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Tech Tool Thursday: Free Visual Tools online workshop


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FTLC workshop on visual tools like infographics/easelly, jing and pixlr as well as colors and fonts and their relation to Universal Design for Learning.

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Tech Tool Thursday: Free Visual Tools online workshop

  1. 1. Tech Tool Thursday: Quick and free visual tools Presented by Amy Harris, Michelle Folkman, & Beth Filar Williams October 31 2013
  2. 2. POLL What do you think of when you hear “visual” tools? Please type thoughts in the chat box.
  3. 3. AGENDA • • • • • • UDL overview Infographics ( Jing Pixlr Color & fonts & UDL Questions
  4. 4. UDL Universal Design for Learning is an instructional design philosophy with a focus on accessibility for students with learning differences. UDL has 3 main principles: ● Multiple means of representation ● Multiple means of expression ● Multiple means of engagement
  5. 5. Multiple Means of Representation ● Provide information in a variety of formats ● Online tutorials give students the opportunity to replay as needed (but please caption them!) ● Illustrations and graphical representations (like infographics) can better illustrate concepts than text
  6. 6. Multiple Means of Engagement ● Providing students with the option to work in a variety of media ● Focus on composition, not just writing ● Does the media or the message matter more?
  7. 7. POLL Have you created an infographic? A. Yes using photoshop or from “scratch” B. Yes using a free online tool C. Not yet! D. I don’t even know what an infographic is?!
  8. 8. Infographics A graphical method for visually representing information, data or knowledge, with goal of showing complex information quickly & clearly. More info & free tool options in our toolkit:
  9. 9. easelly • • • • • • Register/log in to wordpress to be able to create. Set of templates called Vthemes. Add objects, backgrounds, shapes, text or upload images. Share: download as jpg; a weblink to image, or embed code. Your visual can be set to private (default) or public.
  10. 10. easelly Let’s demo!
  11. 11. Jing • • • • • • • FREE download - sits on your computer desktop Must create account with Use to capture what you see (a screenshot) Allows basic markup on screenshot (text, arrows, highlight, colors) Can also record video up to 5 min Save on desktop OR on (2 GB storage) Share: email, weblink, embed, download
  12. 12. Jing Let’s demo!
  13. 13. Pixlr • • • • • Three applications: FREE cloud based, image creator and editor tool. Flash based Mobile app (iOS or Android) Screen-grabbing tool (for FF or Chrome) Pixlr Grabber Share via is (a one-click easy image sharer) ● Pixlr Editor - most used, like photoshop-lite, “photo editor” ● Pixlr Express - for quick adjustments, effects, fun overlaps, “image express” ● Pixlr-o-matic - vintage image effects, connects to FB, more most fun
  14. 14. Pixlr Let’s demo!
  15. 15. Color and fonts Color Scheme Designer create sets of color Google Fonts hundreds of open source fonts
  16. 16. Color Scheme Designer
  17. 17. Google Fonts
  18. 18. Google Fonts Font Book (Mac) Control Panel - Fonts (Windows)
  19. 19. UDL & Font Consider students with low vision, colorblindness, and other vision difficulties when choosing colors for videos or presentations. ● White or light yellow text on a dark background is the most visible ● Also consider space between lines (should be 25-30% of the font size) If lines are too close together, it is difficult to find the beginning of a new line For more information, visit
  20. 20. Questions? By Tsahi Levent-Levi (CC by 2.0)