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Jack Ryger: Ready, set, ski - The Essential Ski Trip Packing List


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Jack Ryger explains the essential things to pack for your next ski trip!

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Jack Ryger: Ready, set, ski - The Essential Ski Trip Packing List

  1. 1. Ready, Set, Ski: The Essential Ski Trip Packing List JACK RYGER
  2. 2. Ski season is here! The fresh powder on the ground, the familiar chill in the air, the whiff of hot chocolate waiting for you... Ski trips are a time when planning is crucial, especially packing the proper clothing! Here is a list of essential items to pack for your next ski trip:
  3. 3. BASE LAYERS: Base layers help to regulate the body's temperature by moving moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry.
  4. 4. MID LAYERS: Mid layers are worn over the base, and are designed to over warmth without bulk:
  5. 5. SKI PANTS: Good pants should provide warmth, be water resistant, and have enough pockets to safely protect your gear.
  6. 6. SOCKS: Ski socks are tall, water resistant socks that are cushioned and provide additional warmth
  7. 7. PARKA: A good parka should provide you with ample warmth without restricting movement
  8. 8. HAT: Keeps your head warm and helps add a cushion to your helmet
  9. 9. GLOVES: Skiing gloves offer warmth and protection from the cold, while also allowing movement of the fingers
  10. 10. FACE MASK: Protect your face from the frigid winds to avoid chapping and sunburn
  11. 11. SUNGLASSES: Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from the glare of the sun off the snow
  12. 12. GOGGLES: Goggles offer physical protection of your eyes from the terrain
  13. 13. BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!!