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The Perfect Classroom


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The Perfect Classroom

  1. 1. The Perfect Classroom
  2. 2. Problems with Today’s Classroom  19th century classroom design for 21th century students  Classrooms are built for lectures not learning  Technology is advanced, but classroom design is lagging behind  Lack of flexibility  Lack of connection between students  Boring environment
  3. 3. How to Improve 1. Create a thought provoking room 2. Flexibility 3. Technology use 4. Change teaching style 5. Increase interaction between students
  4. 4. The Physical Classroom  There are 2 cheap and easy ways to improve the classroom’s aura 1. Change the chairs 2. Decorate the walls 3. Change the seating chart
  5. 5. Why we should have vibrantly decorated classrooms
  6. 6. Google  All of Google’s offices are designed in a way to bring forth innovation  Their designs are thought provoking  The colors are vibrant and lively  People are awake and excited to be at work  They created a fun and cool environment
  7. 7. Children  Children are placed in rooms with various colors and designs in order to develop their minds and to provoke thinking. This strategy should be used for students as well, to help keep them lively and attentive in class.
  8. 8. The Chair Today’s Chair  Old  Cheap  Uncomfortable  Small  Unmovable  Ugly  Boring The Perfect Chair  New  Vibrant Colors  Thought Provoking  Comfortable  Easily transported  Space for books/computers  Aesthetically pleasing
  9. 9. What is good about this chair?  Comfortable arm rest  Big enough table for a computer to fit  Place to put backpack  Wheels for flexibility  Lightweight  Colorful and lively
  10. 10. Walls Today’s Walls  Bland  Boring  Makes people tired just looking at it The Preferred Walls  Colorful  Designed  Thought provoking  Very cool
  11. 11. U Shaped Classroom
  12. 12. Teaching  A good teacher is one who leads the discussion not teaches it  Students learn best when they figure it out themselves  Teachers need to provoke communication between students and innovative thinking
  13. 13. Semicircle shaped seating
  14. 14. Classroom seating Normal seating  Made for lectures  Lack of interaction between students  Decreases a students intellectual curiosity Semicircle shaped seating  Promotes student expression  Enhances the classroom aura  Involves entire class into the discussion  Helps make the students feel more important by being able to voice their opinion