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Discovery ct750 hd book

  1. 1. GE HealthcareDiscovery* CT750 HDGreat care by design
  2. 2. At GE Healthcare, imag inlie at the heart of every ththan 30 years, we’ve d ethat enhance the ways cand treat disease. Bett eus to render the inner wgreater fidelity and det athan before.2  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  3. 3. g ination and knowledgey thing we do. For mored esigned CT systemss clinicians diagnoset er tools have enabledr world of the body withet ail — and at lower doseg ination and knowledgey thing we do. For mored esigned CT systemss clinicians diagnoset er tools have enabledr world of the body withet ail — and at lower dose GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 3
  4. 4. Filtered Back Projection (FBP)The Discovery* CT750 HD is designedto deliver up to 50%1lower dose,helping assure patients with faster,more confident diagnoses.1. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR may reduce CT patient dosedepending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical locationand clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and aphysicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose toobtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.ASiR dose reduction was measured on a standard 20cm waterphantom. The test involved maintaining constant pixel standarddeviation as the mA was reduced at 120 kVp.4  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  5. 5. ASiR* (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction) GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 5
  6. 6. The Discovery CT750 HD offers thehighest available cardiac spatialresolution in the industry at118.2 lp/cm.1. Based upon internal test data comparing Discovery CT750 HDcardiac half-scan spatial resolution to data from “Advanced CTScanners for Coronary Angiography”, ImPACT Report CEP10043,March, 2010, available at http://www.impactscan.org6 GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  7. 7. Standard ResolutionHD Resolution GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 7
  8. 8. Conventional 140 kVp Spectral 50 keVPowered by our proprietary CT scintillatormaterial, the Discovery CT750 HD featuresGemstone*Spectral Imaging. At temporalregistrations speeds of up to 165 timesfaster than the nearest competitor,GSI is the first quantitative dual energyon the market.8  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  9. 9. Grayscale quantitative MD iodine image Colored quantitative MD iodine imageIn the arterial phase images, you can visualize an early contrastuptake, especially on iodine and low keV images. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 9
  10. 10. In addition to its specialized applications,the Discovery CT750 HD makes anexcellent scanner for routine imaging byimproving the clarity of the image whilelowering patients’ dose.10  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  11. 11. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 11
  12. 12. And with our breakthrough Veoimage reconstruction technology,the Discovery CT750 HD canacquire images at under 1 mSvwith profound clarity.FBPIn clinical practice the use of Veo may reduce CT patient dosedepending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical locationand clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and aphysician should be made to determine the appropriate dose toobtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.12  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  13. 13. Veo image, 0.61 mSv, DLP 36.02Obtained by EUR-16262 EN, using an abdomen factorof 0.015*DLP and a pelvis factor of 0.019*DLP GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 13
  14. 14. You and your patients continue todemand lower dose — but notat the expense of image quality.The Discovery CT750 HD deliverson both imperatives — preciseimaging for a confident diagnosisand enhanced patient care.14  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  15. 15. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 15
  16. 16. “We decided to implement ASiR on 100% of our examsand achieved excellent results. As such, ASiR has becomea key component in our campaign for low dose CT.The community response from both our patients andphysicians was greater than we ever expected, andUW is now viewed as the go-to place for low dose CT”William P. Shuman, M.D.University of Washington Medical Center“With the Discovery CT750 HD, we have been able tosignificantly reduce radiation dose while, at the sametime, improving image quality. Our patients arebenefiting from the dose reduction in every exam weperform, all without compromising diagnostic quality.With this dramatic dose reduction our practice hasgrown our referral base, and patients are asking to bescanned on the Discovery CT750 HD.”David A. Dowe, M.D.Atlantic Medical Imaging“With the Discovery CT750 HD we have been able toreduce drastically the dose in coronary CTA, whileimproving image quality. We routinely scan patients atless than 1 mSv and still achieve high diagnostic quality.”Jean-Nicolas Dacher, M.D., Ph.D.Rouen University Hospital16 GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  17. 17. ASiR may reduce dose byup to 50%1by allowing theuse of lower mA protocols — and with high definitionimage quality across allanatomies — the DiscoveryCT750 HD can reach anypart of the body, any agepatient, and any applicationthat demands the leadingedge of CT clarity.1. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR may reduce CT patient dosedepending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical locationand clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and aphysicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose toobtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.ASiR dose reduction was measured on a standard 20cm waterphantom. The test involved maintaining constant pixel standarddeviation as the mA was reduced at 120 kVp. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 17
  18. 18. A better path forwardIncremental reductions in dose cango a long way toward supportingimproved care, but the higheststandard can only be achievedthrough breakthrough innovationin image reconstruction.Leading the way with image reconstructionTypically, lowering dose has increased noise and imageartifacts, creating an unfortunate trade-off betweenhigher image quality and lower dose. In order to over-come this obstacle, GE developed an industry exclusivehigh definition approach to image reconstruction — Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR).Low dose kidney stone protocol at 83 mAs18  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  19. 19. ASiR provides exceptional image quality by improving lowcontrast detectability (LCD) and suppressing noise withoutdegrading anatomical integrity. It overcomes the limitationsof the conventional CT reconstruction approach knownas filtered back projection and arrives at an optimal imageusing an advanced iterative computation. As a result, theDiscovery CT750 HD is capable of significant dose reductionwith no loss of diagnostic image quality. Since its introductionin 2008, ASiR has earned positive mention from cliniciansin peer-reviewed journals, in dozens of abstracts, and atmultiple conferences. Millions of patients’ exams make ASiRthe proven choice for image reconstruction. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 19
  20. 20. The Discovery CT750 HD has theindustry leading Cardiac CT spatialresolution. At 18.2 lp/cm, the systemprovides up to 66% greater spatialresolution than comparable systems.20  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  21. 21. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 21
  22. 22. The improved resolution of theDiscovery CT750 HD displaysreduction in calcium bloomingcompared to standard resolution,enabling an accurate diagnosis.Standard Resolution HD Resolution22  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  23. 23. ”Utilizing the Discovery CT750 HD has increasedmy confidence in evaluating calcified segments,thereby decreasing the need for additionaldownstream testing. The improvement in spatialresolution is real and impacts my practice ona daily basis.”Jonathan Leipsic, M.D.FRCPC, University of British Columbia,Providence HealthcareThe Discovery CT750 HDdelivers improvementsin spatial resolution thatcan help you accuratelyquantify stenosis incoronary vessels. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 23
  24. 24. Low dose cardiac imagingwith excellent IQat less than 1mSvSnapShot Pulse and ASiR*enablelow dose not only for Coronary CTbut across cardiovascular exams,enabling cardiac CT of less than1mSv.Using SnapShot Pulse imagingand ASiR, the Discovery CT750 HDachieves a dose reduction ofgreater than 83% compared togated helical acquisition.3,4,5Acquisition protocols are easilyadapted to the clinical needs ofthe individual patient for optimaldiagnostic results at low dose.Intelligent system design helps tomanage high and unstable heartrates in prospective andretrospective modes.1. Estimated Radiation Dose ReductionUsing Adaptive Statistical IterativeReconstruction in Coronary CT Angiography:The ERASIR Study, AJR:195, 2010 Sept;195(3):655-602. Effect of Standardized Quality-Improvement Protocol on Radiation Dosein Coronary Computed TomographicAngiography, Am J Cardiol, 2010 Dec 1;106(11):1663-7“In the multicenter ERASIR study1of more than 500 patients thatexamined the effect of ASiR onradiation dose, we noted a 27%reduction in dose for patientsundergoing coronary CT angiography.In the second independent study,2using a combination of SnapShotimaging, reduced tube voltage andASiR, we have observed in 449patients an average dose of 1.3 mSvin unselected patients undergoingCT angiography.”James Min, M.D.Co-director of Cardiac ImagingDirector of Cardiac Imaging ResearchCedars Sinai Heart Institute3. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR may reduce CT patient dose depending on theclinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultationwith a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate doseto obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.4. Dose reduction was measured on a standard 20cm water phantom comparing aSnapShot Pulse prospective gated axial acquisition at 120kV/300mA and 50% ASiR toa cardiac helical acquisition 120kV/500mA without ASiR both with a 224mm scancoverage.5. In clinical practice, the use of SnapShot Pulse may reduce cardiac CT patient dosedepending on the clinical task and patient heart rate. A consultation with a radiologistshould be made to determine the appropriate acquisition mode and scan settings toobtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.24  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  25. 25. 6 Obtained by ICRP using a chest factor of0.014* DLP7 May J Low-risk chest pain patientsin the emergency department: Negative64-channel cardiac CT angiography mayreduce length of stay and hospital charges.AJR 2009; 192(S5): A1.5 hoursvs.25.4 hoursAssessing chest pain in the ERwith the Discovery CT750 HD.A traditional cardiac diagnosticpathway can take between 12 and36 hours, utilizing a significantamount of hospital time, personnel,and resources. With the DiscoveryCT750 HD system, unless thescan indicates an occlusion withgreater than 75 percent stenosis,patients may avoid additionaldiagnostic cardiac procedures — all while decreasing the time todiagnosis and increasing through­put and efficiency in your careenvironment.GE’s Discovery CT750 HD producesremarkably clear, quality cardiacimages that have the potential tostreamline the care process, freeingclinical staff to care for more patients.A recent study has reported that adiagnostic work up of a single setof enzymes and an ECG along witha cardiac CT angiography (CCTA)takes an average of only 5 hours torule out coronary artery disease,compared to an average of 25.4hours with standard care workup.7That means your hospital can saveboth time and resources.0.57 mSv6Cardiac CTA is achievableutilizing ASiR image reconstructionon the Discovery CT750 HD.Even at this ultra-low dose level, theDiscovery CT750 HD can visualizevessels as small as 1mm in coronaryCTA exams. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 25
  26. 26. 26  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  27. 27. Gemstone Spectral Imaging is a revolutionary featureexclusive to the Discovery CT750 HD. Today, it is expandingthe information available for clinical diagnosis andworkflow in the following key areas: characterization ofsmall lesions, beam hardening reduction, kidney stonecharacterization, optimization of contrast and virtualnon-contrast like imaging. Tomorrow, its broad applicationsand unprecedented level of detail have the potential tocompletely re-define diagnostic imaging. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 27
  28. 28. GemstoneSpectral ImagingGemstone SpectralImaging (GSI) is a uniquedual energy technique thatuses rapid kV switchingand Gemstone Detectortechnology to acquire andgenerate material densitydata. This data can beused to separate materialsand derive monochromaticspectral images usinga projection-spacereconstruction algorithm.Virtual noncontrast-like imagingGemstone Spectral Imaging can subtract iodine fromimages to generate a virtual noncontrast-like image.Note the kidney stone is obscured in the IV contrastimage, but visualized in the water density image.70 keV SpectralMD WaterMaterial SeparationGSI provides information about the chemical composi-tion of body materials. This capability enables the userto easily separate calcium, iodine and water to aid inthe characterization of pathology.28  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  29. 29. Quantitative Lesion Characterizationat 50cm FOVSpectral Imaging’s potential to enhance lesion charac-terization is seen here with the two lesions displayedon the images. Utilizing GSI and viewing the images atlower spectral energy, the lesion is more conspicuous,and the differentiation of the non-enhancing cystand enhancing lesion is well depicted on the spectralcurves, normalized to the liver parenchyma.70 keV Spectral 70 keV Spectral colorSpectral Hounsfield unit curve Normalized Spectral Hounsfield unit curve GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 29
  30. 30. “Traditionally, CT provided an excellent depiction of thepulmonary vessels, thrombi and emboli. However, itcould not give us information on the severity ofpulmonary embolism obstruction or perfusion deficitdefects. With the GSI-generated iodine maps, I canclearly see the severity of perfusion deficit. GSI is avery effective technique that eliminates the need foradditional scans to gather functional information onlung perfusion.”Valentin Sinitsyn, M.D., Ph.D.Moscow Federal Center of Medicine“About 40% of our routine spine exams involve metalinstrumentation. Reducing artifact for these exams isan important benefit that GSI provides. Spectral CTgenerates virtually pristine images in these mostchallenging circumstances where traditional techniquesoften fail.”Lawrence N. Tanenbaum, MD, FACRMount Sinai School of Medicine“With Gemstone Spectral Imaging we can more easilyobtain high quality images on the femoral arteries inpatients with metallic hip prostheses. This capability isparticularly important when planning a transcatheteraortic valve implantation (TAVI).”Jean-Nicolas Dacher, M.D., Ph.D.Rouen University Hospital30  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  31. 31. Gemstone Spectral Imagingis delivering real diagnosticresults today. Tomorrowit has the potential to beused as a routine scanacquisition mode, taking thepossibilities even further. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 31
  32. 32. Enhancing image quality with monochromatic spectral imageExclusive to the Discovery CT750 HD, the spectral image is created as thoughit comes from a single energy (keV) source. Individual spectral images canbe derived from 101 user-selectable energy levels. This approach enablesimage contrast optimization, accurate CT numbers and up to a 50% reductionin common beam hardening artifacts — features that together aid in a fast,confident diagnosis.Utilizing lower energy spectral images allows for better contrast differen-tiation, thereby accentuating subtle contrast differences.In the study below, due to the patient’s impaired renal function only 60ccof contrast was utilized. With GSI’s capability to review different levels ofmonochromatic energy levels for better iodine conspicuity, the endoleakwas visualized.VR images VR images demonstratingthrombusConventional CT 93 keV Spectral image 93 keV VR Spectral imageCurved view demonstratingendoleak visualizationBeam hardening reductionReducing visually obstructive beam hardening artifacts will reveal impor-tant underlying anatomical information for a complete diagnosis.32  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  33. 33. How it worksCentral to spectral image acquisition is the Gemstonedetector’s ability to differentiate between two differentenergy levels from view to view (as illustrated by theblue and green data sets below). Both high and lowenergy data sets are acquired simultaneously to improveimage registration for material separation throughoutthe full 50cm field of view.Using known attenuation curves, the material specificdifference in attenuation enables an easy classificationof the elementary chemical composition of the scannedtissue. This creates the ability to generate materialdensity images.Spectral images are derived from the material densityimages and depict how the object would look if theX-ray source produced only photons at a single energy.QuickerDiagnosisequalsReducedHospitalCostPainful episodes of renal-relatedconditions result in more than onemillion patient visits to emergencydepartments annually.1Reducingthe time spent on imaging,additional testing, and waiting forresults has the potential todecrease both length of stay andoverall costs to the hospital. This iscritical, as hospitals are paid a fixedamount per admission regardlessof the number of services provided.Using GE’s Discovery CT750 HDwith Gemstone Spectral Imaging(GSI), a single contrast-enhancedCT may provide information toevaluate the presence or absenceof a renal lesion. With the sameexam data, GSI can create a “virtualnon-contrast like image” that canprovide information to assess forkidney stones. GSI also has theability to help characterize renalstones without a urinalysis — meaning treatment can startearlier, minimizing in-patient staytime. GSI can also help physicianscharacterize lesions, reducingthe need for additional testing inpatients with symptoms whoseCT results indicate a renal mass.80 kVp raw data140 kVp raw data1,968 views reconstruction+1. Brown J. Diagnostic and treatmentpatterns for renal colic in US EmergencyDepartments. International Urology andNephrology 2006; 38: 87-92. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 33
  34. 34. 34  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  35. 35. Leading edge clarity requires innovationthroughout the image chain — and acrossevery variable of image development.The Discovery CT750 HD introduces significantenhancements to four areas that define CTimage quality: resolution, low contrastdetectability, noise reduction and artifactreduction. Combined, they set a new standardin diagnostic imaging; enabling greater degreesof insight, broader applications and newbenchmarks of care. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 35
  36. 36. The leadingedge of careFor more than 20 years,GE’s scintillator materialhas been the industrystandard — the foundationfor CT imaging excellence.Now, with the introductionof the Discovery CT750 HD,an even higher standardhas been set.– Definition, clarity and confidence at a muchlower dose– Extended coverage with Volume Helical Shuttle– Gemstone Spectral Imaging — an entirely new path fordiagnostic imaging– Cardiac imaging— the highest spatial resolution in theindustry at 18.2 lp/cmThe Discovery CT750 HD is capable of extending theboundaries of detectability and driving breakthroughdiagnostic applications. With technologies and featuresthat set new benchmarks for image clarity, high-definitionCT opens the door to new non-invasive diagnosticcapabilities and innovative techniques for challengingconditions.The DetectorThe Gemstone detector sets new benchmarks for CTspeed, recovery and performance.Primary Speed,100X FASTERThe exclusive garnetstructure enables highdefinition imaging duringsub-second scanningand fast kV switching.Afterglow performance,4X FASTERGemstone’s recovery timeis 4-times faster, deliveringincreased spatial resolutionand significant artifactreductionGE Gemstone 0.03μs GE Gemstone 0.001%GOS 3.0μs GOS 0.004%Gemstone is the essentialinnovation that drives thehigh definition breakthrough.36  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  37. 37. The Data Acquisition System (DAS)Volara* DAS technology delivers improved signalperformance and image quality.A dramatic reduction inelectronic noise– Low noise, for outstand-ing image quality in highand low signal areas ofthe anatomyImproved spatialresolution across entire fieldof view– 2.5X more views perrotation to improve x yresolution, and reduceartifacts– 7.1 kHz sampling rateThe TubeThe Performix* HD Tube enables the visualization ofmore detail with dynamic focal spot control.Power at your fingertips– Increased data sampling– Ultra-fast kVp switching– Up to 570mA on the small focal spotThe reconstructionCritical to limiting dose, ASiR1on the Discovery CT750 HD,may also aid in delivering clarity via an increase in lowcontrast detectability of up to 40% and further artifactsuppression. And with Veo, clinicians can achievepreviously unheard of image quality at doses lowerthan ever before—a bold step into the future of high-definition CT imaging.Non-HD CTLess than 1,000 viewsper rotationDiscovery CT750 HD2,496 views per rotation1. In clinical practice, the use of ASiR and Veo may reduce CTpatient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size,anatomical location and clinical practice. A consultation with aradiologist and a physicist should be made to determine theappropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for theparticular clinical task.LCD was measured using the Statistical LCD technique, which isbased on an analysis of the pixel standard deviation on theuniform section of the CatPhan (R) 600 phantom. Theimprovement is demonstrated at 120kVp, when comparing ASiRimages acquired with 40% lower mAs to full dose FBP images.GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 37
  38. 38. Highly-detailed spatial resolutionIncreasing spatial resolution by up to 33% acrossthe entire body provides you with a clarity andrange of vision you’ve never had before. Withunprecedented detail, the Discovery CT750 HDdelivers imaging enhancements that advance theway caregivers diagnose illness and disease.38  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  39. 39. Excellent Routine Imaging with 128-Slice modeGE Healthcare utilizes a unique combination of conjugate ray acquisition and overlapped reconstructiontechnology to acquire 128 individual samples, resulting in 128 overlapped images.This series of overlapped images may enable improved visibility of small objects. Combining higher samplingdensity and information from 128 samples of projection, the conjugate reconstruction technique improvessmall object visualization.The high definition standardIn making a confident diagnosis, image clarity is every-thing. That’s why high definition CT represents sucha significant diagnostic breakthrough. In picturing thefine anatomical details, it supports deep insight, certaindecisions and an accelerated path to diagnosis andtreatment. In delivering improved image quality acrossthe entire body, it supports broad clinical applicationsand precise treatment paths for diverse patient needs.Chest CT in 2.2 seconds GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 39
  40. 40. VolumeShuttle —twice the coverage with less doseVolumeShuttle helps make the most challengingneuro CT perfusion and angiographic studies possible.It doubles the acquisition coverage to 80mm, with lessdose. As a result, practitioners can perform studiessuch as 4D CTA and CT perfusion in a single scan andwith a single contrast injection. For Neuro imaging itensures ample coverage to perform “whole territoryperfusion” (from the basal ganglia to the top of thelateral ventricles).Extending coverage forfunctional assessmentThe Discovery CT750 HD allows for extended coveragefor both 4D CT Angiography (CTA) and perfusion studieswith two innovative features: VolumeShuttle*andVolume Helical Shuttle combined with CT Perfusion 4D,which provides volumetric functional analysis using anew Smart Map that creates noise reduced maps whilepreserving functional detail. They both extend coverageand overcome today’s challenge of coverage limitedby detector width.Perfusion coverage1up to 140mm4D CTA coverage up to 312.5mm40  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  41. 41. Blood flowMean transit timeBlood volumeTissue classificationT Max1. Up to 120mm for brain perfusion.Volume Helical Shuttle —further extending the rangeThe Discovery CT750 HD introduces an innovativeapproach to further extend coverage for studies suchas 4D CTA and large internal organ physiologicalassessments. Volume Helical Shuttle is a continuousbi-directional scan mode that extends z-coverage andimproves temporal sampling. GE’s unique DynamicPitch reconstruction method utilizes acquired scan dataduring table acceleration and deceleration rather thanonly during constant table speed. The result is morethan 300mm of high-resolution volume coverage for4D CTA studies.Volume Helical Shuttle may enable anatomical assess-ment that surpasses the coverage of today’s widestdetectors and enables you to set the coverage to exactlythe range you need. For example you can perform a4D CTA study to characterize the inflow and outflow ofcontrast in the arterial and venous system over a lengthof 312.5mm, equivalent to a 500-slice image. In addition,Volume Helical Shuttle allows you to perform perfusion1studies for the brain and body organs.three-seriesscantime-savingresultsOn average, someone in the UnitedStates has a stroke every 40 seconds.2Discovery CT750 HD’s ability toacquire whole brain coverageperfusion in addition to the otherstroke workup exams provides theinformation physicians need tomake a diagnosis. Hospitals receivea fixed payment for admittedpatients, so reducing the amount ofresources used translates directlyto cost saving for the hospital.With GE’s Discovery CT750 HD, asingle three-series scan can providethe results of a non-contrast CT, a4D dynamic CT angiography, and12 cm of whole brain perfusioncoverage at once. Discovery CT750HD’s Volume Helical Shuttle (VHS)with 12 cm of full coverage allowsfor whole brain imaging, which canpotentially eliminate the need forfollow-up MR and reduce the costof a patient’s hospital stay.312. Lloyd-Jones D Heart disease andstroke statistics 2009 updated. A reportfrom the American Heart Associationstatistics committee and stroke statisticsubcommittee. Circulation 2008(ePub ahead of print); DOI: 10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.108.191261. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 41
  42. 42. What if radiologists and clinicians could havethe enhanced image quality at a radiationdose never before thought possible?Introducing Veo*— the breakthrough that’srewriting the rules of CT imaging.42  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  43. 43. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 43
  44. 44. The latest advance inCT image reconstructiontechnologyVeo is the world’s first model-based iterative recon-struction product. This breakthrough is changingthe way physicians use CT imaging. It may deliver acombination of high-quality images and low dosethat was previously unthinkable.GE Healthcare has solved this challenge in partnershipwith leading healthcare partners and hardwaremanufacturers, combining sophisticated algorithmsand advanced computing power. As a result, a CTreconstruction technique that was once only theoreticalhas now been put into practice.So radiologists and clinicians can now operateunder a new set of rules. Lower pixel noise standarddeviation and higher resolution may be achievedwithin a single image. Veo may help clinicians achieveconfident diagnosis with lower dose, opening upnew possibilities for challenging cases and sensitivepatients.1“Veo may reduce dose but also increase image quality:In oncology studies, we can increase the conspicuityof the tumor for tissue characterization — In vascularstudies, it is possible to differentiate stenosis fromocclusion and reduce the blooming effect that resultfrom the presence of a stent or calcified plaque. Thereare instances where a higher quality study is moreimportant, and Veo enables us to increase spatial andcontrast resolution to visualize very small lesions.”Dr. Jean Louis SablayrollesCentre Cardiologique du Nord, Saint Denis, France1. In clinical practice, the use of Veo may reduce CT patient dosedepending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical locationand clinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and aphysicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose toobtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.44  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  45. 45. New levels ofimage qualityVeo provides a new benchmarkfor CT image quality. Its powerfulmodeling techniques may result inbetter images, delivering previouslyunattainable levels of combinedpixel noise standard deviationreduction, resolution gain,improved contrast, and artifactsuppression.1In traditional approaches, higherspatial resolution is accompaniedby higher image noise. But Veochallenges this common trade-off.Veo may improve resolution andmay reduce pixel noise standarddeviation.1FBPVeoImages courtesy of Dr. Sablayrolles,CCN, France1. In clinical practice, the actual level of low signal artifact, LCD and resolutionimprovement may vary. Consult with a radiologist and a physicist. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 45
  46. 46. Imaging under 1mSvThe benefits of dose reduction are significant, especiallyfor the most radiosensitive patients — including pediatriccases and young women. Veo may also provide theopportunity to dramatically reduce cumulative dose inpatients who require regular follow-up exams.1“Veo allowed us to scan a chest CT at 0.06 mSv withreadable images where pathology could be analyzed.With Veo, we can conduct lower dose CT scans inchildren, and this is particularly important in groupsthat require continued follow-up, such as those withcystic fibrosis or lymphoma.”Professor Johan de Mey, M.D.Chair of Radiology Department,University Hospital, BrusselsDLP of 5.02, 0.02 mSv, obtained by EUR-162662 EN, using a pediatric head factor of 0.004*DLP46  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  47. 47. Veo is the next step in GE’s commitment to lower-doseCT. Our ASiR technology, introduced with the launch ofthe Discovery CT750 HD, offers fast reconstructions andmay allow for low-dose imaging without compromise — an ideal approach for routine, robust imaging. By push-ing the possibilities even further, Veo represents addedcapability for the most sensitive cases. By changingthe rules, these potential dose-reduction capabilitiesopen up exciting new possibilities in CT.Veo establishes new rules in the relationship betweenimage quality and dose reduction. Veo can give theclinicians the diagnostic information they need andmay allow for it to be done at a previously unthinkablelow dose.1So at an equivalent dose, Veo may deliverdramatically better aspects of image quality.The rules have changed. But the goal hasn’t.Radiologists and clinicians have another powerful newtool to deliver more informed, confident diagnoses. Andabove all else, Veo can help achieve what has alwaysbeen the ultimate goal — the best patient care available.DLP 3.16, 0.05 mSv, obtained by EUR-16262 EN, using a chest factor of 0.017*DLP1. In clinical practice, the use of Veo may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location andclinical practice. A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnosticimage quality for the particular clinical task. GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD 47
  48. 48. GE Healthcare ServicesWith GE CT you’re backed by the largest, most experi-enced service team in the industry.Maximizing uptimeThe ground-breaking Discovery CT750 HD incorporatesfault tolerant design and InSite* OnWatch proactiveservice to help eliminate surprises and keep yourscanner performing so you can stay on schedule.Simplify your access to serviceHave a question about performance or a DiscoveryCT750 HD process? Thanks to iLinq* instant help, yourstaff can quickly connect to our service team. Restassured, when you have questions about support ortraining, we’ll help you get the answers — fast.Enabling better asset managementTo help ensure maximum scanner efficiency andproductivity, GE also provides iCenter* asset manage-ment tools for accurate reporting and analysis.More from your networkA wide range of learning tools teaches your imagingprofessionals how to use the advanced imagingcapabilities of the Discovery CT750 HD with skill andfinesse.Physician and Technologist instructedCT Masters seriesA comprehensive range of courses, in Advanced CTApplications, taught by experts in the latest technologies.GE Healthcare InstituteA hands-on institute with offerings that include: clinical,technical, service, patient, and leadership education.On-site trainingDetailed on-site training and consulting to help yougrow your clinical performance, referral power andyour bottom line.TiP*Virtual AssistantFor application support, the TiP Virtual Assistant providesyour staff with interactive real-time training and supportright on the console from a dedicated and experiencedteam of application specialists.Invest in a Discovery CT750 HD and experienceall of the benefits of being a Discoverycustomer, including field service paired witheducation and consulting.48  GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
  49. 49. GE HealthcareDiscovery* CT750 HDGreat care by designDiscovery*CT750HDTheleadingedgeofCTclarity©2011 General Electric Company.GE, and GE Monogram are trademarks of General Electric Company.*Trademark of General Electric Company.About GE HealthcareGE Healthcare provides transformational medicaltechnologies and services that are shaping a new ageof patient care. Our broad expertise in medical imagingand information technologies, medical diagnostics,patient monitoring systems, drug discovery, biopharma-ceutical manufacturing technologies, performanceimprovement and performance solutions services helpour customers to deliver better care to more peoplearound the world at a lower cost. In addition, we partnerwith healthcare leaders, striving to leverage the globalpolicy change necessary to implement a successfulshift to sustainable healthcare systems.Our “healthymagination” vision for the future invites theworld to join us on our journey as we continuouslydevelop innovations focused on reducing costs, increas-ing access and improving quality around the world.Headquartered in the United Kingdom, GE Healthcare isa unit of General Electric Company (NYSE: GE). Worldwide,GE Healthcare employees are committed to servinghealthcare professionals and their patients in more than100 countries. For more information about GE Healthcare,visit our website at Healthcare3200 N. Grandview Blvd.Waukesha, WI 53188U.S.A.CT-0480-08.11-EN-USDOC1026296