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Case study

  1. 1. Jack Richards
  2. 2. Don’t Copy Bitch
  3. 3. Only Joking
  4. 4. Sainsbury’s  Sainsbury's business strategy for growth: their five areas of focus are underpinned by their values and operational excellence.  Public Limited ownership  The functional areas at J Sainsbury's are:- * Human resources * Finance * Administration * Production * Marketing And Sales * Customer Service
  5. 5. Sainsbury’s Obtaining new employees Motivation Sainsbury's gift cards and vouchers are the perfect platform on which to base your staff motivation scheme. The flexibility allows your employees to select their own reward while our corporate discounts save you money. Their gift cards and vouchers are redeemable at any one of our hundreds of stores countrywide and can be used to purchase 1000's of products.
  6. 6. Waitrose Waitrose aims One Waitrose aims is to double its 3.7% market share over the next 10 years by increasing the number of stores in the UK from 173 to 250 and strengthening its foothold in the north. Waitrose Objectives Maximise profit Develop their organic range Develop links with local community Motivate staff Increase levels of customer service Increase the number of branches in the North Training At Waitrose there is an online training website that workers can sign into with a username and password and train online.
  7. 7. Waitrose Waitrose is owned by John Lewis PLC The functional areas at Waitrose are:-  Human resources  Finance  Administration  Production  Marketing And Sales  Customer Service They obtain new customer like any other business through the standard procedure.
  8. 8. Tesco’s  Tesco’s aims and objectives are; to maximise sales, to grow and to maintain the status of being the number one retail company in the United Kingdom, to outshine and be better than their competitors and to remain the position of being the market leader, to maximise their profits and to also provide goods and services that are cheap and affordable to customers or the public.  Tesco’s is a public limited company.  Tesco’s Functional Areas
  9. 9. Tesco’s  There are a number of ways Tesco’s support our people to achieve this, be it through an Options Development Programme, offering an Apprenticeship or encouraging the studying for a qualification whilst at work.  Tesco is one of the largest chain of stores in the UK. They recruit their staff by posting the vacancies on their website. The applications received are scrutinised and the ones who are best suited for the posts are called in for an interview. Those who pass the interview are given the job.  Tesco supports staff with a work/life balance and offers reward through: • flexible working • free or reduced rate health benefits • discount gym membership • competitive salaries • staff discount • company share options
  10. 10. McDonalds McDonalds aims and objectives are:  To serve good food in a friendly and fun environment  To be a socially responsible company  To provide good returns to its shareholders  To provide its customers with food of a high standard  To provide quick service and value for money. McDonalds is a Franchise. The functional areas include:  Human Recourses  Admin  Customer services  Store workers  Managers  Franchiser
  11. 11. McDonalds Recruitment The first phase of the application is an online application. If successful, the candidate will be invited to a restaurant for an On Job Evaluation and interview. The final step of the selection process is an interview with a Senior Manager. Training This policy includes a comprehensive development programme for crew and operations management, and career progression that enables a ‘first job’ employee to progress to a senior management position through merit-based promotions. Motivation/Rewards UK/People/Schools-and- students/mcd_recruitment_training.pdf
  12. 12. Marks and Spencer Aims and Objectives are:  Designing appealing products for its customers.  Innovating products.  Selling at prices that their customers are prepared to pay. Marks and Spencer is a (PLC) Public Limited Company. Marks and Spencer's functional areas are:  Marketing and Sales  Human Resources  Finance  Design and Production  Administration  Research and Development
  13. 13. Marks and Spencer The Marks and Spencer recruitment process is as follows: 1) Search through their website under the careers section for the job role you are interested in. 2) The search will show all the job roles within the store across the various branches in the UK. 3)Click on the job role with the most suitable location to you. The Marks and Spencer recruitment process consists of an online application form. An FAQ page is available before you apply to answer any potential queries. 4)This will require you to create a login as a registered user. A confirmation email will be sent to you to validate the account for the Marks and Spencer recruitment process. 5)Once you submit the application form, an email receipt will be sent to your given email address. The Marks and Spencer recruitment process is easy to track, you can revisit the site to track the progress of your application for a job, and edit your personal details. 6)The Marks and Spencer recruitment process takes into consideration if you have any disability or learning difficulty, a number is provided to give assistance to those individuals. 7) Once you apply for a job through the Marks and Spencer recruitment process, you cannot re- apply for a position within the next 6 months due to high demand. All your application details are saved on a secured database for Marks and Spencer recruitment to access when required.
  14. 14. Marks and Spencer  Training Once you start at M&S, you’ll do most of your learning on-the-job. But to make sure you’re always developing new skills and moving in the right direction, you’ll also have more structured training. This will be a real mixture of things, including: Attachments. This is where you shadow one of our experienced managers to see what it takes to lead a team. Workshops. These will be mixtures of classroom learning and hands-on tasks. Some only last for 90 minutes; others could be a couple of days. Self-directed learning. We’ll give you a set of workbooks covering the technical parts of your role. It’s up to you to find time to fill them out. Practical learning. This could be leading a project within your team. Or researching new ways of doing things and putting your recommendations into practice.  Motivational benefits Competitive rates of pay and performance related rewards Employee discount Pension Bonus Perks - A range of over 1,500 discount deals to help you save money every day. You can take advantage of special discounts on a wide range of holidays, leisure attractions, healthcare products and many more products and services.