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A Photographic History of UNCG

A historical photograph slide show from staff of the Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University Archives at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. See more historical photos from UNCG at

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A Photographic History of UNCG

  1. 1. Martha Blakeney Hodges Special Collections and University ArchivesWednesday, October 17, 2012A PHOTOGRAPHICHISTORY OF UNCG
  2. 2. Virginia BrownState Normal , Class of 1902
  3. 3. Neo Black Society Lounge, 1970sFounded in 1968, the Neo Black Society was established to help withvoter registration drives, to assist a community group focused oneducation, and the try to establish African-American studies on campus.
  4. 4. Residence Hall Sitting Room, 1930sSeated is Minnie Lou Jamison, former student, facultymember, dormitory counselor, and director of the Students Building
  5. 5. Orientation week, 1940
  6. 6. Woman’s College, 1946
  7. 7. Farmerettes, 1918Ten students remained on campus during the summer of 1918 towork on a farm the college had rented. They raised and cannedbeans and tomatoes as well as corn.
  8. 8. Campus Dance for local soldiers, early 1940s
  9. 9. Orientation week, 1964
  10. 10. May Day Pageant, 1916
  11. 11. Moving the Chancellor’s Residence, 2003
  12. 12. Freshman field hockey team, 1915-1916
  13. 13. Freshmen arriving on campus, 1971
  14. 14. Daisy ChainStarting in 1900, sophomores would stitch together a daisy chainthat seniors would walk through at graduation. The tradition lasteduntil 1968, but the daisy remains the official school flower.
  15. 15. Yum Yum at its original location, early 1970sNote the Jackson Library tower under construction in thebackground
  16. 16. Dr. McIver and the faculty, 1892-1893
  17. 17. Founders Day, 1973Featured a two-layer cake that was 48 feet long and 900 poundstotal (300 pounds of icing)
  18. 18. Walking Period, 1900sStudents walking in Peabody Park during one of the mandatorywalking periods on campus
  19. 19. The Rock, 1970sIn 1973, Alpha Phi Omega purchased the Rock, a 12.7-ton boulderimported from a quarry in Jamestown.
  20. 20. Athletic Association, 1900The campus Athletic Association was founded in 1900 – fifteenyears before the Student Government Association.
  21. 21. Renovation of Shaw Dormitory, 2011