Personalize your scanPhilips Ingenuity TF PET/CTYou’ve asked us to design answers to the most challenging issues you’re fa...
Exceptional clinical collaborationand integration                                                       The Ingenuity PET/...
Optimized for imaging                                          Without iDose4                          With iDose4Ingenuit...
Ready when you are        The Philips MRC Ice X-ray tube is designed to be the most reliable in the industry. Built for 24...
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Nm petct ingenuity_tf_petct_overview


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Nm petct ingenuity_tf_petct_overview

  1. 1. Personalize your scanPhilips Ingenuity TF PET/CTYou’ve asked us to design answers to the most challenging issues you’re facing Key advantagesright now: accuracy, speed, and performance. This is the result. Optimized foroncology imaging, Philips Ingenuity TF PET/CT offers true Time-of-Flight (TOF) • Astonish TF allows faster TOF scans, performance for exceptional speed and full-fidelity PET imaging to enhance lower dose, and excellent image qualitypatient care. We’re now introducing Astonish TF, the next evolution of • Higher diagnostic confidence with up to TOF technology. With up to 30% improved contrast, Astonish TF offers 30% improved contrast and reconstructionexceptional quantitative accuracy with up to 4x the reconstruction speed as fast as 30 seconds per bedof our previous-generation systems. In addition, the system also features • iDose4 iterative reconstruction techniqueiDose , our newest generation of DoseWise capabilities for an undivided 4 for up to 80% less dose with improvedand holistic approach to low-dose, high-quality CT imaging. spatial resolution
  2. 2. Exceptional clinical collaborationand integration The Ingenuity PET/CT system delivers improved speed, increased quantitative accuracy, and dose savings. The end of the low-dose tradeoff Ingenuity TF PET/CT is the first PET/CT system to incorporate the benefits of Astonish TF performance with iterative reconstruction techniques, along with CT that features iDose4 for four-in-one advantages for holistic low-dose imaging: • Excellent image quality and quantitative accuracy • Up to 80% less dose • Fast reconstruction Full-fidelity imaging accuracy Low dose, excellent images PET imaging is evolving from qualitative imaging to Philips provides a set of integrated techniques both on quantitatively measuring biological performance. CT and PET scans to reduce dose and injected contrast We were the first to break the 500ps timing barrier, volume without making clinical compromises. iDose 4, and now the introduction of Astonish TF offers up to a novel approach to reducing noise, noticeably improves 30% improvement in contrast performance. Astonish visualization of soft tissue and vascular structures with TF optimizes full listmode capabilities for increased dose reduced by up to 80%. Additionally, Astonish TF accuracy. The system allows faster TOF scans, lower dose, allows up to 67% less injected PET dose while maintaining and excellent image quality, which combine to provide imaging performance. greater quantitative assessment. Economic value Speed with purity With Ingenuity TF, advances in technology also make The new Astonish TF design allows you to see fully sense economically, delivering the results-based scanning listmode reconstructed images within minutes of you demand. For example, SyncRight technology provides acquisition. Our proprietary reconstruction design full integration between the contrast injector and the provides superb image quality without sacrificing speed. scanner and is designed to deliver the right amount of In fact, Astonish TF is up to 4x faster than our previous- contrast at the right time while providing exceptional generation systems with speeds as fast as 30 seconds diagnostic image quality and results for each contrast- per bed. enhanced scan.2
  3. 3. Optimized for imaging Without iDose4 With iDose4Ingenuity TF PET/CT offers you the first integratedoncology solution, with PET/CT optimized for the needsof oncology imaging. Expect improved contrast resolutionfor excellent lesion detection and quantitative accuracyallowing visualization of tumors as small as 2 mm. iDose4 allows up to 80% less dose while maintaining diagnostic image quality.Astonish TF Without Astonish TF With Astonish TF Astonish TF improves contrast resolution performance by iteratively reconstructing acquired images with speed and precision.Improved visualization at lower doseIngenuity TF PET/CT allows improved resolution at lowerdoses for PET myocardial perfusion and viability imagingwith CT coronary angiography and calcium scoring. Counton high spatial resolution and high sensitivity PET imaging,resulting in enhanced image quality for even short-livedradio-pharmaceuticals used in cardiac PET applications.You no longer have to trade image quality for low dose. HD cardiac with up to 80% less dose with up to 30% improvement in spatial resolution, allowing for enhanced visualization of stents and calcium in coronary vessels. 3
  4. 4. Ready when you are The Philips MRC Ice X-ray tube is designed to be the most reliable in the industry. Built for 24-hour consistency, there is no waiting for the tube to warm up before the scan and no waiting for it to cool down. We are so confident about system reliability that Ingenuity TF comes with an exclusive introductory two-year tube warranty. Liquid coolant carries heat away from the MRC Ice X-ray tube, so Ingenuity TF is ready for the most demanding scans, one right after the other.Please visit © 2011 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. Philips Healthcare is part of Royal Philips Electronics All rights are reserved. Philips Healthcare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and/or to discontinue any product at any time without notice or obligation and will not be liable for any consequences resulting from the use of this Printed in The Netherlands publication. 4522 962 66551 * MAR 2011