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Class 6: The Product Lifecycle


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For this week's class, we explored the classic theories of The Innovator's Dilemma and Crossing the Chasm.

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Class 6: The Product Lifecycle

  1. 1. Class #6 October 8, 2013 PRODUCT LIFECYCLE Understanding product, market innovation and growth
  2. 2. Weekly Recap • “Highs & Lows” of the week • Thoughts on Boundless field trip • Cold email an entrepreneur recap
  3. 3. THE PRODUCT LIFECYCLE A type of business analysis that attempts to map the lifespan of a given product across various stages of sales or interest
  4. 4. THE INNOVATOR’S DILEMMA An observed business phenomenon in which market leaders fail to keep pace with new technology; failing as a result of disruptive innovations from new challengers.
  5. 5. DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION Technological innovations that significantly “disrupt” the widespread use of previous, “sustained innovations” by radically expanding a product’s value or by creating an entirely new market for the product.
  6. 6. Where does this all come from? The Innovator’s Dilemma Clayton Christensen Crossing the Chasm Geoffrey Moore
  7. 7. Many Products, One Lifecycle
  8. 8. Where do they fit?
  9. 9. What the class said:
  10. 10. Debate Where is Facebook on the Product Lifecycle? Team #1 Team #2
  11. 11. How can you avoid the Innovator’s Dilemma? Companies are trying everywhere and everyday.
  12. 12. John Capecelatro Student-Entrepreneur Babson College @Jcap49 Delian Asparouhov Entrepreneur Nightingale @MITDelian
  13. 13. For next week... • Meet an entrepreneur from cold emails • Complete selected readings delivered via email • Write 1 pg. double-spaced reflection on cold emails/product lifecycle/Innovator’s Dilemma • Next class (Oct. 22nd): Field trip to One Mighty Roar (via Joey/T)