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Jack Ryger: Mountain Biking at Ski Resorts


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Jack Ryger explains the lure and and excitement of mountain biking, especially as an alternative to skiing when the weather is warm.

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Jack Ryger: Mountain Biking at Ski Resorts

  1. 1. M O U N TA I N B I K I N G AT S K I R E S O RT S C R E A T E D B Y J A C K RY G E R
  2. 2. • As the snow melts and the sun stays out longer, many ski resorts from all of the nation open trails dedicated to summer mountain biking and hiking.
  3. 3. • Either taking a summer vacation to one of your favorite ski resorts or checking out a local ski resort that has hiking and mountain biking trails is a great way to spend some quality time in nature this summer.
  4. 4. • Mountain biking in particular is a very popular summer activity that ski resorts have increasingly been accommodating towards.
  5. 5. • Many ski resorts have been building and maintaining certain lift- accessed mountain biking trails throughout the summer, which is great news for skiers who crave the feeling of skiing all year long.
  6. 6. • Although there may not be any snow and you probably don’t have your skis strapped in, being outside and on the mountain is very satisfying.
  7. 7. • In fact, downhill mountain biking is very similar to skiing.
  8. 8. • Not only do you get to start your day in a base area trying on different equipment that is best for your body type and skill level, but you also get to: hop on a chairlift or gondola, adjust your helmet and gloves, warm- up on a blue trail, experience nature through trees, meadows, and wildflowers, feel a cool mountain breeze against your cheeks, enjoy beautiful mountain views, and end your day back in the base area village with a satisfied smile stretched across your face. Sounds a lot like skiing, doesn’t it?
  9. 9. • If you’re not sure where to find a mountain bike park, make sure you look online at various ski resort websites, especially if you’re fond of a particular resort.
  10. 10. • But, if you’re in the Northeast, Killington Mountain Bike Park in Vermont is a great New England resort to check out this summer.
  11. 11. • Not only is it surrounded by lush mountains, but the Park hosts several professional-level downhill races and provides lessons up until October.
  12. 12. • If you’re out west, California’s Northstar Bike Park offers cross- country bikers and downhill mountain biking in Lake Tahoe.
  13. 13. • Mt. Bachelor in Oregon is another mountain to think about visiting if you want to head west, equipped with a breath-taking bike park featuring both smooth turns and fun features.
  14. 14. • Plus, they just ordered a new shipment of Norco all- mountain and downhill rental bikes for you to enjoy.
  15. 15. • For more information about mountain biking at ski resorts, and a more detailed list of resorts to visit this summer, check out’s article here.