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Evaluation audience feedback


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Evaluation audience feedback

  1. 1. EvaluationWhat have you learnt from youraudience feedback?
  2. 2. Open Questionnaire
  3. 3. Age16 years old17 years old18 years old
  4. 4. GenderGirlBoy
  5. 5. Did you understand what thedocumentary was about?Yes
  6. 6. Did you enjoy CrumblingEducation?Yes, It was interestingYes, It was very insightfulNo, not my type of programYes, it expressed opinions wellYes, it was interesting and factual
  7. 7. What was your favourite part ofCrumbling Education? Why?The interview with your Sam RichmondThe views from individuals and the tweets, it showeddifferent viewsYouTube videos of the riots, enjoyableThe stories of pupils, relatableInterviews, gives you information
  8. 8. What is your opinion on the wayit is set out/order?good how it shows some clips from the newsand YouTube first.It is very well set out, it is very organised.In a good order starts off with a bad point.Set out well and organisedGood and well set out
  9. 9. Would you recommend watching‘Crumbling Education’ to others?Explain why?Yes, it provides insight into how students feelYes because its good for people to see what othersthinkIf someone wanted to know about that subject, otherthan that noYes, very informative and educationalYes, I really enjoyed it
  10. 10. Which part of the documentarywas Most Effective?Information within the clips/shotThe individual interviews Because its shows differentviews on schoolThe shot showing what people have tweeted aboutthe schoolYes, The stories, showed real life situationsInterviews, real life experiences
  11. 11. Which part of the documentarywas Least Effective?Some of the footage with samThe interview with Sam was to casual, not a badpoint but it was not clear enough.Some of the scenes where abit boringYes, Some footage wasn’t very engaging/interesting.Sorry but was still great!Information with Sam Richmond
  12. 12. Closed Questionnaire
  13. 13. How old are you?16-1718-2021-25
  14. 14. What is your gender?MaleFemale
  15. 15. Did you enjoy CrumblingEducation?YesNoNot sure
  16. 16. What did you prefer about thedocumentary?InformatonRangeShotsEditingNone
  17. 17. Did you understand what thedocumentary was about?YesNoNot Sure
  18. 18. Do you think the locations wheresuitable?YesNoNot Sure
  19. 19. Do you think there was enoughinformation?YesNoNot Sure
  20. 20. Would you recommend watchingcrumbling education to friends orfamily?YesNoNot Sure
  21. 21. Which part did you feel was Mosteffective?InformationShotsRangeEditing
  22. 22. Which part did you feel wasLeast effective?InformationShotsRangeEditing
  23. 23. What I have learntAfter receiving my audience feedback Irealised I should have spent more timeon gathering different shots and morefootage. I also could have done theediting part of my documentary better.Other thank that I am very pleased withmy overall product.