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Build your real time chat application with a premium feature-set


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We are one of the leading instant messaging app development companies. Our white-label WhatsApp clone script comes with handy support for both iOS and Android platforms users and a powerful admin dashboard.

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Build your real time chat application with a premium feature-set

  1. 1. Build Your Real-time Chat Application With A Premium Feature-set
  2. 2. You can launch your own brand of instant messaging platform with the best Android and iOS app developers in town. The app will have multiple monetization strategies, opted by people if marketed correctly, and help you become a key player in the social media industry.
  3. 3. The messaging app you build should initially authenticate or verify your users via a proper screening process. Basically, any messaging app will provide three methods of registrations that include sign-in via mobile number, email ID, or social media account. Phone numbers and email IDs can be authenticated using OTPs. By using an open authorization protocol, social media handles can also be verified successfully. ROBUST AUTHORIZATION A few vital attributes of any messaging app
  4. 4. The facility to import contacts automatically should be available in your app. This will avoid the process of choosing the contacts and then syncing it manually. This can be done by getting access to users’ contacts and comparing it with the app’s database CONTACTS SYNCHRONIZATION The name itself suggests that the app should allow users to send messages or files instantly to other users when required. This can be possible only if an efficient data transmission method is employed in your app OPTIMIZED DATA TRANSMISSION
  5. 5. Instant file sharing Another main agenda to be considered when building a chat solution is that files with any format should be transferred in no time between one user to another or one user to many users. Your users should also be allowed to share their live locations or any location of their choice via the messaging platform. This way, users can find each other effortlessly using the location. Location sharing
  6. 6. Encryption method In the US, more than 62% of the citizens are worried about any potential threats or attacks. So, users will want their messages, files, and other related information to stay safe and secure. Users should have the voice and video calling facility in the app in order to communicate with other users. Make sure that you allow conference voice and video calls for your users. Voice and video calls Self-destruction of messages You can add this optional feature to your app if required. This will help in deleting or destroying messages automatically after a specified time limit.
  7. 7. At present, people express their emotions effortlessly with just a smiley or emoticon. So, ensure that your app includes all possible smileys, stickers, etc. EMOJIS AND STICKERS Find the most suitable app development company in the market to build your real-time chat app solution and launch it in a few days in the market. DEVELOP YOUR FEATURE-RICH MESSAGING APP NOW
  8. 8. Integrate all the aforementioned attributes and some advanced ones to deliver an attractive end product to your users. Build a progressive app development plan and establish your instant messaging app in the market swiftly. SUMMING UP
  9. 9. WhatsApp Clone Script
  10. 10. Mailing Address Level 5, Tamarai Tech Park,Thiru Vi Ka Industrial Estate,Inner Ring Road, Chennai,Tamil Nadu 600032, India. +91 9791101817 Phone Number Email Address LET'S TALK CONTACT INFORMATION