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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. Distribution
  2. 2. Facebook & Twitter• I have made both a Facebook and Twitter page and advertised this on my contents page• Information can be posted on these pages about the magazine and gives information on how to subscribe and your local shop that supplys the magazine.• Thousands of people in the UK use Facebook and Twitter so this is a great way to advertise and try and get people interested in buying ‘KBT’ magazine.
  3. 3. Website’s• Customers can download a copy of KBT straight to there computer or tablet.• If a customer would like a hard copy they can subscribe to get one delivered straight to there door online.• This will encourage more people to buy the magazine as the customers dont even have to leave the comfort of there own home to read KBT magazine.
  4. 4. Apps• Customers can download the magazine straight to there Smartphone or tablet.• This is advertised on my contents page and is available from the app store or android market.• Many people use there Smartphone or tablets on a daily basis. So by doing this its a grat way to sell more copy.
  5. 5. Shops, supermarkets, newsagents• Shops can purchase multiple copys at a discounted price to sell to there customers.• When people walk past the magazine stand I hope my magazine will stand out and encourage people to have a look and buy a copy.• Everybody will go into some sort of shop and be given the opportunity to buy it.