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  • Media Institutions

    1. 1. Institutions
    2. 2. • Working Title Films is a British film production company, based in London.• Set up by Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan.• There is no other british company like Working Title and it is the most successful British film production company.• In 1999, Bevan and Fellner launched a subsidiary company named Working Title 2 Productions, commonly known as WT2. The company is an independent and has produced films that include Billy Elliot and Shaun Of The Dead. However, now it does not exist. Film Budget (£m) Box Office UK (£m) Notting Hill 15 31 Bridget Jones 14 42 About a Boy 13.5 16.8 Love Actually 30 36.2 These films (above) show how successful Working Title are. All films are British and very well known.
    3. 3. • Reasons for choice? -• Working Title work with films with a reasonable budget. They are a british production company that have produced many well known British films.• Working Title now produce both British and American films. This ideal for ‘The Final Ceremony’ because we are looking to target this in both countries to achieve an Anglo-American audience.• They had a subsidiary company named Working Title 2. They specialise with the low budget films and so this could have been an option if it was still around. However this still proves that Working Title may still want to work with films with not such a big budget.• Our budget is around £30,000,000 which is enough money to also consult Universal because in 1999, Working Title signed a reported $600m deal with film giant Universal. Therefore due to an acceptable budget, this could influence both producers to work with the film.
    4. 4. sssss• The Weinstein Company (TWC) is an American film studio founded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein in 2005 after the brothers left the then-Disney-owned Miramax films• Weinstein has many International Distributors including Momentum Pictures and Pathé.• In February 2006, TWC announced a distribution pact with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) who distributed many films like Arthur and the Invisibles, Stormbreaker and Miss Potter.• TWCs also distributed film The Kings Speech which is a British Film but due to TWC they were able to get an American audience. The Kings Speech Budget (£m) Box Office (£m) Films 8 250 The Fighter 16 82 The Artist 9.5 76 Inglourious Basterds 44 202 These films (above) show how successful The Weinstein Company are as a Producer/Distribution company.
    5. 5. • Reasons for choice? -• The Weinstein Company works with films with a reasonable budget.• They have a great experience of turning small budget films into big blockbusters like The King Speech.• The Weinstein would have to co-produce with Working Title. They co-produced Inglorious Basterds with Universal and so they would be ideal to also work with WT.• TWC is ideal for ‘The Final Ceremony’ due to the expertise they have with distribution within America and so this company would be perfect for when we distribute to America. Therefore it completes our target of distributing to an Anglo-American audience.• Also they have a connection with Momentum Pictures who could help with distribution in the UK because they are one of the leading independent distributors in the UK. They also helped distribute The Kings Speech and The Fighter.
    6. 6. Related Films to‘The Final Ceremony’ • The Kings Speech • The Artist • Shifty
    7. 7. The Kings Speech• The Kings Speech is a 2010 British historical drama film directed by Tom Hooper and written by David Seidler.• It had a budget of £8 million and its Box Office figures came to £250 million.• In the UK and Ireland, the film was the highest earning film on its opening weekend. It took in £3,510,000 from 395 cinemas.• In the United States The Kings Speech opened with $355,450 (£220,000) in four theatres. It holds the record for the highest per-theatre gross of 2010. It was widened to 700 screens on Christmas Day and 1,543 screens on 14 January 2011. It eventually made $138 million in North America overall.• “This is a great example of a British film that became so popular in both the UK and USA. The majority of screenings at first were in the UK however, it became such a success in the USA as it widened to 1,543 screens. This is a perfect model to follow when marketing and distributing the film since it only had a budget of £8 million. The Weinstein Company too helped with the distribution and so by having TWC on board, we can hope to get the right distribution techniques that they used for The Kings Speech when targeting ‘The Final Ceremony’ in America.”
    8. 8. • The Artist The Artist is a 2011 French romantic comedy drama in the style of a black-and-white silent film written and directed by Michel Hazanavicius, starring Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo.• It had a budget of £9.5 million and its Box Office figures came to £76 million.• As of 11 April 2012, The Artist has grossed $43,922,951 in North America, along with $77,151,064 in other territories for a worldwide total of $121,074,015.• The film premiered on 15 May in competition at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. The Weinstein Company bought the distribution rights for the United States and Australia and Entertainment Film Distributors bought the UK distribution.• “This is a great example of a film that has reached its publicity through the Cannes Film Festival and from reviews of which 98% were positive. TWC were also the distributors of the Kings Speech. They took a ‘non american’ film and distributed it within America. TWC were then able to get them up to $44 million thanks to their expertise. This also indicates why The Weistein Company would be good for distributing ‘The Final Ceremony’ due to the fact that they have been successful with turning films with a budget of under £10 million in to basically blockbusters. However, we arent necessarily looking to become a blockbuster but to have the help of TWC distributing in America and the support of both Working Title and Universal. We then have the greatest possibility of being very successful and to have a chance of receiving such high Box Office figures like the films they have worked with.”
    9. 9. Shifty• Shifty is a 2008 British urban thriller, from the writer and director Eran Creevy.• The film had a budget of £100,000 and brought in £154,277 through the Box Office.• Shifty was filmed predominately in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, home of Elstree Studios.• To promote the film they also had an official single that was performed by British rappers Riz MC (Riz Ahmed who portrays Shifty in the film), Sway and Plan B.• “Shifty is an example of a British low budget film that has a British realist mise-en-scene to it. With only a low budget, they managed to get hold of Jason Flemyng who is a well known British actor who offered to act for free. This therefore played as a marketing strategy by having a big name to hopefully attract more viewers. ‘The Final Ceremony’ also wants to have big names like Bill Nighy and Ryan Gosling to help boost the number of viewers. We also have some kind of British realist mise-en-scene to our film, even though we have a much higher budget and it is an action adventure film. The cinematography in Shifty is too near the same and has a hand-held feel to it which my film has in parts. Also it shows of a lot of british scenery and there is a real sense of regional identity which is achieved in our film. ‘The Final Ceremony will be using some techniques in Shifty. This will also helpfully market the film since our budget is reasonable but not too low. This mise-en-scene and cinematography may also work with an American audience with the help of The Weistein Comapany.”