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Tracy Story

  1. 1. Thursday, April 23, 2009 14:34:51 [14:34] sw33tie.pie88: hello [14:34] kalvinminhla: hi [14:35] sw33tie.pie88: how are you? [14:35] kalvinminhla: whos this? [14:35] sw33tie.pie88: than ai [14:36] sw33tie.pie88: from myspace Thursday, April 23, 2009 18:46:02 [18:46] kalvinminhla: hello [18:46] sw33tie.pie88: hi [18:46] sw33tie.pie88: how are you doing today? Thursday, April 23, 2009 21:03:43 [21:03] sw33tie.pie88: you dont think people can change? [21:03] kalvinminhla: huh? [21:03] kalvinminhla: change wat? [21:04] sw33tie.pie88: as a lair [21:04] kalvinminhla: oh not really [21:04] sw33tie.pie88: sorry i saw your statue so im being nhieu chuyen [21:04] kalvinminhla: looks can fix but not personality [21:04] sw33tie.pie88: i believe in giving someone a chance is giving yourself one [21:04] sw33tie.pie88: i dont agree on it [21:05] sw33tie.pie88: personality can be change [21:05] kalvinminhla: believe in it is fine [21:05] kalvinminhla: but i have to see it to believe it [21:05] sw33tie.pie88: is just depend on how affective you are to that person life [21:05] kalvinminhla: so far i dont see it yet [21:05] sw33tie.pie88: yes i agree on that [21:06] kalvinminhla: yup [21:06] sw33tie.pie88: believe on what you hear 50% and what you see 50% but 50 and 50 must go together [21:06] sw33tie.pie88: by the way im Than Ai from myspace [21:07] sw33tie.pie88: dont want you to feel im a stalker and jump out from no where [21:07] kalvinminhla: oh how u get my sn? [21:07] sw33tie.pie88: you gave it to me [21:07] sw33tie.pie88: on myspace [21:08] kalvinminhla: really? [21:08] kalvinminhla: when? [21:08] kalvinminhla: is it a long time ago? [21:08] sw33tie.pie88: no [21:08] sw33tie.pie88: just did [21:08] kalvinminhla: oh wats ur myspace? [21:08] sw33tie.pie88: ummm well usually i dont give out my number to ppl.. but chatting is fine :) hope u understand... those place sound very fun i should visit someday... anyways this is my yahoo.. kalvinminhla [21:08] kalvinminhla: oo ic
  2. 2. [21:09] kalvinminhla: haha [21:09] kalvinminhla: how come ur sn look different on here? [21:09] sw33tie.pie88: oh no now i do feel like im a stalker [21:09] sw33tie.pie88: i got many different one [21:10] sw33tie.pie88: hope the way i wrote on your page is not too much [21:10] sw33tie.pie88: or too nhieu chuyen of your life [21:10] kalvinminhla: oh ic [21:10] kalvinminhla: nope is not too much [21:10] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [21:10] kalvinminhla: yea [21:10] kalvinminhla: we all have life problems [21:11] sw33tie.pie88: yup [21:11] sw33tie.pie88: but i told myself with or without my smile the day will still move on [21:11] sw33tie.pie88: so why dont i move with the day with a smile then an angry heart [21:11] sw33tie.pie88: it make life much better [21:11] kalvinminhla: hehe yea [21:12] kalvinminhla: but is not that ez to do so [21:12] sw33tie.pie88: and yes is more healthy [21:12] kalvinminhla: im very tinh tham ngie nang so i get hurt a lot [21:12] sw33tie.pie88: so smile up kalvin [21:13] kalvinminhla: sorry im not good in vietnamese [21:13] sw33tie.pie88: you have a nice smile. show it off and share it with other [21:13] kalvinminhla: haha thx [21:13] kalvinminhla: ill try [21:13] kalvinminhla: smile on the face but hurt inside Thursday, April 23, 2009 21:16:30 [21:16] sw33tie.pie88: sorry i got dis [21:16] kalvinminhla: oh its ok [21:17] sw33tie.pie88: feeling batter today [21:18] sw33tie.pie88: i looked at most of your pics. you look like a cheers fully person. and you look good that way [21:18] sw33tie.pie88: dont allow anyone to break you down cause thats what they want to see also [21:18] kalvinminhla: yea im ez going [21:18] kalvinminhla: yea i know [21:19] kalvinminhla: thats y im trying to stand up again [21:19] sw33tie.pie88: iused to use the word try [21:19] sw33tie.pie88: i dont allow myself saying that anymore [21:19] sw33tie.pie88: i will stand up [21:20] sw33tie.pie88: sorry but may i ask it is relationship problem? [21:20] kalvinminhla: well for me is harder than other ppl cuz i think i care for other more than myself [21:20] kalvinminhla: yea it is [21:20] sw33tie.pie88: been there done that
  3. 3. [21:21] sw33tie.pie88: have you ever treat someone so good for 7 years [21:21] sw33tie.pie88: give them anything best in your life [21:21] kalvinminhla: nope [21:21] sw33tie.pie88: you can be cold but that person much be warm [21:21] sw33tie.pie88: you can be hungry but that person have to be full [21:21] sw33tie.pie88: cause i did [21:21] kalvinminhla: logest relationship for me is one year [21:22] sw33tie.pie88: sad enough to see that person walk out of my life [21:22] sw33tie.pie88: are you in love with that person [21:22] kalvinminhla: yea i am [21:22] sw33tie.pie88: may i as what is love you [21:23] kalvinminhla: love to me? [21:23] sw33tie.pie88: yes [21:23] kalvinminhla: oh i donno how to explain it [21:23] kalvinminhla: haha [21:24] kalvinminhla: :-/ [21:24] sw33tie.pie88: just the best ask you can be [21:24] kalvinminhla: care for that person [21:24] kalvinminhla: and treat them good [21:25] sw33tie.pie88: thats all [21:25] kalvinminhla: yea [21:26] kalvinminhla: i donnoo how to explain it [21:26] sw33tie.pie88: to me love is sacrifice, unconditional and forgive [21:27] kalvinminhla: i could do that too but is half up to that person [21:27] kalvinminhla: cuz if they still hide things from me then is really hard to 4give [21:30] sw33tie.pie88: i think this can explain a lot [21:30] sw33tie.pie88: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves. [21:31] kalvinminhla: haha well i guess [21:31] kalvinminhla: i just donno [21:31] sw33tie.pie88: if you really love that person dont you want to stand by use your love to touch their heart [21:32] kalvinminhla: yea if that person appreciate [21:32] sw33tie.pie88: sometime you even have to let go of them [21:32] kalvinminhla: and be honest to me [21:32] sw33tie.pie88: doesnt man you dont love them [21:32] kalvinminhla: yea i know [21:33] sw33tie.pie88: you dont have to received able to call love [21:33] sw33tie.pie88: lets look it this way [21:33] sw33tie.pie88: our parent [21:33] sw33tie.pie88: they leave their comfort zone [21:33] sw33tie.pie88: come to a land not knowing anyone or anything [21:34] sw33tie.pie88: for us right [21:34] sw33tie.pie88: they work hard and give everything they made to us
  4. 4. [21:34] sw33tie.pie88: but we do lie to them sometime [21:34] sw33tie.pie88: we sometime not being honest right [21:34] sw33tie.pie88: do thing behind their back right [21:35] kalvinminhla: but thats different kind of love [21:35] sw33tie.pie88: but our parent still forgive and let go and still giving without asking back [21:35] kalvinminhla: and different situation [21:35] sw33tie.pie88: but is still love [21:35] sw33tie.pie88: when you love someone you forgive them [21:35] kalvinminhla: as im saying [21:36] kalvinminhla: i will 4give if that person will be honest to me and tell me everything they have done to me [21:37] sw33tie.pie88: then i can tell you this. you mill never forgive that person [21:37] kalvinminhla: y is that? [21:39] sw33tie.pie88: cause that is not forgiving [21:39] sw33tie.pie88: forgiving a person you dont need to say anything [21:39] sw33tie.pie88: specially to the one you love [21:39] sw33tie.pie88: i remember i told my ex this [21:39] sw33tie.pie88: i already forgive you before you even does something wrong [21:40] sw33tie.pie88: when he ask me why [21:40] sw33tie.pie88: i told him cause of love [21:40] sw33tie.pie88: love keep no wrong record [21:41] sw33tie.pie88: you still hold thing against them then you need to look back [21:42] sw33tie.pie88: do you really love this person or you just like them so much [21:42] kalvinminhla: i love [21:42] sw33tie.pie88: iis a thin line between [21:42] sw33tie.pie88: a lot of people doesnt know [21:43] sw33tie.pie88: like my first love [21:43] sw33tie.pie88: he done so much to hurt me [21:43] kalvinminhla: if i know the truth then its better for me [21:43] sw33tie.pie88: but i can tell you this till today i still love him [21:43] sw33tie.pie88: and forgave him [21:43] kalvinminhla: cuz i wont get stress [21:43] sw33tie.pie88: ic [21:43] kalvinminhla: and i only get hurt for a few days if i know everything [21:43] kalvinminhla: if i dont then i will get hurt 4ever [21:44] kalvinminhla: i guess im just different [21:44] kalvinminhla: =/ [21:44] sw33tie.pie88: you're not [21:44] sw33tie.pie88: i been there [21:44] sw33tie.pie88: took me 2 years to realized [21:46] sw33tie.pie88: but what if the trust will affect your life with someone else. also how you know the answer will make you feel better but now worst? [21:46] kalvinminhla: oo ic [21:46] sw33tie.pie88: i believe in meant to be [21:46] sw33tie.pie88: if thing meant to view to my eyes then it will show
  5. 5. [21:46] kalvinminhla: well doesnt matter wats the answer i know i will feel better [21:46] kalvinminhla: if i donno i will keep thinking about it and wonder [21:47] sw33tie.pie88: if the answer doesnt matter then why want to know [21:47] kalvinminhla: i just want to know it and want that person to be honest to me [21:47] sw33tie.pie88: sometime some question doesnt need to have an answer [21:47] sw33tie.pie88: ic [21:48] kalvinminhla: cuz we suppost to share everything when in a relationship [21:48] sw33tie.pie88: ic [21:48] kalvinminhla: cuz the problem realte to the both of us [21:48] sw33tie.pie88: uh huh [21:48] kalvinminhla: thats y i need that person to be honest to me [21:48] sw33tie.pie88: are you still with her [21:48] kalvinminhla: yea [21:49] sw33tie.pie88: i dont like to use the word person much can we use name [21:49] sw33tie.pie88: maybe i read a lot so i like it that way [21:49] sw33tie.pie88: if you dont mind sharing her name [21:49] kalvinminhla: hehe umm [21:49] kalvinminhla: i cant [21:49] kalvinminhla: sorry [21:50] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [21:50] sw33tie.pie88: is ok [21:50] kalvinminhla: :D [21:50] sw33tie.pie88: i dont like to push anyone [21:50] kalvinminhla: =] [21:50] sw33tie.pie88: i mean i dont know her i dont think i do cause never been to FL [21:51] sw33tie.pie88: even if you share i wont even know [21:51] sw33tie.pie88: but yea [21:51] sw33tie.pie88: if you want her to share [21:51] kalvinminhla: ehehe [21:51] sw33tie.pie88: you have to sither down [21:52] sw33tie.pie88: honest and trust is the key in a relationship [21:52] kalvinminhla: i did but she seem careless [21:52] sw33tie.pie88: then do you think she even care for this relationship? [21:52] sw33tie.pie88: sorry [21:53] sw33tie.pie88: you can pick not to answer me [21:53] kalvinminhla: ummm yea she care but sometime she seem doesnt care [21:53] kalvinminhla: so im confuse [21:53] sw33tie.pie88: sit her down and ask her where do she want this relationship go to [21:54] sw33tie.pie88: cause i believe in one adam one eve [21:54] sw33tie.pie88: is mean God only made one adam for only one eve [21:54] sw33tie.pie88: dont waste your time and feeling [21:55] sw33tie.pie88: sometime if you hold too long it will break [21:55] sw33tie.pie88: thing will be more uglier then it is right now [21:57] sw33tie.pie88: you're a great guy by what you wrote back to me [21:57] sw33tie.pie88: you know what you want
  6. 6. [21:57] sw33tie.pie88: and where this relationship will be [21:57] sw33tie.pie88: but you need to get it clean on her side too [21:57] kalvinminhla: yea i know i need to let her know that too [21:58] kalvinminhla: god said not to mess around with relationship [21:58] sw33tie.pie88: yup [22:00] sw33tie.pie88: dont mind me asking are you a christian [22:00] kalvinminhla: nope [22:00] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [22:00] kalvinminhla: im buddish [22:00] kalvinminhla: but i believe in god too [22:01] sw33tie.pie88: do you think she's in love with you [22:01] kalvinminhla: yea [22:01] kalvinminhla: she is [22:01] sw33tie.pie88: sorry but im a person who dont open my mouth and say i love you like that [22:01] sw33tie.pie88: is something big to me [22:02] kalvinminhla: yea me too [22:02] kalvinminhla: i have to really love to say it out [22:02] sw33tie.pie88: but have she ever say love to anyone else [22:02] sw33tie.pie88: yup agree [22:02] kalvinminhla: nope just me [22:03] sw33tie.pie88: does she live near to you [22:03] kalvinminhla: yea [22:04] sw33tie.pie88: does she comment you on your page [22:04] sw33tie.pie88: if yes then is good [22:04] sw33tie.pie88: but if no then why [22:04] kalvinminhla: umm nope [22:04] kalvinminhla: only once a wile [22:04] kalvinminhla: haha [22:05] sw33tie.pie88: then ask her does she even pound and happy being with you [22:05] kalvinminhla: yea shes happy [22:05] kalvinminhla: i know that 4sure [22:06] sw33tie.pie88: thats good [22:06] sw33tie.pie88: but if she is happy and love you then why did she lie [22:07] kalvinminhla: well some ppl are weird like that [22:07] kalvinminhla: =/ [22:07] kalvinminhla: i just donno y [22:07] kalvinminhla: she thay moi quen cu [22:08] sw33tie.pie88: then you should question her love. im a girl and i can tell you this when i love a person i want to share with them not just my happy moment but also when im down. i will share problem of my life so he can be there. [22:08] sw33tie.pie88: sorry but i cant lie [22:08] sw33tie.pie88: i love that person too much that i cant lie to that person [22:09] kalvinminhla: yea me too [22:09] kalvinminhla: i cant lie [22:09] kalvinminhla: i have to be honest
  7. 7. [22:09] kalvinminhla: i hope she could be honest too [22:11] sw33tie.pie88: you can push someone to be honest cause honest must come form the heart [22:11] sw33tie.pie88: from* [22:11] kalvinminhla: yea i know thats y im waiting for that person to be honest [22:12] sw33tie.pie88: yea [22:12] sw33tie.pie88: sorry may i ask how far did you guys went [22:12] sw33tie.pie88: and how long did you know her [22:12] sw33tie.pie88: or dated her [22:13] kalvinminhla: umm cant answer the went part [22:13] kalvinminhla: heheh [22:13] kalvinminhla: but dating over a year [22:13] sw33tie.pie88: ic [22:13] sw33tie.pie88: is this your first love [22:13] kalvinminhla: yea [22:14] kalvinminhla: i never love anyone b4 [22:14] sw33tie.pie88: is [22:14] sw33tie.pie88: ic* [22:14] sw33tie.pie88: what do she like to do for fun [22:15] kalvinminhla: hold on brb [22:15] sw33tie.pie88: k Saturday, April 25, 2009 23:40:36 [23:40] sw33tie.pie88: hi anh i hope other day i didnt offended you with my opinion Monday, April 27, 2009 14:38:25 [14:38] kalvinminhla: hi [14:38] kalvinminhla: hey u didnt offen me the other day [14:38] kalvinminhla: dont worry =) [14:39] sw33tie.pie88: awesome [14:39] sw33tie.pie88: so how is your day [14:39] kalvinminhla: is ok [14:39] kalvinminhla: how about ur? [14:40] sw33tie.pie88: mine is great so far [14:40] kalvinminhla: oh thats good to hear [14:41] kalvinminhla: are u in class? [14:51] sw33tie.pie88: yea brb anh [14:51] kalvinminhla: ok [15:00] sw33tie.pie88: anh dang lam gi vay [15:00] kalvinminhla: just listening to music [15:00] kalvinminhla: how about u? [15:01] sw33tie.pie88: looking at some art work [15:01] kalvinminhla: oo ic [15:02] kalvinminhla: when are u getting out of school? [15:02] sw33tie.pie88: soon [15:02] kalvinminhla: oh [15:02] kalvinminhla: where are u heading to after school? [15:03] sw33tie.pie88: dont know yet
  8. 8. [15:03] sw33tie.pie88: maybe shooting photo [15:03] kalvinminhla: oh ic [15:03] kalvinminhla: that fun [15:03] sw33tie.pie88: yup [15:16] sw33tie.pie88: if i need a model for my shooting [15:16] sw33tie.pie88: will you be one [15:17] kalvinminhla: hahah [15:17] kalvinminhla: i wish i can but im not good looking [15:17] kalvinminhla: im gonna make u look bad [15:17] sw33tie.pie88: no you wont [15:18] sw33tie.pie88: my skill will bring out your good looking side [15:23] kalvinminhla: hahaa oo ic [15:23] kalvinminhla: are u a model? [15:24] sw33tie.pie88: no im not [15:25] sw33tie.pie88: im not good enough for that [15:27] kalvinminhla: lol [15:28] kalvinminhla: so u take pictures for ppl? [15:29] sw33tie.pie88: yea [15:29] kalvinminhla: oh ic [15:31] sw33tie.pie88: what do you like to do for fun [15:31] kalvinminhla: im not sure [15:31] kalvinminhla: watching tv [15:32] kalvinminhla: i dont really go anywhere [15:32] kalvinminhla: how about u? [15:32] sw33tie.pie88: i like shooting photo [15:33] sw33tie.pie88: hang out with friends( dinner or movie0 [15:33] sw33tie.pie88: read books [15:34] kalvinminhla: oo ic [15:34] kalvinminhla: thats fun [15:34] kalvinminhla: i dont really have friends [15:34] kalvinminhla: cuz most ppl are jerks [15:34] kalvinminhla: thats y i perfer to be alone [15:35] sw33tie.pie88: is not good to be alone [15:35] kalvinminhla: i know but im so bored of this world now [15:35] kalvinminhla: everybody are mean [15:35] sw33tie.pie88: just be carefully when you meet friends [15:40] sw33tie.pie88: is everything ok with you and your gf now [15:44] kalvinminhla: oh nope [15:45] kalvinminhla: she change too much lately [15:45] sw33tie.pie88: really [15:45] sw33tie.pie88: like how [15:45] sw33tie.pie88: the way she look or act or the way she treat you [15:45] kalvinminhla: her personality [15:46] kalvinminhla: and the way she treat me [15:46] sw33tie.pie88: better or worst [15:46] kalvinminhla: shes careless
  9. 9. [15:46] kalvinminhla: she doesnt care if she hurt me or not [15:46] sw33tie.pie88: then what make you think she love you [15:46] kalvinminhla: shes use to kinna love me [15:46] kalvinminhla: but not anymore [15:47] sw33tie.pie88: anh only liike can be dislike but love you cant be dislove. if someone can change then is not love [15:47] kalvinminhla: yea [15:47] kalvinminhla: i know [15:48] kalvinminhla: she just change her personality too fast [15:48] kalvinminhla: into a different person [15:48] sw33tie.pie88: then you need to question her love again [15:48] kalvinminhla: maybe she just dislike me [15:48] sw33tie.pie88: maybe she used to like you a lot and now she has a change of heart [15:49] kalvinminhla: yea she like me a lot b4 [15:49] kalvinminhla: but not anymore [15:49] kalvinminhla: cuz she think she deserve better [15:49] kalvinminhla: im not a perfect guy [15:49] kalvinminhla: no matter wat i do for her [15:50] sw33tie.pie88: no one is perfect [15:50] sw33tie.pie88: we human we make mistake [15:50] kalvinminhla: yea [15:50] sw33tie.pie88: as long as you done your best [15:50] sw33tie.pie88: love is about how much i get but is about how much i give [15:50] kalvinminhla: but she like to make mistake and wouldnt change the way she think [15:51] kalvinminhla: she always think im too tight on her [15:51] kalvinminhla: but im just caring [15:51] kalvinminhla: and telling wats good and wats bad [15:51] kalvinminhla: im not telling her wat to do [15:51] sw33tie.pie88: nothing wrong with that [15:51] sw33tie.pie88: when you love someone you care for them [15:52] sw33tie.pie88: thats to show how much you love her [15:52] kalvinminhla: yea i know [15:52] kalvinminhla: but she like to go for looks still [15:52] kalvinminhla: whenever she see new guys that she like [15:52] kalvinminhla: she ignore me [15:54] sw33tie.pie88: to me everyone deserve to be treasure and treat right [15:54] sw33tie.pie88: with the action you tell me [15:54] kalvinminhla: yea i know [15:54] sw33tie.pie88: you need to question her [15:55] sw33tie.pie88: does this relationship meant anything to her [15:55] kalvinminhla: she doesnt care to answer [15:55] sw33tie.pie88: if is not then why are you holding on [15:55] kalvinminhla: she always ignore and talk about something esle [15:55] sw33tie.pie88: you're hurting yourself anh
  10. 10. [15:55] kalvinminhla: i know [15:55] sw33tie.pie88: you're a good guy [15:56] sw33tie.pie88: you deserve someone to love you [15:56] sw33tie.pie88: to be by yourself [15:56] kalvinminhla: and she think im too poor [15:56] sw33tie.pie88: wow [15:57] sw33tie.pie88: if a girl do a money talk in a relationship then you need to think over anh [15:57] sw33tie.pie88: one thing i believe money cant buy in this world is LOVE [15:57] sw33tie.pie88: LOVE can not be on the scale with money [15:57] sw33tie.pie88: love is priceless [15:58] kalvinminhla: she doesnt care about money that much when she first met me [15:58] kalvinminhla: maybe she just making up excuses to break up with me [15:58] kalvinminhla: or she have someone else [15:59] sw33tie.pie88: i dont think is an excuse. cause it will be a stupid one [15:59] sw33tie.pie88: money someone time met more for some people then other [15:59] kalvinminhla: yea [16:00] kalvinminhla: im just really confused and depress [16:00] sw33tie.pie88: there is many stars in the sky [16:01] sw33tie.pie88: she's not the only one [16:01] kalvinminhla: i know [16:01] kalvinminhla: but all the things she have done to me [16:01] kalvinminhla: make me feel horrible [16:01] kalvinminhla: it hurt me alot [16:02] sw33tie.pie88: some people doesn't know how to treasure something or someone till they lose it [16:02] kalvinminhla: i just donno y she could be so mean and careless after everything ive done for her [16:02] kalvinminhla: yea i know [16:02] sw33tie.pie88: but some doesnt know how much you can be treaure and loved by someone else till you walk out and drop the old relationship [16:02] kalvinminhla: i just dont want her to turn to one of the bad girl and mess up her life [16:03] sw33tie.pie88: like i said [16:03] kalvinminhla: i will be sad if i see that happen [16:03] sw33tie.pie88: you done your best and come to the end you wont regret [16:03] kalvinminhla: even if im not with her anymore [16:04] sw33tie.pie88: then what can you do if she did became someone like that. what if she is like that from the beginning but you didn't know that or she didn't show it to you till now [16:04] kalvinminhla: i do know [16:05] kalvinminhla: i though i could change her into good [16:05] kalvinminhla: but she got worst [16:06] sw33tie.pie88: then is mean you do not have that kind of impact in her life [16:06] kalvinminhla: yea [16:06] kalvinminhla: she doesnt want to change for me
  11. 11. [16:06] sw33tie.pie88: cause honestly i will change for someone i love [16:07] kalvinminhla: i guess im not special to her [16:07] sw33tie.pie88: im sorry to say this but i guess not [16:07] sw33tie.pie88: there is many girls out there wish to have a man like you [16:07] sw33tie.pie88: if she doesn't treasure you then allow someone else to do so [16:08] kalvinminhla: i know em [16:08] kalvinminhla: but is hard to find [16:08] kalvinminhla: im just too scare is gonna hurt me again [16:09] kalvinminhla: right now i just want to die or loose my memorie so i dont have to think [16:09] sw33tie.pie88: if it not hurt it wont be love [16:09] sw33tie.pie88: but when you finally found that one when you hurt [16:09] sw33tie.pie88: not because they hurt you [16:09] sw33tie.pie88: but is because when you see them being hurt [16:09] kalvinminhla: yea true [16:10] kalvinminhla: if she would talk to me and let me know wat she want [16:10] kalvinminhla: but she just ignore and careless about everything [16:10] sw33tie.pie88: when she see you being hurt and careless then why are you holding on to someone hurt you that much [16:10] kalvinminhla: cuz im very tinh tham ngia nang [16:11] kalvinminhla: hope u know wats that mean [16:11] kalvinminhla: hehe [16:11] sw33tie.pie88: i do [16:11] kalvinminhla: yea [16:11] sw33tie.pie88: i can tell you im no different with you in that [16:11] sw33tie.pie88: been there done that [16:11] kalvinminhla: thats y is hard for me to careless of some1 that i love [16:11] kalvinminhla: even if shes mean to me [16:12] sw33tie.pie88: but look at this image on. right now you're crying or sad or depress. does she even care or know? no look at her she! she might have fun and maybe laughing with someone else. [16:12] sw33tie.pie88: to me when someone careless about me i will care for myself more [16:12] sw33tie.pie88: they make my life depress i will make it the best [16:13] kalvinminhla: yea i know [16:13] sw33tie.pie88: i will live happier, better, and and more cheerful [16:13] kalvinminhla: but i donno wat else to do to make myself feel better [16:14] kalvinminhla: tears keep dropping whenever i think of wat she did [16:14] sw33tie.pie88: i want to show that person with or without that person i still can live and even better [16:14] kalvinminhla: i never cry b4 [16:14] kalvinminhla: but shes the first to made me cried [16:15] sw33tie.pie88: i always say this a good man wont make me cry but if he make me cry then hes not a good man [16:15] sw33tie.pie88: if i cry again i will only cry for happy tear [16:15] sw33tie.pie88: not sad
  12. 12. [16:15] kalvinminhla: thats good [16:16] sw33tie.pie88: and it can be the same for you [16:16] kalvinminhla: if that person make me cry cuz of her mistake then would regret it then its ok [16:16] sw33tie.pie88: one think you should know [16:16] kalvinminhla: but shes careless of her mistake [16:16] sw33tie.pie88: when come to the person you like [16:16] sw33tie.pie88: when you see them cry you will find something you cheer them up [16:16] sw33tie.pie88: but come to the person you love [16:16] sw33tie.pie88: you will cry with them [16:17] sw33tie.pie88: if she see you like that and not feeling any pain then anh she's not worthy for you to give out your heart [16:17] sw33tie.pie88: i wish my ex can be like you [16:18] sw33tie.pie88: i will hug him right now and cry with him [16:18] kalvinminhla: sigh i donno y there actually ppl mean like that in this world [16:19] kalvinminhla: hurting ppl with their game is very mean [16:19] kalvinminhla: :( [16:20] sw33tie.pie88: i believe what go around come around [16:20] sw33tie.pie88: and one day they will be hurt by their own game [16:20] kalvinminhla: i know that 4sure [16:20] kalvinminhla: but it going to hurt me if it happen to her [16:21] sw33tie.pie88: cause you still love her [16:21] kalvinminhla: i think she got hurt b4 [16:21] sw33tie.pie88: but when you willing to let her go [16:21] kalvinminhla: but she doesnt care [16:21] sw33tie.pie88: you might found glad she fall [16:21] kalvinminhla: she still wan tto play more game [16:21] sw33tie.pie88: cause it will help her to get up [16:21] sw33tie.pie88: and become a better person [16:22] kalvinminhla: i guess i care for others more than myself [16:22] sw33tie.pie88: yup [16:22] sw33tie.pie88: that is so me [16:22] kalvinminhla: i wish i could be careless but i cant [16:22] sw33tie.pie88: but don't worry one day you will find someone who appreciate that part of you [16:23] sw33tie.pie88: nothing wrong with caring for someone else [16:23] sw33tie.pie88: is to show you have a great heart. one day someone will see it and treasure it [16:24] sw33tie.pie88: is her lost [16:24] kalvinminhla: i hope so em [16:24] sw33tie.pie88: take my word [16:24] sw33tie.pie88: is a promise [16:24] sw33tie.pie88: you will find it [16:25] kalvinminhla: i know ill try to wait til that day [16:26] sw33tie.pie88: dont worry when the day hit you and that person both will feel
  13. 13. it. [16:26] kalvinminhla: yea hope that day will come soon [16:26] sw33tie.pie88: i will prayf or you [16:26] sw33tie.pie88: so cheer up [16:27] kalvinminhla: i just dont want to have this sad memorie anymore [16:27] sw33tie.pie88: God put eyes in front cause he want us to focus on the future [16:28] sw33tie.pie88: maybe in the future someone will show you the real meaning of love [16:28] kalvinminhla: true [16:28] kalvinminhla: sigh if she dump me cuz im poor then its better [16:28] sw33tie.pie88: cant be explain by words but is by the heart beat of you guys [16:29] kalvinminhla: but she doesnt give me a reason [16:30] sw33tie.pie88: is she in school [16:30] sw33tie.pie88: does she work [16:30] kalvinminhla: both [16:30] sw33tie.pie88: what kind of job thou [16:31] kalvinminhla: nail [16:31] kalvinminhla: she make a lot [16:31] sw33tie.pie88: nail is nothing [16:32] sw33tie.pie88: nguoi vietnam noi quot; cay net danh chet cay depquot; [16:32] sw33tie.pie88: so money is nothing [16:32] sw33tie.pie88: but personality is everything [16:32] sw33tie.pie88: what school does she go to [16:32] kalvinminhla: oh shes in college [16:33] sw33tie.pie88: which one [16:33] sw33tie.pie88: community or university [16:34] kalvinminhla: community [16:34] sw33tie.pie88: i guess she's vietnamese [16:34] kalvinminhla: i wish she know theres not a lot of true nice guy in this world [16:34] sw33tie.pie88: yup [16:35] kalvinminhla: she always think true nice guys will be faithful to her [16:35] sw33tie.pie88: maybe around 20 like me [16:35] kalvinminhla: its hard for true nice guy to be faithful to a bad personality girl [16:35] sw33tie.pie88: nice guys usually want to get something out of her [16:35] kalvinminhla: yea [16:35] sw33tie.pie88: faithful [16:35] sw33tie.pie88: and honesty is the right one [16:36] sw33tie.pie88: the one tell you, you look good and you're not [16:36] sw33tie.pie88: nice is one thing [16:36] sw33tie.pie88: but lie is another thing [16:36] sw33tie.pie88: if you told her how you feel about some of her action [16:36] sw33tie.pie88: is mean you care and being honest [16:37] sw33tie.pie88: that other guys is not able to give it to her [16:37] kalvinminhla: yea she doesnt think deep [16:37] kalvinminhla: shes still imature [16:37] kalvinminhla: she doesnt care wat i tell her
  14. 14. [16:39] sw33tie.pie88: how old is she [16:39] kalvinminhla: 19 [16:39] sw33tie.pie88: i have a very close friend and she's 19 too [16:40] sw33tie.pie88: but i believe she think even more mature then i am [16:40] kalvinminhla: well not all ppl are mature [16:40] kalvinminhla: my gf have a mind of a 14 years old [16:40] sw33tie.pie88: ic [16:41] sw33tie.pie88: whats her name [16:41] kalvinminhla: umm i dont mind telling u [16:41] kalvinminhla: but she might not like it to say out her name [16:41] sw33tie.pie88: i dont even know her [16:42] sw33tie.pie88: so i dont think i ever talk to her or telling her what i say to you or what you said to me [16:42] sw33tie.pie88: so no worry [16:42] kalvinminhla: haha her name is tracy [16:42] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [16:42] sw33tie.pie88: usually people name tracy is a cute looking person [16:42] sw33tie.pie88: dont know if it true [16:42] sw33tie.pie88: lol [16:42] kalvinminhla: haha i guess [16:43] kalvinminhla: she look cute i guess [16:43] sw33tie.pie88: does she have a lot of ex bf [16:44] sw33tie.pie88: i heard nguoi dep luon luon da tinh [16:44] sw33tie.pie88: co nhieu ong bom lam [16:44] kalvinminhla: haha she have 3 i guess [16:44] kalvinminhla: she does like a lot of ppl [16:45] sw33tie.pie88: does any of her ex explain about her action like you [16:45] sw33tie.pie88: i mean complain* [16:45] kalvinminhla: ummm maybe [16:45] kalvinminhla: im not sure [16:46] kalvinminhla: i dont think so [16:46] kalvinminhla: i care and talk to her the most in all of her ex [16:47] sw33tie.pie88: ic [16:47] sw33tie.pie88: so i guess she mention about her ex to you [16:47] sw33tie.pie88: omg i wish my ex can be like you [16:47] sw33tie.pie88: care for me [16:47] kalvinminhla: hehe yea [16:47] kalvinminhla: no1 get wat they want [16:47] kalvinminhla: sigh [16:48] sw33tie.pie88: i know [16:51] sw33tie.pie88: wait you still with her? [16:51] sw33tie.pie88: cause you say she broke up with you [16:51] sw33tie.pie88: im lost [16:51] kalvinminhla: nope she broke up with me yesterday [16:52] sw33tie.pie88: why is that? does she like someone else [16:52] kalvinminhla: umm im not sure wats the reason
  15. 15. [16:52] kalvinminhla: she kinna confused me [16:53] kalvinminhla: she just careless and doesnt give a exact reason [16:53] kalvinminhla: maybe she like some1 else [16:54] sw33tie.pie88: is her lost [16:54] sw33tie.pie88: you're such a nice guy [16:54] kalvinminhla: thx em [16:55] kalvinminhla: but she just too mean and careless thats y im disappionted [16:56] sw33tie.pie88: do you think she does the same thing to her ex [16:56] sw33tie.pie88: if you can do it once you can do is again [16:56] kalvinminhla: yea i think [16:57] kalvinminhla: but she treated me the worst in all of her ex [16:57] kalvinminhla: and i care and love her the most in all her ex [16:57] sw33tie.pie88: have she ever cheated on them or you [16:57] kalvinminhla: cuz i can see they dont care for her as much [16:57] kalvinminhla: ummm yea [16:58] kalvinminhla: cuz she think she deserve better [17:02] sw33tie.pie88: oh my [17:02] sw33tie.pie88: anh i brb cause my roommate need me to help her on something ok [17:03] kalvinminhla: ok =] [17:03] sw33tie.pie88: cheer up and smile all the time ok [17:03] kalvinminhla: hehe ok Monday, April 27, 2009 17:56:09 [17:56] sw33tie.pie88: sorry took me forever to get back Tuesday, April 28, 2009 14:39:06 [14:39] sw33tie.pie88: pray you has a good day today Tuesday, April 28, 2009 20:20:11 [20:20] sw33tie.pie88: hey [20:20] sw33tie.pie88: did you saw the song i sent you [20:20] kalvinminhla: hehe yup [20:20] kalvinminhla: thx [20:20] sw33tie.pie88: you like it? [20:20] sw33tie.pie88: is a very cute song [20:22] kalvinminhla: yea [20:22] kalvinminhla: but a song cant really cheer me up that much [20:22] kalvinminhla: hehee [20:22] sw33tie.pie88: so cheer up! there's always that person out there is waiting for you [20:22] kalvinminhla: i know i hope so too [20:22] kalvinminhla: just take a little time for me [20:22] kalvinminhla: =] [20:23] sw33tie.pie88: a sweet guy like you deserve a sweet girl [20:23] kalvinminhla: thx em [20:24] kalvinminhla: co duyen thi se gap duoc gai sweet [20:24] kalvinminhla: hehe [20:24] sw33tie.pie88: yup
  16. 16. [20:25] sw33tie.pie88: but remember small head wont wear big hat [20:25] sw33tie.pie88: you will fit that right hat [20:25] sw33tie.pie88: and fit you right [20:25] kalvinminhla: hehe true [20:25] kalvinminhla: =] [20:25] kalvinminhla: wat are u doing right now? [20:26] sw33tie.pie88: try ti find a way to cheer you up [20:26] sw33tie.pie88: im done with my hw [20:26] kalvinminhla: hehe [20:26] kalvinminhla: ok [20:26] kalvinminhla: are u still in school or home? [20:27] sw33tie.pie88: in my dorm [20:27] sw33tie.pie88: and you [20:28] sw33tie.pie88: what are you doing right now [20:28] kalvinminhla: oo ic [20:28] kalvinminhla: im just eating com right now [20:28] kalvinminhla: =] [20:30] sw33tie.pie88: i think i will get some salad later [20:30] kalvinminhla: oh salad good for u [20:31] sw33tie.pie88: yup yup [20:31] sw33tie.pie88: and i love salad [20:31] kalvinminhla: hehe me too [20:32] kalvinminhla: im still here [20:32] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [20:32] kalvinminhla: hehe [20:33] kalvinminhla: u share room with ur friend? [20:33] sw33tie.pie88: yes i am [20:33] kalvinminhla: oh thats fun [20:34] sw33tie.pie88: im sending you something on your email soon [20:34] kalvinminhla: oh wat is it? [20:34] sw33tie.pie88: dont call me cheesy ok [20:35] kalvinminhla: hehe y dont u send it through here [20:35] kalvinminhla: its faster [20:35] sw33tie.pie88: too long [20:35] kalvinminhla: oh haha [20:35] kalvinminhla: ok [20:36] sw33tie.pie88: open it [20:36] sw33tie.pie88: if you like it [20:36] sw33tie.pie88: i can send you another one [20:36] kalvinminhla: hehe ok [20:37] sw33tie.pie88: im not a cheesy person. but just dont like to see my friend down [20:37] kalvinminhla: i dont see ur email [20:37] sw33tie.pie88: you didnt [20:37] kalvinminhla: :-/ [20:37] kalvinminhla: nope [20:38] sw33tie.pie88:
  17. 17. [20:38] sw33tie.pie88: right [20:38] sw33tie.pie88: check it again [20:38] sw33tie.pie88: sometime is slow [20:38] kalvinminhla: i still dont see it yet [20:39] sw33tie.pie88: let me send it through myspace [20:39] kalvinminhla: hehe ok [20:40] sw33tie.pie88: done [20:40] kalvinminhla: ok let me check it [20:41] sw33tie.pie88: cool [20:44] kalvinminhla: hehehe [20:44] kalvinminhla: u made it? [20:44] sw33tie.pie88: no [20:44] sw33tie.pie88: i found it [20:44] sw33tie.pie88: and i think is cute [20:44] kalvinminhla: oo ic [20:44] kalvinminhla: yea its cute [20:44] kalvinminhla: =] [20:46] sw33tie.pie88: let me get your number [20:46] sw33tie.pie88: im about to go get my food [20:46] kalvinminhla: hehe ok [20:47] kalvinminhla: 7148299079 [20:47] kalvinminhla: ok just go eat imma go do my hw now [20:47] kalvinminhla: =] [20:47] sw33tie.pie88: k [20:48] kalvinminhla: have a wonderful dinner! [20:48] sw33tie.pie88: you too [20:48] kalvinminhla: thx [20:48] sw33tie.pie88: dont stress yourself ok [20:48] sw33tie.pie88: SMILE!!!! [20:49] kalvinminhla: hehe ok em [20:49] kalvinminhla: ill try [20:49] kalvinminhla: =P Tuesday, April 28, 2009 21:45:05 [21:45] sw33tie.pie88: hello [21:45] kalvinminhla: hi [21:45] kalvinminhla: still eating? [21:45] sw33tie.pie88: yes [21:45] sw33tie.pie88: i eat very sorry [21:45] sw33tie.pie88: slow* [21:45] kalvinminhla: oh haha [21:45] kalvinminhla: take ur time [21:46] sw33tie.pie88: my parent said quot; con an nhu meo hoiquot; [21:47] kalvinminhla: hahaha [21:48] kalvinminhla: their just making fun of u [21:48] sw33tie.pie88: i know [21:49] sw33tie.pie88: anh dang lam bien ha opp i mean lam bai ha lol
  18. 18. [21:49] kalvinminhla: lol [21:49] kalvinminhla: nope im really doing my hw [21:49] kalvinminhla: haha [21:50] kalvinminhla: i dont want to be lazy and fail [21:50] sw33tie.pie88: i wonder how your girlfriend look like. do you have any pics of you guys together [21:51] kalvinminhla: oh all the pic is in my comp in fl [21:51] kalvinminhla: i dont have it right now [21:51] kalvinminhla: im using my sis laptop [21:51] sw33tie.pie88: oh ic [21:51] kalvinminhla: yea [21:52] sw33tie.pie88: how did you guys met [21:52] kalvinminhla: myspace [21:52] kalvinminhla: hehe [21:52] sw33tie.pie88: really [21:52] kalvinminhla: yup [21:52] sw33tie.pie88: wow [21:53] sw33tie.pie88: thats cool [21:53] kalvinminhla: yea many couple met on myspace [21:53] kalvinminhla: haha [21:53] sw33tie.pie88: i never dated anyone online before [21:53] kalvinminhla: o ic [21:53] kalvinminhla: well this is my first too [21:53] kalvinminhla: =] [21:53] sw33tie.pie88: oh ic [21:54] kalvinminhla: yup [21:54] sw33tie.pie88: so i guess she got myspace [21:54] sw33tie.pie88: hmm may i check on it [21:54] sw33tie.pie88: if you're not comfortable i wont [21:54] kalvinminhla: hehe ill get in trouble if i let u see it [21:55] sw33tie.pie88: why is that [21:55] kalvinminhla: cus she doesnt like it when i show her myspace to ppl [21:55] kalvinminhla: maybe she got haters [21:55] kalvinminhla: haha [21:55] sw33tie.pie88: even back then [21:56] kalvinminhla: yup [21:57] kalvinminhla: wat time is over there? [21:57] sw33tie.pie88: is 9:57 [21:57] kalvinminhla: oo ic [21:57] sw33tie.pie88: what if she have another guy and that is the reason she break up with you [21:58] sw33tie.pie88: will it hurt you more [21:58] kalvinminhla: yup [21:58] kalvinminhla: anyway it will hurt me [21:58] sw33tie.pie88: but dont you want to know the true thou [21:58] kalvinminhla: yea i do
  19. 19. [21:58] kalvinminhla: haha [21:59] kalvinminhla: but shes just weird and donno wats she want [21:59] kalvinminhla: or doing [21:59] sw33tie.pie88: is not weird but maybe she's the type of girl who doesnt know how to be content [22:00] kalvinminhla: yea [22:00] kalvinminhla: she still imature [22:00] sw33tie.pie88: when did you start dating her [22:01] kalvinminhla: a year ago [22:01] sw33tie.pie88: and have you ever met anything of her ex or did she even mention about any of them to you [22:01] kalvinminhla: yea she mention about them [22:01] kalvinminhla: i havent met them [22:01] sw33tie.pie88: really [22:02] sw33tie.pie88: what was the reason of their break up [22:03] kalvinminhla: just not her type [22:03] kalvinminhla: and their in the navy [22:03] kalvinminhla: and go far away alot [22:05] sw33tie.pie88: but i mean my friend have a bf who does that too [22:05] sw33tie.pie88: is thing is not about what they does but is more like is she a faithful type or not [22:05] sw33tie.pie88: like what if she marry someone. he got a new job and he have to travel a lot [22:06] sw33tie.pie88: is she going to discover him [22:06] kalvinminhla: haha shes not faithful type [22:06] sw33tie.pie88: ohh [22:06] sw33tie.pie88: hmm [22:06] sw33tie.pie88: sad [22:06] sw33tie.pie88: did she cheated on the navy guy? [22:07] kalvinminhla: umm i think she broke up first [22:07] kalvinminhla: then go for another guy [22:07] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [22:07] sw33tie.pie88: you sure she did [22:08] kalvinminhla: haha im not sure but thats wat she told me [22:08] sw33tie.pie88: oh ic [22:08] sw33tie.pie88: i dont know how she can lie or not telling her bf anything [22:08] sw33tie.pie88: sorry but im the type when i date i tell my bf everythng [22:09] sw33tie.pie88: just like how i always said [22:09] sw33tie.pie88: yu care you share [22:11] sw33tie.pie88: you're such a good bf [22:11] sw33tie.pie88: have all your faith in her [22:12] kalvinminhla: yea im very faithful but she not [22:12] kalvinminhla: i like to share and care too [22:13] sw33tie.pie88: yup suppose to when you date [22:13] kalvinminhla: yup [22:13] kalvinminhla: hey imma take my mom to my uncle house ok
  20. 20. [22:13] sw33tie.pie88: ok [22:13] kalvinminhla: ttul when i get back [22:13] kalvinminhla: =] [22:13] kalvinminhla: byee [22:13] sw33tie.pie88: sure im always up late [22:13] kalvinminhla: hehe ok [00:16] sw33tie.pie88: hi anh [00:16] kalvinminhla: hi [00:16] sw33tie.pie88: sorry about earlier [00:16] kalvinminhla: oh its ok [00:16] sw33tie.pie88: what are you doing right now [00:17] kalvinminhla: oh just doing hw [00:17] kalvinminhla: haha how about u? [00:17] sw33tie.pie88: chilling [00:17] sw33tie.pie88: i spend too much time on school work today [00:17] sw33tie.pie88: so i need break [00:17] sw33tie.pie88: im done for the night [00:18] kalvinminhla: hehehe [00:18] kalvinminhla: yea u should rest [00:18] sw33tie.pie88: nah is ok [00:18] kalvinminhla: oh u want the chinese songs? [00:18] sw33tie.pie88: i have other stuff to do [00:18] sw33tie.pie88: i need to wash my clothes [00:18] sw33tie.pie88: yes [00:18] kalvinminhla: u want me to send it to u or on youtube? [00:19] sw33tie.pie88: send it to me oh yea and you ex songs too [00:19] kalvinminhla: ok [00:19] kalvinminhla:> [00:19] kalvinminhla: there [00:20] kalvinminhla: haha [00:20] sw33tie.pie88: oh is that your ex [00:20] kalvinminhla: yea [00:21] sw33tie.pie88: i think i saw her somewhere before [00:21] kalvinminhla: haha maybe myspace [00:22] sw33tie.pie88: wait miss vietnamese globle right [00:22] kalvinminhla: yup [00:22] kalvinminhla: shes in it [00:23] sw33tie.pie88: oh vu ngoc doan trang? [00:23] kalvinminhla: yup [00:23] kalvinminhla: lol [00:23] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [00:23] sw33tie.pie88: i remember her cause she's the only one speak viet with the intro [00:24] kalvinminhla: lol really i didnt remember that' [00:25] sw33tie.pie88: yea
  21. 21. [00:25] sw33tie.pie88: shes number 2 [00:25] kalvinminhla: yup [00:25] sw33tie.pie88: she's 5'2 huh [00:25] kalvinminhla: 5'3 [00:26] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [00:28] sw33tie.pie88: honestly i dont found the point of miss vietnam global [00:28] sw33tie.pie88: cause i mean is not like everyone all from different state [00:29] sw33tie.pie88: or even from other place like vietnam china [00:29] sw33tie.pie88: then is really not global [00:29] sw33tie.pie88: not only that not even state is part of it [00:29] sw33tie.pie88: sorry but to me that show is nhieu chuyen and just want to make money [00:29] kalvinminhla: hahaha i know [00:29] kalvinminhla: the show is just for them to make money [00:30] sw33tie.pie88: yup [00:31] sw33tie.pie88: to me if you want to be something more meaningful to your people [00:31] sw33tie.pie88: do sometthing [00:31] sw33tie.pie88: like join [00:31] sw33tie.pie88: VNMAP [00:31] sw33tie.pie88: help the hoi ai huu [00:31] sw33tie.pie88: STBN [00:31] sw33tie.pie88: that will help more [00:32] kalvinminhla: yea i know [00:32] kalvinminhla: haha [00:32] kalvinminhla: hey accept the song i sent u [00:32] sw33tie.pie88: you know what i use meebo [00:32] sw33tie.pie88: so i end up wont be able to see you [00:33] sw33tie.pie88: let me log in yahoo prgram Wednesday, May 6, 2009 10:51:08 [10:51] sw33tie.pie88: [10:51] sw33tie.pie88: i think this can help you a lot Wednesday, May 6, 2009 11:02:36 [11:02] sw33tie.pie88: oh yea the link i just sent you. it teach you how to write, speak, read, sing, translate, and anything you need in chinese. I hope it will help you Wednesday, May 6, 2009 16:46:02 [16:46] kalvinminhla: hi [16:46] kalvinminhla: thx for the site em [16:46] kalvinminhla: i like it [16:46] kalvinminhla: =] [16:50] sw33tie.pie88: awesome [16:50] sw33tie.pie88: glad you like it [16:50] sw33tie.pie88: does it help at all [16:50] kalvinminhla: yup [16:50] kalvinminhla: hehe [16:51] kalvinminhla: but did u ask ur friends where can i get a karaoke version of
  22. 22. those songs? [17:06] sw33tie.pie88: i have to go up to the eden [17:07] kalvinminhla: oh [17:07] sw33tie.pie88: is ok [17:07] sw33tie.pie88: i might go with my friend there next week [17:07] sw33tie.pie88: so i will get it for you [17:07] kalvinminhla: but if u know those song title in chinese u can just search for it online [17:08] kalvinminhla: thx em [17:08] sw33tie.pie88: yea i can but the thing is [17:08] sw33tie.pie88: they will write it in chinese [17:08] sw33tie.pie88: and i dont think you will be able to read it [17:08] sw33tie.pie88: so i want to go to this vietnamese place [17:09] sw33tie.pie88: how they can spell it out in viet for you [17:09] kalvinminhla: haha i dont need to read it [17:09] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [17:09] kalvinminhla: i memorize it [17:09] sw33tie.pie88: oh [17:09] sw33tie.pie88: lol [17:09] sw33tie.pie88: then yes you can get it online [17:09] sw33tie.pie88: i though you want to read it [17:09] kalvinminhla: i just need a karaoke version of that song so i take out the voice [17:09] kalvinminhla: haha [17:10] sw33tie.pie88: oh ok [17:10] sw33tie.pie88: yea that is not hard [17:10] sw33tie.pie88: i though you want the karaoke allow you to read [17:10] kalvinminhla: haha nope [17:11] kalvinminhla: just that song in karaoke dvd [17:11] kalvinminhla: so i can take out the voice and recode my voice [17:11] kalvinminhla: :D [17:11] sw33tie.pie88: slow me [17:12] kalvinminhla: hehe [17:14] kalvinminhla: wat u doing right now? [17:15] sw33tie.pie88: in the library [17:15] sw33tie.pie88: and yourself [17:15] kalvinminhla: oh ic [17:15] kalvinminhla: just doing hw at home [17:16] sw33tie.pie88: lucky you [17:17] sw33tie.pie88: i was just done with one of my final [17:17] kalvinminhla: oh wow did u think u did good? [17:17] sw33tie.pie88: i dont know [17:17] sw33tie.pie88: i dont want to give myself too much hope [17:17] sw33tie.pie88: but i think i will be fine [17:18] kalvinminhla: oh ic [17:18] kalvinminhla: hehe thats good [17:18] kalvinminhla: hope u get an A
  23. 23. [17:18] sw33tie.pie88: hope so too [17:18] kalvinminhla: =] [17:19] sw33tie.pie88: when is your last day [17:19] kalvinminhla: ummm the 21 [17:19] sw33tie.pie88: wow why so late [17:20] kalvinminhla: haha i dont even know em [17:20] kalvinminhla: my school is crazy [17:20] sw33tie.pie88: i will be by the 12 [17:21] kalvinminhla: oh thats early [17:21] sw33tie.pie88: i know [17:21] sw33tie.pie88: i told one of my teacher i have to go outta town [17:21] sw33tie.pie88: i ask to take final early [17:21] sw33tie.pie88: and they allow me to [17:22] kalvinminhla: lol [17:22] kalvinminhla: good trick em [17:22] kalvinminhla: =P [17:22] sw33tie.pie88: i know [17:22] sw33tie.pie88: or else i have to stay till the 19 [17:22] kalvinminhla: hahaha [17:22] kalvinminhla: hey em is the adress u gave me is it house or apartment? [17:22] sw33tie.pie88: town house [17:23] sw33tie.pie88: is my aunt house [17:23] kalvinminhla: oh ok [17:26] sw33tie.pie88: yes anh [17:26] kalvinminhla: oh ok em [17:26] sw33tie.pie88: dont mail me anything [17:26] kalvinminhla: just making sure [17:26] kalvinminhla: haha [17:26] kalvinminhla: u already have everything but ill do my best to get u something ok :D [17:27] sw33tie.pie88: lol [17:27] sw33tie.pie88: i still thinking about your gift [17:27] kalvinminhla: hahaha [17:27] sw33tie.pie88: i want something special and different [17:27] kalvinminhla: oh yea did u ask ur friend about the phone for a cheap price? [17:28] sw33tie.pie88: i did [17:28] sw33tie.pie88: but he havent get back to me yet [17:28] kalvinminhla: oo ic [17:28] sw33tie.pie88: hes working right now [17:28] sw33tie.pie88: i have to wait till he get off [17:28] kalvinminhla: hehe its ok give him time [17:28] sw33tie.pie88: i will push [17:28] sw33tie.pie88: lol [17:28] sw33tie.pie88: jk [17:28] sw33tie.pie88: i dont want to push my friend [17:29] kalvinminhla: lol
  24. 24. [17:29] sw33tie.pie88: im not thta mean [17:29] sw33tie.pie88: even thou im not nice also [17:29] sw33tie.pie88: lol [17:29] kalvinminhla: those phone u got is nicer than any other phone [17:29] kalvinminhla: haha [17:30] sw33tie.pie88: do you even take picture with your ex [17:30] sw33tie.pie88: i didnt see any of them on your page [17:31] kalvinminhla: hahaha yea we took pictures [17:31] kalvinminhla: but i dont put it up there [17:31] kalvinminhla: cuz shes doesnt want me too [17:31] sw33tie.pie88: why is that [17:31] kalvinminhla: umm maybe she doesnt want ppl to know she have abf [17:31] kalvinminhla: haha [17:32] sw33tie.pie88: awe [17:32] sw33tie.pie88: im a person if i have a bf you will see all the pics of me and my bf [17:32] sw33tie.pie88: thats rule of her being like that [17:32] sw33tie.pie88: be proud of who you with [17:32] kalvinminhla: yea i know [17:33] kalvinminhla: she worry no guys will talk to her if ppl know she have a bf [17:33] sw33tie.pie88: anh sorry im soo mad at her for you [17:33] kalvinminhla: yea i know [17:33] kalvinminhla: im mad too [17:34] kalvinminhla: but cant do anything about [17:34] kalvinminhla: =/ [17:35] sw33tie.pie88: just have limit, rule, and set next time you date [17:35] sw33tie.pie88: limit of their action or what they want ( must be reasonable) [17:36] sw33tie.pie88: rule is mean be honest and share [17:36] kalvinminhla: yea i know but too much rule will scare the girls [17:36] kalvinminhla: haha [17:36] sw33tie.pie88: set is mean dont cheat cause you will drop [17:36] sw33tie.pie88: it wont [17:36] sw33tie.pie88: it to show you know what you want and clearly on what you need [17:37] sw33tie.pie88: if she really like or love you [17:37] kalvinminhla: yea i can do that to a mature girl [17:37] kalvinminhla: not like my ex [17:37] sw33tie.pie88: those are not rule to them [17:37] kalvinminhla: haha [17:39] sw33tie.pie88: omg hope i wont see her [17:39] sw33tie.pie88: cause i will yell at her [17:39] kalvinminhla: hahaha [17:39] kalvinminhla: not a lot of ppl like her [17:40] kalvinminhla: she doesnt have much friends [17:40] kalvinminhla: only guys friends [17:40] sw33tie.pie88: gee
  25. 25. [17:42] sw33tie.pie88: do you think she's worthy and deserve you [17:42] sw33tie.pie88: what if everything you told you is a lie [17:42] sw33tie.pie88: she's not who she is [17:42] sw33tie.pie88: like everything [17:42] sw33tie.pie88: and done so much wrong behind your back [17:42] sw33tie.pie88: will you forgive her [17:43] kalvinminhla: oh i already wat she did already [17:43] kalvinminhla: if a person know wat they did wrong or regret wat they did and willing to change [17:43] sw33tie.pie88: im talking about other more then what you know [17:43] kalvinminhla: oh then i donno [17:44] kalvinminhla: cus i 4give ez em [17:44] kalvinminhla: i dont get mad for a long time [17:44] sw33tie.pie88: awe soo sweet of you [17:44] sw33tie.pie88: gee this world need more guy like you [17:45] kalvinminhla: i know i hate those jerks that trying to trick girls [17:45] kalvinminhla: their low [17:45] sw33tie.pie88: i mean if someone trick you to help you and save you then is on to forgive [17:46] sw33tie.pie88: but trick you to hurt you then is a no no [17:46] kalvinminhla: yea i know [17:46] kalvinminhla: but i think shes just imature and doesnt know wat shes doing to me [17:47] sw33tie.pie88: mature is not a good reason [17:47] sw33tie.pie88: honestly [17:47] sw33tie.pie88: i mean immature [17:48] kalvinminhla: yea [17:48] kalvinminhla: haha [17:48] kalvinminhla: well kalvin cung hong biet nua [17:48] kalvinminhla: shes just mean to me [17:48] kalvinminhla: but sometime nice [17:48] kalvinminhla: =/ [17:48] sw33tie.pie88: selfish is more like it [17:49] kalvinminhla: lol [17:49] kalvinminhla: true [17:51] sw33tie.pie88: selfish person doesnt know what is content [17:51] sw33tie.pie88: nothing to enough for them [17:51] sw33tie.pie88: always think someone does them wrong [17:51] sw33tie.pie88: and never deserve them [17:52] kalvinminhla: yea i know em their hard headed too [17:52] sw33tie.pie88: yup [17:53] kalvinminhla: hey em imma go eat now so ill ttul ok [17:53] kalvinminhla: =] [17:53] sw33tie.pie88: k Thursday, May 7, 2009 00:13:03 [00:13] sw33tie.pie88: hi anh
  26. 26. [00:13] kalvinminhla: hi [00:16] sw33tie.pie88: dang lam gi vay [00:16] kalvinminhla: looking at phone [00:16] kalvinminhla: haha [00:16] sw33tie.pie88: ic [00:16] kalvinminhla: how about u? [00:16] sw33tie.pie88: go to Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. [00:16] sw33tie.pie88: you can download ringtone for free [00:16] sw33tie.pie88: really good [00:17] kalvinminhla: haha my phone cant dl rington [00:17] kalvinminhla: only have one rington [00:17] sw33tie.pie88: oh ic [00:17] kalvinminhla: yea [00:18] kalvinminhla: only $40 [00:18] kalvinminhla: haha [00:22] sw33tie.pie88: some good phone is free too [00:22] kalvinminhla: haha yea [00:23] kalvinminhla: i bought mine on ebay [00:27] kalvinminhla: phones-45.php> [00:27] kalvinminhla: too many nice ones [00:27] kalvinminhla: haha [00:31] sw33tie.pie88: lol [00:32] sw33tie.pie88: Dem nai troi mua lai khong trang Nuoc mua roi lanh nac ca long nay Dem nay nguoi o noi dau De toi chie bong mot minh don co Bong ai gioi da sa xoi De toi mong uoc doi minh ben nao [00:32] sw33tie.pie88: i wonder can you read that [00:41] kalvinminhla: hahaha yea i can read it [00:43] sw33tie.pie88: i knowi miss spell it [00:43] sw33tie.pie88: here is the nexy part to ie [00:43] kalvinminhla: lol [00:45] kalvinminhla: thats still good [00:45] sw33tie.pie88: is how i feel right now [00:46] sw33tie.pie88: the rain brough back soo much stuff in mind [00:46] sw33tie.pie88: brought [00:47] kalvinminhla: awww [00:48] kalvinminhla: dont think about it [00:48] kalvinminhla: go find something to eat [00:48] kalvinminhla: it will make u feel better [00:49] sw33tie.pie88: nah i cant eat this late [00:50] sw33tie.pie88: i will get fat
  27. 27. [00:50] kalvinminhla: hehe [00:50] kalvinminhla: eat snack thoi [00:51] sw33tie.pie88: gioi nai ma snack la fat lam [00:52] kalvinminhla: lol [00:52] kalvinminhla: well try to go to sleep early di [00:52] kalvinminhla: dont stay up late [00:52] sw33tie.pie88: i need to tonight [00:53] kalvinminhla: yea [00:53] kalvinminhla: but its late now [00:54] sw33tie.pie88: is not [00:55] kalvinminhla: haha it is [00:55] kalvinminhla: try to sleep [00:57] sw33tie.pie88: i cant [01:00] sw33tie.pie88: my friend viet lai do [01:02] sw33tie.pie88: %20hits%201%20-%20learn%20to%20play.html [01:02] sw33tie.pie88: the karaoke [01:08] kalvinminhla: oh of the chinese song? [01:09] sw33tie.pie88: you can use that and put the chinese song in [01:09] sw33tie.pie88: i believe that program help you take the voice out [01:09] kalvinminhla: oh [01:10] kalvinminhla: this site is about guitar tho [01:10] sw33tie.pie88: yup [01:10] sw33tie.pie88: no [01:10] sw33tie.pie88: is not [01:10] sw33tie.pie88: lol [01:10] sw33tie.pie88: it has everything [01:10] kalvinminhla: oh haha [01:10] kalvinminhla: ok let me check it out [01:10] kalvinminhla: look kinna hard [01:10] sw33tie.pie88: lol [01:10] sw33tie.pie88: is a hacking web [01:11] kalvinminhla: hacking? [01:11] kalvinminhla: hack wat? [01:11] sw33tie.pie88: that web allow you to hack in and get that program for free [01:11] kalvinminhla: oo ic [01:11] kalvinminhla: thats kool [01:11] kalvinminhla: =] [01:11] sw33tie.pie88: yea [01:13] sw33tie.pie88: %20hits%201%20-%20learn%20to%20play.html [01:13] sw33tie.pie88: this is for you to hack your ex cell phone [01:13] sw33tie.pie88: but you must be around her [01:14] kalvinminhla: oh really how come? [01:14] kalvinminhla: i can listen to her when shes on the phone? [01:14] sw33tie.pie88: no you can go through her photos
  28. 28. [01:14] sw33tie.pie88: her text message [01:15] sw33tie.pie88: even call someone else [01:15] sw33tie.pie88: lol [01:15] kalvinminhla: wow [01:15] sw33tie.pie88: or turn off her phone [01:15] kalvinminhla: thats kool [01:15] kalvinminhla: can i hack into her text from far away instead? [01:15] kalvinminhla: haha [01:16] sw33tie.pie88: there is a program you can do that [01:16] sw33tie.pie88: hmm i dont know if i have it in this one or other laptop [01:16] kalvinminhla: oo ic [01:17] sw33tie.pie88: i usually dont buy mu rpogram [01:17] sw33tie.pie88: i usualy hack it down [01:17] kalvinminhla: oh [01:18] kalvinminhla: do u have a wc Ai? [01:18] sw33tie.pie88: no i dont [01:18] sw33tie.pie88: i dont like wc [01:18] sw33tie.pie88: i dont want people hack into it [01:18] sw33tie.pie88: and turn it on when im not around [01:18] kalvinminhla: lol [01:18] sw33tie.pie88: so i decided not to get one [01:19] kalvinminhla: oh [01:19] kalvinminhla: i dont think they can hack and turn it on [01:19] kalvinminhla: if they do [01:19] kalvinminhla: it doesnt show u [01:19] kalvinminhla: only show them [01:19] sw33tie.pie88: no [01:19] sw33tie.pie88: i usually dont turn off my laptop [01:20] kalvinminhla: lol [01:20] kalvinminhla: oh but i know ur laptop have wc tho [01:20] sw33tie.pie88: i do [01:20] sw33tie.pie88: why [01:21] sw33tie.pie88: i look very ugly anh [01:21] sw33tie.pie88: i dont like to show myself on webcam [01:21] kalvinminhla: lol [01:21] kalvinminhla: i think u look dep ma [01:21] sw33tie.pie88: so i put lock down on mine [01:21] kalvinminhla: u dont look bad in the pictures [01:22] sw33tie.pie88: i do [01:22] kalvinminhla: lol [01:22] kalvinminhla: nah u dont [01:22] sw33tie.pie88: giong nhu ma vay do [01:23] kalvinminhla: hehe [01:23] sw33tie.pie88: do you [01:23] sw33tie.pie88: i want to see your face thou [01:24] kalvinminhla: hahaha when i get one =]
  29. 29. [01:24] kalvinminhla: if u let me see ur and u can see me :-P [01:24] sw33tie.pie88: gee [01:24] kalvinminhla: hahaha [01:24] sw33tie.pie88: giu qua [01:24] sw33tie.pie88: an hiep nguoi ta khong a [01:25] kalvinminhla: lol [01:25] kalvinminhla: jk [01:25] kalvinminhla: but i want to see ur party bus pictures Thursday, May 7, 2009 01:35:32 [01:35] sw33tie.pie88: sorry got diss [01:41] kalvinminhla: is ok [01:45] sw33tie.pie88: anh dang lam gi vay [01:48] kalvinminhla: just bby sitting [01:48] kalvinminhla: so tired [01:48] kalvinminhla: haha [01:48] kalvinminhla: i think imma go to sleep soon [01:50] sw33tie.pie88: awe [01:50] sw33tie.pie88: you should [01:50] sw33tie.pie88: is pretty late [01:51] kalvinminhla: yea it is late already [01:51] kalvinminhla: u should sleep too [01:51] sw33tie.pie88: still working on some essay [01:51] sw33tie.pie88: i will be fine [01:52] kalvinminhla: oh ok em [01:52] kalvinminhla: dont stay up too late [01:52] kalvinminhla: =] [01:52] kalvinminhla: imma go to sleep first ok [01:53] kalvinminhla: sweet dream [01:53] sw33tie.pie88: ok [01:53] sw33tie.pie88: 99 and sweet dream anh Thursday, May 7, 2009 22:49:35 [22:49] sw33tie.pie88: add me in [22:49] sw33tie.pie88: another year of lonely birthday to me too [22:50] sw33tie.pie88: i wont be there in person for you but in spirital [22:51] kalvinminhla: hehehe [22:51] kalvinminhla: thx em [22:51] kalvinminhla: ill add u in [22:51] kalvinminhla: =P [22:51] sw33tie.pie88: i usually hate my birthday [22:52] kalvinminhla: how come? [22:52] sw33tie.pie88: something happen [22:53] sw33tie.pie88: every year theres always something sad happen to me [22:54] kalvinminhla: aww [22:54] kalvinminhla: like wat? [22:54] kalvinminhla: bad luck things? [22:54] sw33tie.pie88: a lot of stuff
  30. 30. [22:54] sw33tie.pie88: dont want to bring up [22:54] kalvinminhla: oh ic [22:54] sw33tie.pie88: i cried earlier [22:54] kalvinminhla: its ok em [22:54] kalvinminhla: aww why? [22:54] kalvinminhla: wat happen? [22:54] sw33tie.pie88: memory pop up [22:55] kalvinminhla: awww [22:55] kalvinminhla: its ok em [22:56] kalvinminhla: try to go somewhere and not think about it ok [22:56] sw33tie.pie88: im still at school [22:56] sw33tie.pie88: no fun [22:56] kalvinminhla: oh wow [22:56] kalvinminhla: thats late [22:56] sw33tie.pie88: i know [22:56] kalvinminhla: when are u getting out? [22:56] sw33tie.pie88: soon [22:57] kalvinminhla: oh [22:57] kalvinminhla: drive safe ok [22:57] kalvinminhla: go to sleep early if u can [22:57] kalvinminhla: it will make u feel better [22:57] sw33tie.pie88: i will [22:58] sw33tie.pie88: honestly i dont want tomorrow to come [22:58] sw33tie.pie88: more like one hour [22:58] kalvinminhla: oh [22:58] kalvinminhla: its ur bday em [22:58] kalvinminhla: try to be happy ok [22:58] sw33tie.pie88: i will [22:59] kalvinminhla: yea [22:59] kalvinminhla: anyways em imma go eat with my family [23:00] kalvinminhla: ill ttul ok =] [23:00] kalvinminhla: dont be sad [23:00] sw33tie.pie88: ok Wednesday, May 13, 2009 18:28:37 [18:28] kalvinminhla: hi [18:28] kalvinminhla: are u ok? [18:28] sw33tie.pie88: im super sick right now anh [18:28] sw33tie.pie88: but im ok [18:29] sw33tie.pie88: happy birthday [18:29] kalvinminhla: awww [18:29] kalvinminhla: did u take medicine? [18:29] sw33tie.pie88: wonder did you got my text message [18:29] kalvinminhla: yea i was asleep [18:29] sw33tie.pie88: not yet but will be later [18:29] kalvinminhla: hehe [18:29] sw33tie.pie88: awe
  31. 31. [18:29] kalvinminhla: i just got home from school [18:29] sw33tie.pie88: happy birthday and may all your wish come true [18:29] kalvinminhla: thx a lot! [18:29] kalvinminhla: hope u feel better! [18:30] kalvinminhla: wat are u doing right now? [18:30] sw33tie.pie88: looking up for summer online classes [18:31] kalvinminhla: oo ic [18:31] kalvinminhla: oh yea did u order the wallet online?> [18:32] sw33tie.pie88: i did [18:32] kalvinminhla: hehe [18:32] kalvinminhla: u couldnt find it in the store? [18:32] sw33tie.pie88: no i couldnt [18:32] sw33tie.pie88: oh yea anh i bought different brand [18:32] sw33tie.pie88: it is ok [18:32] kalvinminhla: lol [18:32] sw33tie.pie88: cause i look up online [18:32] kalvinminhla: really? [18:33] kalvinminhla: wat brand? [18:33] sw33tie.pie88: and everyone told me that brand doesnt last [18:33] kalvinminhla: lol [18:33] kalvinminhla: brand gi? [18:34] sw33tie.pie88: i went to [18:34] sw33tie.pie88: and it said fossil [18:34] sw33tie.pie88: i want to get you j.fold [18:34] sw33tie.pie88: but i dont think is your type [18:34] kalvinminhla: haha [18:34] kalvinminhla: so wat kind did u get? [18:34] sw33tie.pie88: let it be suprise [18:34] sw33tie.pie88: lol [18:35] kalvinminhla: lol [18:35] kalvinminhla: is it fossil? [18:35] sw33tie.pie88: maybe maybe not [18:35] sw33tie.pie88: why you dont like that brand [18:35] sw33tie.pie88: i mean i can order one more wallet for you [18:35] kalvinminhla: lol [18:35] kalvinminhla: its ok em [18:36] kalvinminhla: any is fine [18:36] sw33tie.pie88: ok ok [18:36] sw33tie.pie88: i will buy one more for you [18:36] kalvinminhla: lol [18:37] kalvinminhla: no is ok [18:37] kalvinminhla: dont [18:37] sw33tie.pie88: i saw this one and is really nice [18:37] kalvinminhla: hahaha [18:37] kalvinminhla: which one? [18:37] sw33tie.pie88: Giorgio Armani
  32. 32. [18:37] kalvinminhla: oo ic [18:38] kalvinminhla: i never see any GA wallet b4 [18:38] sw33tie.pie88: [18:39] kalvinminhla: the wallet look like a square shape [18:39] kalvinminhla: haha [18:40] sw33tie.pie88: you dont like square [18:40] kalvinminhla: nope [18:40] kalvinminhla: i like the normal kind [18:40] kalvinminhla: 6 card holder [18:41] kalvinminhla: not 8 [18:41] kalvinminhla: haha [18:43] kalvinminhla: u didnt like the tumi i showed u? [18:44] sw33tie.pie88: honestly not really [18:44] kalvinminhla: haha y not? [18:44] sw33tie.pie88: it will been tooold for your age [18:44] sw33tie.pie88: j.fold will be cute [18:44] kalvinminhla: really? [18:44] sw33tie.pie88: more stylist [18:44] kalvinminhla: ive seen fossil [18:45] kalvinminhla: usually old ppl use it [18:45] kalvinminhla: i never see any jfold [18:45] kalvinminhla: let me check it out [18:45] sw33tie.pie88: fossil is nice [18:45] sw33tie.pie88: va ben nua [18:45] kalvinminhla: lol [18:45] sw33tie.pie88: some of my guy friend use it too [18:46] kalvinminhla: i have used many b4 [18:46] sw33tie.pie88: really [18:46] sw33tie.pie88: how it is [18:46] kalvinminhla: only the brand name last long [18:46] kalvinminhla: haha [18:46] kalvinminhla: but brand name are expansive [18:46] kalvinminhla: :( [18:46] sw33tie.pie88: not really [18:47] sw33tie.pie88: one time i got this wallet is not a brand [18:47] sw33tie.pie88: but it last [18:47] sw33tie.pie88: i can check to see if i can change or cancel out [18:47] sw33tie.pie88: i can get you a kenneth cole [18:47] sw33tie.pie88: i think is hot [18:47] kalvinminhla: no no [18:47] kalvinminhla: its ok [18:47] kalvinminhla: dont [18:47] kalvinminhla: haha [18:48] kalvinminhla: i had kenneth cole b4 [18:48] sw33tie.pie88: i want something nice but young for you [18:48] sw33tie.pie88: and what happen
  33. 33. [18:48] kalvinminhla: thats y i want something new [18:48] sw33tie.pie88: oh ic [18:48] kalvinminhla: yup [18:48] kalvinminhla: i had gucci b4 too [18:48] kalvinminhla: but i sold it [18:48] kalvinminhla: cuz i need money [18:48] kalvinminhla: so i sold it to my friend for $100 [18:48] kalvinminhla: haha [18:49] sw33tie.pie88: oh ic [18:49] sw33tie.pie88: did you check out j.fold [18:49] kalvinminhla: yea [18:49] kalvinminhla: im in the site right now [18:49] sw33tie.pie88: ic [18:49] kalvinminhla: which color did u get me? [18:49] kalvinminhla: look colorful [18:49] kalvinminhla: hahaha [18:50] sw33tie.pie88: very stylish [18:50] kalvinminhla: oh a bright color? [18:50] kalvinminhla: lol [18:50] sw33tie.pie88: no [18:50] sw33tie.pie88: i got a black one for you [18:50] kalvinminhla: oo ic [18:50] kalvinminhla: thats good [18:51] kalvinminhla: lol [18:51] sw33tie.pie88: lol [18:51] kalvinminhla: which one? i wanna see the pic [18:51] kalvinminhla: :-P [18:52] sw33tie.pie88: i can call to cancel the other one [18:52] kalvinminhla: wat other one? [18:52] sw33tie.pie88: and get you a banana one [18:52] kalvinminhla: u got me 2? [18:52] kalvinminhla: :-/ [18:52] sw33tie.pie88: you like banana republic [18:52] kalvinminhla: not really [18:52] kalvinminhla: too old looking [18:53] sw33tie.pie88: is really nice and last long [18:53] kalvinminhla: ahaha [18:53] kalvinminhla: ive seen it [18:56] sw33tie.pie88: ok i will order tumi then [18:56] kalvinminhla: wat do u mean u cancel the other one? [18:56] kalvinminhla: no dont [18:56] kalvinminhla: mot cay duoc roi [18:56] kalvinminhla: haha [18:56] sw33tie.pie88: i will order tumi right now [18:56] kalvinminhla: noooo [18:56] kalvinminhla: :((
  34. 34. [18:57] kalvinminhla: waste of money [18:57] sw33tie.pie88: then call other company to see if i can cancel ther other one [18:57] kalvinminhla: which one? [18:57] kalvinminhla: jfold? [18:57] kalvinminhla: or fossil? [18:57] sw33tie.pie88: fossil [18:57] kalvinminhla: oh [18:57] kalvinminhla: so u got me fossil and jfold? [18:57] kalvinminhla: :-/ [18:58] sw33tie.pie88: yea [18:58] kalvinminhla: lol [18:58] kalvinminhla: omg mot cay duoc roi [18:58] kalvinminhla: dont waste ur money [18:58] kalvinminhla: i feel bad [18:59] sw33tie.pie88: is ok [18:59] sw33tie.pie88: just hope i can cancel it