forms:  Practicums  Internships  Student positions  Volunteer positions
  8. 8. Leadership and CreativityLook for chances to shine outside theclassroom! Make yourself and your talents visible to others.  Take responsibility  Implement a creative idea  Organize a group Get experience:  Take an office in a graduate student group  Volunteer for a community group
  9. 9. Professional activities While you’re still in library school attend professionalconferences, webinars and workshops in order to:  Build new skills  Demonstrate professional commitment  Network with librarians (potential co-workers) Join professional organizations  Student dues MUCH cheaper  Listservs and other job search opportunities
  10. 10. How libraries evaluate candidates Word cloud created with
  11. 11. Timeline for academic searches Announcement of position availability Review of candidates Phone interviews Reference checks On-campus interviews Job offerThis process can take a long time!
  12. 12. Any questions?
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