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Who would be the audience for your media product (1)


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evaluation question 4

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Who would be the audience for your media product (1)

  1. 1. Who would be the audience for your media product? Jack Patience
  2. 2. Age The age for our radio broadcast would be anyone from the age of around 25-50. I feel like these are the type of people who get to the age where they are settled in a house in a local area so would be there long enough to listen to local news more. I also feel this is the age of people who would rather listen to radio to get news on the local radio and are at the age to own a car and have their own money to buy a radio to listen to local radio stations.
  3. 3. Gender The gender for our news broadcast would be male and female but because of the stories and how brutal some of them are such as a man robbing an 89 year old woman. Men might find this more enticing to listen to rather than women because women might be put off by this story because of how harsh it as as men are stereotyped to like more action so this story would be perfect for them. The sports stories are mainly focused around men because men are stereotyped to like sports more but women also can so they could be a secondary audience on our radio show. Plus our presenters are men so this is more relatable for men to listen to.
  4. 4. Niche You could also say that we a niche audience in Lincolnshire because our stories only focus on people in Lincolnshire and the Lincolnshire Walds so only people from around there would be interested in our radio show.
  5. 5. Race Our radio show is aimed at people of any race as we don't have any racial stereotypes within our news broadcast.
  6. 6. Lincolnshire Our radio show is aimed at people in Lincolnshire because that’s where our radio show is based and it is in the name of our radio station, ‘Walds Fm’ which is named after the Lincolnshire Walds. Our main stories are focused in the Lincolnshire area so our main audience would be anyone in the Lincolnshire area.
  7. 7. Psychographics. The sports stories would attract an audience of people who are interested in sports and sports stories. This would make the audience for this segment sports fans that are mainly males because it is mainly males who are interested in sports. So this would be my audience for the sports sections. Anyone local who are interested in listening to local news and want to have a feeling of what's going on locally around them are perfect for our radio station also.
  8. 8. Socio Economic Grouping For Socio Economic Grouping I would choose the categories of B, C1, C2, D and E. This is because of the presenters mode of the address and it is quite formal and not too posh so this means people in the category A wouldn’t be interested because they are higher class and might not have as much time to listen to the radio and would possibly listen to a higher class radio. Our audience in those categories have jobs that leave them a lot of time to listen to radio and most of them own a car and have a job to afford a radio so this is where they can listen to the radio show in the free time they have.
  9. 9. Uses and Gratifications Normally people use radio as a passive media while driving in their car to work so our show could be used for that as a bit of background noise for them while driving. Also people could use our radio broadcast for information on the local area and also news stories in the local area and sports stories. It would meet the audience's needs on needing to find out about local news stories. This also relates to surveillance the theory of using media to find out what is around us. This relates to the news stories we share with people. Also this relates to personal relationships almost our viewers create a relationship with us by listening to us everyday so this creates a bond between the presenter and the viewer, also because it is a local presenter they are more relatable. People use radio for diversion as something that kills time that they can listen to they mainly use it as a pass time while they are waiting.
  10. 10. Maslow’s Hierarchy I think our radio station mainly fits into the self actualisation segment. This is because of our news stories that we use and in Maslow’s Hierarchy it talks about acceptance of facts. The news stories that we use are 100% true so I think our audience would have to accept these facts this is why it fits into self actualisation because it is reality. Such as the harsh story of a man robbing an 89 year old woman, the audience wouldn’t want it to be true but it is so this is the acceptance of facts.