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Looking back!


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Looking back!

  1. 1. Looking back!
  2. 2. PreliminaryTask! This is very basic and has not got much detail incomparacent to my music magazine. My ability on Photoshop has improved a great deal There is not much information on this and is quite boring. Although there is a house style it isnt very good. Overall, I think I have moved on so much from the start of the year. I learnt from doing this task that pictures that will be getting cut out should be taken with a plain background, the colours are very important and the front cover needs to draw the customers in.
  3. 3. Full Product! As you can see my final product has turned out so much better than my preliminary task. It is more attractive and draws the readers in. It has the information the readers wants to see in a music magazine.I focused on major top selling magazines like ‘Q’ and‘XXL’ when designing my magazine. By doing this I hopeI could sell many copys. you can tell how much betterthe pictures have been cut out and the edges don’tlook so sharp, like they do on my school magazine.