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SIEMENS - Skyra - 3T

  1. 1. SkyraTransforming 3T productivity. Answers for life.
  2. 2. We’re talkingprofound change The driving mandate across all of healthcare today is the need to deliver better outcomes at a lower cost. It’s clear that technology innovation will play an enormous role in making the promise – and the requirement – of efficient, affordable, high quality care, a lasting reality. MAGNETOM® Skyra, the first 70 cm Tim+Dot system is a breakthrough advancement in 3T imaging that will significantly increase your productivity by up to 50%*, and as a result, transform every part of your day. The benefits will be nothing less than profound. MAGNETOM Skyra. Transforming 3T productivity. *Data on file; results may vary.2 3
  3. 3. Tim® (Total imaging matrix) technology advances MR Dot™ (Day optimizing throughput) technology offers imaging – again – with the fourth generation (4G) of a customizable framework for patient personalization, flexibility, accuracy, and speed. It’s Siemens ultimate user guidance, and exam automation to help optimize innovation technology that unlocks imaging power every part of your MRI workflow. From reduction in like never before. Tim’s newly designed ultra high- your exam times and improved clinical workflows to density coils are combined with the highest channel enhanced staff efficiencies. Exam by exam, patient by configurations ever offered. And, with Tim 4G’s new patient, Dot helps to take the complexity out of MRI patient-adaptive technology, image quality and scanning. Dot multiplies the power of Tim resulting in acquisition speed go to a whole new level. Think more greater image consistency and diagnostic confidence, exams per day. Every day. greater ease of use, and a day that’s more productive than ever before.4 9
  4. 4. Choose color or wood panel for MAGNETOM Skyra. Or, with our new Illumination MoodLight™ design, the color of the panel can be changed as desired. You can also customize the scanner with your own engraved logo.MAGNETOM SkyraTransforming 3T productivity. MAGNETOM Skyra delivers true day-changing performance. Through the groundbreaking integration of Tim 4G and Dot, MAGNETOM Skyra sets a new standard of efficiency and care, which will help you harness a new level of productivity. Tim 4G gives you the power you need for superb image quality. And Dot helps take away the complexity inherent in MRI scanning that can slow you down. With MAGNETOM Skyra you’ll significantly optimize your clinical and business processes, reduce staff workload, and radically improve your return on investment (ROI). And, most importantly, deliver the excellent quality of care to your patients – regardless of patient condition. Dot integrated. Tim 4G integrated. Top-of-the-line 3T. Today, when healthcare is under pressure from all sides, MAGNETOM Skyra delivers. Clinically. Economically. Easily. It will literally transform the way you work with MRI. The world’s first 70 cm Tim + Dot system.5 6 7 8
  5. 5. Perfect scanning. Perfectly easy. MAGNETOM Skyra makes MRI exams Now up to 204 coil elements deliverTim+Dot easier and more comfortable than more signal than ever before, whichPatient-centered care ever before. enables flexible Parallel Imaging and supports the most demanding The roominess of our 70 cm Open Bore applications. will accommodate a large variety of patient sizes, shapes, and conditions. The personalized scanning of Dot And, the super-short magnet allows allows you to obtain optimal scans for many studies to be completed with each individual patient. Dot engines the patient’s head outside the bore. give you uniquely tailored, optimized scans configurable to the patient But, you don’t have to compromise condition or the clinical question. image quality for comfort. Tim 4G’s newly designed, ultra high-density array Tim+Dot, together in MAGNETOM enables higher spatial and temporal Skyra, will help you realize a marked resolution and an imaging distance of up improvement in productivity, while to 205 cm with no patient repositioning. allowing your patients enjoy a most comfortable scan experience.10 11
  6. 6. Tim 4G flexibility. New Tim Dockable Table acceleratesTim+Dot patient set-up. • Now you never have to wonderPatient-centered care if you have enough channels to • Patients can be prepared for an exam support ultra high-density coils. outside the scanner room and wheeled Tim 4G offers flexibility for the in when ready. future with up to 128 channels. • Totally Tim-ready with integrated, • Tim DirectConnect™ cableless removable Spine 32-channel coil. coils are easier and faster to handle. • Holds up to 250 kg / 550 lb to And they’re ultra-lightweight so accommodate more patients. they’re easy on patients, too. • Enjoy fast patient preparation, • Select exams, not coils, for superb easy patient transport, comfort coverage of the patient’s anatomy. for immobile patients, and flexibility Tim 4G’s lightweight coils can be in emergency situations. seamlessly integrated to support large anatomic coverage, for Dot is personalized – • High quality exams are easily instance combining head, neck, MAGNETOM Skyra’s 70 cm Open Bore. for every patient and user. reproduced, even when conditions body, and spine coil elements • The preferred design by claustrophobic change. • Exam strategies can be designed to create a neurovascular array. patients*. But all patients will enjoy the • Customize Dot to your practice; based on patient condition and clinical extra room, too. indication. Just confirm and start to your standards of care. MAGNETOM Skyra’s 173 cm short • Captures sharper images due to scanning. • AutoVoiceCommands in multiple system design. less anxiety-related movement. • Scanning is personalized for individual languages make exams more • Helps reduce sedation rates. breath-hold capacity to eliminate personalized. • Reduces patient fear and anxiety. • Covers the full patient range: motion artifacts. • Offers more head-out exams. pediatric**, critically ill, obese, and • Means fewer refused exams. kyphotic to name a few. • Leads to higher throughput and more referrals. ** Per nationwide U.S. survey conducted by Siemens. ** MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants under two years of age. The responsible physician has to decide about the benefit of the MRI examination in comparison to other imaging procedures.12 13
  7. 7. Consistent scans. The real power of Tim+Dot in Tim’s new ultra high-density array,Tim+Dot MAGNETOM Skyra is all about with up to 204 coil elements, combinesTransform the day consistency. With the accuracy of with a new RF design, with up to 128 RF Tim 4G integrated with the unique channels, for an SNR increase of up on-board guidance of Dot, you to 20%*. This enables high-resolution will achieve excellent image quality imaging that holds up even when with fewer repeats. zooming in on multi-station images. So you can scan everywhere. Zoom anywhere. * Data on file; results may vary.3T Brain studies are easier than ever. Easily perform high resolution whole body angio with A complete view of the whole spine is madeTim’s 20-channel Head/Neck coil offers increased Tim+Dot. With Tim’s new ultra high-density coils and 205 easy. With Tim 4G, there’s no repositioningSNR and the new architecture of Tim 4G maximize cm scan range, you can easily perform a high-resolution of your patient. Multi-step exams of thethe capability of every channel. whole body angio without repositioning the patient. And, spine can be fused automatically using with Dot’s on-board guidance, you can move through the Inline Composing, giving you a complete scan with ease, achieving consistently excellent image view of the whole central nervous system quality and greater diagnostic confidence. with consistently excellent image quality.14
  8. 8. MAGNETOM Skyra is also optimized or speed. Another aspect is TimTX Dot engines make scanning faster, And Dot makes it all so easy. Your Now, decisions can be made more with TrueForm design addressing the TrueForm technology, which provides the easier, and consistent. customized guidance navigates the confidently and scanning can be done need for uniform field homogeneities. foundation for multi-channel transmit user through each exam, indicating more reliably. One aspect of TrueFrom design is array capabilities at 3T. TimTX TrueForm critical decision points along the way. The result is greater efficiency at all TrueForm Magnet and Gradient design, provides uniform radiofrequency Dot offers various workflow engines for levels and a dramatic improvement which is a technical innovation to enable distribution in all body regions for B1 different body regions and indications. in consistency. imaging for large volume coverage homogenization showing consistently Each can be tailored to your clinical without compromising spatial resolution signal intensity in the MR images. needs in a way that helps take the complexity out of MRI exams – even cardiac and abdomen.Tim+Dot mean easy scanning of nearly any body shape or Acquire whole body coverage for metastasis staging in Thanks to Dot’s on-board guidance and the It’s a new way to plan and perform orthopedic exams. Tim 4G’ssize. TrueForm design lets you use the full 50 x 50 x 45 cm a single, continuous move with syngo® TimCT Oncology. increased SNR of Tim 4G, now you can perform new ultra high-density coils for MSK imaging improve SNR andField of View (FoV). For scans with contrast media, Dot Together with Dot’s on-board guidance, this innovative cardiac exams day and night. The Cardiac Dot Engine anatomic coverage. Dot’s customizable knee workflow withhelps to synchronize bolus timing. Real-time graphics and technology improves patient throughput and provides helps eliminate one of the biggest challenges in AutoAlign, offers step-by-step user guidance including guidedAutoVoiceCommands assist the user in organizing the superb image quality. cardiac MR simplifying complete cardiac localization slice and MPR planning for fast 3D measurements and Inlineideal timing of breathing, scanning, and contrast media. down to just a few clicks. TrueForm® design offers 3D processing. superb fat saturation and high image homogeneity. 15 16
  9. 9. Increase your productivity by up to 50%. With the enhanced power of Tim 4G Reach out to new patient populations. Tim+Dot and your customized Dot workflows, • Obese patients Patient-centered care you can equip your staff with the productivity-boosting tools they need • Pediatric patients* to efficiently handle a full day’s patient • ICU patients or those dependent load and more. From patient prep and on medical equipment exam set-up, to image acquisition and processing, MAGNETOM Skyra with Better accommodate difficult-to-scan Tim 4G and Dot can help you realize patients. an increase of up to 50% productivity. The speed of Tim 4G dramatically • Kyphosis shortens acquisition time, while Dot’s • Respiratory problems The smallest footprint of any 3T Get the most out of your system – intelligent automated workflows make currently on the market, MAGNETOM throughout the life of your system. • Pain and mobility issues set-up and scanning nearly effortless. Skyra is easy to site and can fit into a Visit our website, MAGNETOM World, Now, even some of the most complex • Claustrophobia room typically sized for a 1.5T scanner. for current clinical information to exams such as cardiac and abdomen can • Anxiety There’s no need for a large, dedicated optimize your daily MRI examinations be performed confidently. computer room because the all-digital ( Tim 4G technology is concentrated In addition, syngo Remote Assist, our Start realizing value from your at the magnet. And, lifecycle costs are interactive help line that connects MAGNETOM Skyra scanner faster reduced due to its optimized cooling Siemens Healthcare professionals with than ever. system and Zero Helium boil off. With our customers, allowing for using • Fast installation MAGNETOM Skyra, it’s a whole new day your system’s full capabilities to boost * • Fast and easy training for most in MRI. productivity. And, syngo Evolve, our **MR scanning has not been established as safe for imaging fetuses and infants under two years of age. MRI users obsolescence protection program, keeps The responsible physician has to decide about the you on the cutting edge of technology. benefit of the MRI examination in comparison to other • Familiar UI for all modalities means Find out more at imaging procedures. faster user acceptance discoverMR. Timing is synchronized.Mobility done right. The Tim Dot integrates AutoVoiceCommands syngo TimCT moves MRI forward.Dockable Table offers an innovative Tim Dockable Table gives you easy New DirectConnect coils. Eliminate into your scan process for synchronized Literally. Offering Continuous Tablemulti-directional navigation wheel docking integrated right into the scanner. the hassle and inefficiency of cables. Dot engines. Dot means that scans can timing of breathing and scanning. move for CT-like scanning. Now youfor easier handling and 360 degree The receiving port guides the table, With no attenuating cable, you’ll also be completed faster and more easily, with Contrast timing is more accurate with can acquire up to whole body planningflexibility. enabling correct alignment. enjoy an improvement in SNR. less chance of errors or repeats. AutoBolusDetection. scans in a single, continuous move. 18 19
  10. 10. MAGNETOM Skyra. Transforming 3T productivity. The clinical and business imperative behind greater productivity in healthcare is clear. With MAGNETOM Skyra, we’ve designed a new way of realizing the total power of MRI. To deliver robust image quality, consistently. To increase productivity by up to 50%. To radically improve return on investment (ROI) anywhere MRI is used. It’s the next era in MRI, and once again Siemens is leading the way. MAGNETOM Skyra MAGNETOM Skyra Dot integrated. Top-of-the-line 3T. • Exam-by-exam, patient-by-patient, • High patient comfort with 70 cm helping to take the complexity out of Open Bore and short system design. MRI scanning. • Attract more referrals and improve • Personalized, guided, and automated marketability. exams with Dot. • Low operational costs with low • Dot engines make scanning faster, energy and siting costs and Zero easier, and consistent. Helium boil-off. MAGNETOM Skyra Tim 4G integrated. • Tim’s fourth generation of flexibility, accuracy, and speed. • Tim 4G gives you the power you need for superb image quality.20 21
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