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Faster and more flexible                                        Working more efficiently through wireless digital radiogra...
She has to wait just five seconds before           This is especially useful for X-rays of the      radiography of large o...
Dr. Hans-Michael Schlegel COL MC.                                                                                         ...
Bed X-ray of the lower leg using the wireless portable detectorand the examinations are much quicker,                 cass...
Clinic Profile                                     image data is created, distributed and saved                           ...
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Dr digital diagnost_with_wpd_at_armed_forces_hospital-germany_customer_story


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Dr digital diagnost_with_wpd_at_armed_forces_hospital-germany_customer_story

  1. 1. Faster and more flexible Working more efficiently through wireless digital radiography Who/Where Particularly for routine examinations such patients, as the Hamburg Federal Armed X-ray department, Hamburg Federal as radiography, digital devices with wireless Forces Hospital forms part of the civilian Armed Forces Hospital, Germany portable detectors offer a lower X-ray dose healthcare system of Hamburg as well. of radiation and improved image quality while making the work significantly easier. "This technical innovation "It is quicker, it is easier to operate and, is not only an advantage most importantly, the image quality is an for military personnel, but improvement over the imaging plate systems also for civilian patients." that we have been using until now," summarizes radiographer Slawomir Skrzypczak. He works For example, let us consider a bed-ridden closely with the DigitalDiagnost system in elderly lady who has recently had an operation The Challenge the radiology department of the Hamburg on her knee and needs to be X-rayed — a To create an X-ray room in which patients can be examined quickly, Federal Armed Forces Hospital, and he is routine examination. The head radiographer, effortlessly and without any major thoroughly impressed. Elisabeth Wolking, already possesses all of transfers taking place the relevant patient data — the radiology Whats more, he is not alone: Since the information system has sent it to the radiology department of the Hamburg Federal DigitalDiagnost system. All Ms. Wolking needs Armed Forces Hospital set up its new X-ray to do is to select the examination protocol room with DigitalDiagnost technology at the systems intuitive and easy-to-use Eleva including a wireless portable detector, all of user interface which already contains all the departments radiographers prefer to use exposure settings as pre-sets, leaving her with this device. It features three detectors: an more time to look after the patient. There is The Solution in-table detector, a wall-mounted detector no need for her to expend time and energy DigitalDiagnost digital X-ray system and a wireless portable detector. transferring the patient on to the examination with additional portable, wireless portable detector table and causing her unnecessary pain. Instead, "This gives us the widest range of options," the radiographer completes the examination says Slawomir Skrzypczak. According to using the wireless portable detector by placing Slawomir Skrzypczak, it also allows them it in the bed under the patients knee. The to examine patients in the most precise way joint is painful and must be moved as little as possible, while ensuring the procedure is possible. Elisabeth Wolking puts the X-ray tube fast and comfortable for the patient. This in position; with the lowest possible X-ray dose technical innovation is not only an advantage of radiation automatically pre-set, she can now for military personnel, but also for civilian easily take the exposure.The print quality of this copy is not an accurate representation of the original.
  2. 2. She has to wait just five seconds before This is especially useful for X-rays of the radiography of large objects, for examplethe image she has taken appears on the extremity and thorax. "Of course, we could pelvis X-rays. "We used to find X-rays likeapplication workstation monitor in front of take X-rays like these using a cassette-based these rather difficult," confirms Slawomirher. After ensuring the quality of the image X-ray system, but it would be nowhere Skrzypczak. Digital processing using theis sufficient, she can now conclude this part near as easy and, above all, would not offer image processing software UNIQUEof the examination. The image data is sent this level of quality and speed," affirms (UNified Image QUality Enhancement) hasdirectly to the internal PACS image archiving Slawomir Skrzypczak. made the system less sensitive to exposuresystem and both Dr. Hans-Michael Schlegel problems. This is an important factor forCOL MC. and the surgeon operating on the In this regard, the wireless portable radiographers to consider. "After all, weknee can access the X-rays immediately. detector not only offers the greatest degree want to take X-rays at the lowest possible of flexibility — the combination of wall- X-ray dose of radiation so that the patient"Working wirelessly improves mounted and in-table detectors allows is protected, but we also want to get the superior X-rays to be taken, e.g. X-rays of best possible images." hygiene around the the pelvis in the event of a neck of femur hospital bed." fracture. "On one level, we can take X-rays using the in-table detector as before, but on "We do not cause the patient"I am grateful we have the wireless portable a second level, we can also take axial images unnecessary pain."detector, particularly when examining without any trouble," explains Skrzypczak.patients who must be monitored," explains The vertical stand is so flexible that it can Slawomir Skrzypczak can now scarcelySlawomir Skrzypczak. "They are already be moved closer to the patient along with imagine working without the digital, wirelessconnected to so many cables and tubes, so the mobile examination table, so that images system — and he is not the only one. Inits good that I dont have to keep my eye on can be taken at a 90-degree angle. "During fact, if the radiographers had their way, alla bulky device cable." Its also inevitable that this time, the patient lies on the examination of the X-ray systems workstations wouldcables come into contact with the ground, table and must not be moved. This means we be equipped with a wireless portablewhich may bring pathogens into the patients do not cause the patient unnecessary pain." detector, as Dr. Hans-Michael Schlegelbed. Working wirelessly therefore improves COL MC. confirms: "I have never seen myhygiene around the hospital bed. The image quality of devices that were radiographers be so enthusiastic about previously used in the department was a device after such a short time."The wireless portable detector also comes not so good, particularly when it involvedinto its own when examining the increasingnumbers of heavily overweight patients.If they are so severely injured that theycannot lie or sit on the examination tableunder their own power, they must be liftedonto it by the radiographers. If the X-ray istaken using the wireless portable detector,the patients can remain in their wheelchairor on their stretcher and the radiographersdo not need to do any heavy lifting. Overtable X-ray of the lower extremityThe print quality of this copy is not an accurate representation of the original.
  3. 3. Dr. Hans-Michael Schlegel COL MC. with the wireless portable detector What makes you stand out from other hospitals or specialist clinics? One of our definite plus points is that we use state-of-the-art equipment. This puts patients at an advantage as they are subjected to a lower X-ray dose of radiation during examinations. As a Federal Armed Forces Hospital, we operate certified quality management procedures. I am convinced that we give more of our time to patients and can use the full range of medical diagnostic and treatment options available. This hospital brings together a host of different disciplines. There is a flat hierarchy and the level of interdisciplinary cooperation is good. The result is that our patients are satisfied. We often get the feedback that we are friendlier towards them than other hospitals. Unfortunately, there is some bad news for patients covered by public health insurance: We can only diagnose them as an emergency case or if they are in-patients. Out-patients must be covered by private health insurance. However, this does not make us any differentInterview emergencies determine the day-to-day from other radiological departments that do operation of our radiology department. not have an X-ray clinic, as statutory healthDr. Hans-Michael Schlegel COL MC., Chief They make up around 80% of the cases we insurance patients are the exception here.Physician of the radiology department at the deal with. They are primarily older peopleHamburg Federal Armed Forces Hospital who have fallen. We then provide further Are there any particularly tricky cases treatment for 90% of these emergencies. that are difficult to examine withDr. Schlegel, Hamburg Federal Armed conventional X-ray equipment?Forces Hospital has been treating How important is treatment of civilian Definitely traumas with older people.civilian patients since 1969. Since patients in your department? Very often, they are not overly mobile2006, it has been part of Hamburgs Up to now, the majority of our patients and sometimes not as mentally alertemergency service network. To what are military personnel, as patients are as they once were. This used to makeextent do emergencies determine transferred to us from all military clinics in examinations quite difficult.the course of your working day? the region. This will probably change when But now that we have the wireless digital127 of our 307 beds are currently available the military is restructured and the relative detector, it has become much easier:for civilian patients. Particularly at night, proportion of civilian patients increases. The patients can simply sit or lie down,The print quality of this copy is not an accurate representation of the original.
  4. 4. Bed X-ray of the lower leg using the wireless portable detectorand the examinations are much quicker, cassette-based X-ray system in the intensive What features would you like a futurewhich reduces patient waiting times. There is care unit, but only because the wireless wireless portable detector to have?no read-out required as with cassette-based connection for the digital device did not The detector could be flatter. But above all,systems, meaning we save two to three reach that far. it would be nice if it were suitable for use inminutes per X-ray. As the data is transferred extreme environments such as Afghanistan.digitally, I can see straight away whether an How have organizational processes To do this, it would need to be lighter andimage has been successful. This saves a lot of been changed by the X-ray system? smaller, and the entire X-ray system wouldtime, particularly during routine X-rays. We streamlined the radiology department have to be waterproof, dust-proof and some time ago. Now things are more likely able to withstand temperatures of –20 toWhat advantages do the new digital to run to schedule, as procedures such +50 degrees Celsius. Then there would beX-ray system and the wireless portable as the read-out process of cassettes are no need for us to read out the cassettes,detector offer you from a diagnostic omitted. The time we save can be spent as we have been doing until now.point of view? on patients.The exposure is simply better, meaning the In addition, the data could then beimage quality is better too. X-rays that used Do you save on costs compared with transferred quickly to a larger medicalto be complicated or virtually impossible, the old system? facility. In difficult cases, for example,such as axial neck of femur X-rays, are now If we can replace the imaging plate system specialists can then be consultedno trouble at all. This means we can give completely, then yes. However, we need to at this facility.a much clearer diagnosis. safeguard against failure. But our first task is to check whether we can get rid of imagingIn what circumstances do you still use plate technology completely from our day-the cassette-based X-ray device? to-day working processes. We hope this willWhen the digital detector is unavailable. happen in the not-too-distant future.Until recently, we were still using theThe print quality of this copy is not an accurate representation of the original.
  5. 5. Clinic Profile image data is created, distributed and saved digitally. The report that corresponds to Radiology Department, Hamburg each image can also be loaded quickly and Federal Armed Forces Hospital easily and saved on CD-ROM if necessary. Offering 307 beds, Hamburg Federal Armed Forces Hospital is one of the five The range of services offered by DigitalDiagnost TH/VM in the largest military hospitals in Germany and Department VIII — Radiology includes all Federal Armed Forces Hospital is located in Hamburgs Wandsbek district. conventional X-ray procedures (excluding It is the largest military treatment facility mammography and angiography): in northern Germany and is a key part of • Computed tomography (MS spiral Hamburgs civilian healthcare network. CT scan) Since January 2007, it has been an academic • Digital radiography and digital archiving teaching hospital affiliated with the University and distribution system (PACS) Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). • Magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) including the possibility of examining Department VIII — Radiology sees itself patients on mechanical ventilation as a service provider for all other in-house • Sonography departments as well as for patients who • Needle aspiration biopsies and punch require immediate out-patient treatment. biopsies As well as patient safety and accurate • Facet joint infiltrations diagnoses, the department aims to provide • Periradicular therapy patient comfort and rapid availability of diagnostic findings. Naturally, the Its diagnostic focus is on: department offers an on-call radiology • Stage diagnosis of germ cell tumors service for urgent examinations. It also of the testicles and of tumors in the carries out X-ray rounds that not only head and throat strengthen support for other departments, • Medical imaging of diseases of the but are also used to provide training. Whats temporomandibular joint more, it organizes lectures that are certified • Imaging of injuries to the by the German Medical Association. The musculoskeletal system hospital is entirely "film-less," meaningThe print quality of this copy is not an accurate representation of the original.
  6. 6. Philips Healthcare is a Royal PhilipsElectronics CompanyYou can contact us 7031 463 2254Europe, Middle East, Africa+49 7031 463 2254Latin America+55 11 2125 0744North America+1 425 487 7000800 285 5585 (toll free, US only)Please visit © 2011 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V. All rights are reserved. Philips Healthcare reserves the right to make changes in specifications and/or to discontinue any product at any time without notice or obligation and will not be liable for any consequences resulting from the use of this publication. Printed in The Netherlands. 4522 962 71281 * MAR 2011The print quality of this copy is not an accurate representation of the original.